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A touching, moving story about a scarred and lonely man named Jason, who finds love and acceptance, after being the only one to help Taylor through a tragic accident!


The Sequel - To Look Within My Soul

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I rate this story PG, because it does have some content that some may find upsetting. This story does not contain sex and only a little violence! You have been warned! My Story is a work of pure fiction. The characters, incidents, and dialogues are products of my imagination and are not real. Any resemblance to actual persons or events, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. I am NOT affiliated in any way with Hanson. So sit back and enjoy and good reading!

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This story may not be reprinted in any way, shape, or form without written permission from the author.

5/19/2001 - Note: I have revised my story by editing its contents, correcting any grammar or spelling mistakes through out the story. Enjoy the updated version.


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I want to thank all the people who have inspired and helped me in the writing of this story. First my loving beautiful twin sister, Monette, who let me read her each chapter before posting and giving me ideas when writers block hit. And correcting me on any mistakes. Second Millen, (you know who you are :o]) for giving me inspiration and patience. Thirdly Megan who knew when to push me when I felt blocked and gave me wonderful ideas!! And also to Aubry Shaver who allowed me to use her poem on my graphic above that I made for this story!! Lastly to all the Hanson fans who gave me the incouragement to go on through their wonderful compliments about loving my story. Thanks all. I love you guys sooooo much!! In about a month or so I will posting up another story that I hope you will enjoy just as much!

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