To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 9 - Please Hear Me

Taylor slowly woke up and looked around the room with his feverish eyes.
"Jason?! Jason! Where are you?!" He pleaded as he weakly called. The pain was returning and his body ached. He noticed he was all alone in the cabin and Jason was gone. Tears welled in his eyes as he felt his body shiver feeling cold.
"Please Jason.... help me!" He cried pitifully, his voice only coming across as a whisper.
The pain and exhaustion was taking its toll. He pulled the covers up to his neck shivering from the fever that engulfed his body. Fear gripped him as he licked his lips wishing he could have some more water.
"TAYLOR!? TAYYYYYY! Where are YOU?!"
He jumped when he heard the voice call out his name. Excitement suddenly ran through him as Taylor looked up and realized that it was the sound of Isaac's voice above him.
"Ike! I'm here!" He called but once again his voice only came across as a raspy whisper. Frustration and anger overwhelmed him. He tried to roll onto his side, but the pain was to great. Tears started to flow down his face realizing Isaac's voice was fading into the distance.
"Ike! Noooo... don't leave.... I'm here! Please hear me!" Taylor rasped reaching out his arm and then with all the strength he could muster he rolled onto his side and slid onto the floor, landing onto his back. He slowly rolled onto his stomach and covered his face with his hands.
"It hurts! Oh God it hurts!" He breathlessly cried into his hands.
He painfully started to drag himself towards the stairs. Each movement brought on a new agony. He fought to hold back the tears and finally he got to the stairs that seemed like hours to reach and looked up toward the bolted door above. He knew he couldn't make it up the stairs.
Taylor jumped a little realizing that Ike was again directly above him. He reached his arm out shaking uncontrollably.
"Ike...Ike! I'm here! I'm here!" His voice still wouldn't carry. He could hear Isaac again fading into the distance and he started to cry. He slammed his fist onto the floor in anger.
"Ike! Please come back! Don't leave me!" He cried through tears of frustration.
He lay there till he no longer heard his brother's voice. He rested his head onto his arms and his body shook from the sobs that wracked him. Suddenly he felt something wet on his left side. He fearfully reached down with his hand and when he brought it back up, it was covered in blood. He slowly looked down and realized that he opened the wound where Jason had put the drain in.
"Oh NO! What did I do!?" He sobbed, his eyes wide with fear.
He tried to turn his body around to drag himself back to the bed, but a sharp pain shot through him. Dragging himself to the stairs drained the last ounce of strength from him. He felt dizzy and sick to his stomach. Tears rolled down his face.
"Jason.... please help me! Jason please!" He sobbed with his heart pounding faster. He tried to turn again, but he couldn't find the strength. Everything started to spin around him and Taylor passed out on the cold, hard floor.

"Isn't this the place where Taylor was?" Sam, the police chief asked Walker.
"Yes we already searched this whole area and found nothing." Walker stated sadly.
Sam looked down at his map, while Walker watched Isaac pacing back and forth near the cliff where Taylor was last seen. He still worried about Ike. He knew his oldest son still blamed himself for his brother's accident.
"Why don't we search in this area, about a mile away to the northwest?" Sam suggested looking into Walker's eyes for approval.
"Do you really think this man could have carried him that far away?" Walker asked sadly.
"It is worth a try, since nothing was found near this spot."
Ike walked up to his father and the police chief.
"Dad... I..I want to search around here for awhile... if you don't mind." Ike asked with a pleading look on his face.
"I don't think you will find anything though. We searched and searched and found nothing. But if you want to it's okay. Just make sure your walkie talkie is on so we can contact you if we have too. Okay?"
Ike nodded his head and gave his father a little smile.
"We are going to the northwest. That way!" Walker said pointing in the direction they were heading.
"Okay! Good luck!" Isaac yelled as his father and Sam were walking away. Walker waved and gave him a thumbs up signal.

Isaac was walking for about ten minutes trying to find the tracks that his father found on the night they went back to get Taylor. He felt frustrated and depressed. The signs were gone as he stood on a small hill and looked into the distance. He remembered this is where the tracks ended that night.
"TAYLOR!? TAYYYYYY! Where are YOU?!" He yelled, anger brewing inside.
"Please Tay, answer me!" Ike thought. He couldn't understand why this man wouldn't let them know where he took Taylor. It worried him that his brother was probably scared and longing for his family. Shivers went up his spine remembering how hurt his brother was. Still the guilt racked him. Tears welled in his eyes while he listened intently hoping to hear his brother's voice but he heard nothing, only the wind blowing through the trees. He slowly started to walk away heading toward the cliff where Taylor fell. He called again and again, but no answer. Suddenly he realized he dropped the walkie talkie somewhere and headed back where he came from.
"There it is." He said as he saw it on the grassy hill.
"TAYYYYYYYYY!? TAYLOR! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" Ike shouted out again hoping maybe he would hear his brother call out to him somehow.
As he bent down and picked up the walkie talkie he thought he heard something but the sound was so faint. He tried to listen hard. He shook his head in disgust knowing that he really heard nothing.
"Now I'm hearing things." He mumbled to himself and sauntered away from the hill.
"Ike? Ike! This is your father. We have to get back to camp.... now! Do you read? Over."
Ike jumped when he heard his father's voice coming from the walkie talkie.
"Yes Dad. I read you. You sound excited. What is wrong? Over."
"Your mother just contacted us and told us a letter was delivered to the camp! It's about Taylor! Whoever is taking care of him wrote it! She wants us to get back to camp so she can read it to everyone."
"Is Tay... Taylor alright Dad?!" Ike asked as fear filled his heart.
"Yes.... she said it is good news! So go back to camp right now! Okay?"
"Okay! I'll get there as soon as possible!"
"See ya Ike! Over and out."
Ike bolted and started to run and then suddenly he felt dizzy. He stopped catching his breath.
"Slow down Ike! Walk! Walk!" He said to himself. He was filled with joy knowing finally an answer to where Tay was. He didn't want to get himself sick again, so he started to walk back at a reasonable pace.

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