To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 21 - The Doctor's Report

Walker and Diana sat nervously waiting for Doctor Gregory Randell to come into his office and give them his report on their son's tests. Walker reached out and took Diana's hand stroking it lovingly with his thumb. She squeezed his hand looking into his eyes sadly.
"I wish he would hurry. I wonder what is taking him so long." Diana groaned as Doctor Randell suddenly came into the office carrying some reports and folders in his arms. He walked to his desk and placed them on top and sat down smiling up at the Hanson's.
"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Hanson. All the results from the tests are in and I am happy to report that everything looks fine. Your son was so lucky to have run into Jason Monroe. He is a brilliant man! He is healing nicely from his injuries. But he still has a long way to go yet. He is going to have to have a lot of physical therapy to be able to use his legs properly again. Especially his left leg and hip. It will be very painful for him, but he is young and strong." Doctor Randell explained smiling at both of them.
"We have made arrangements to have him flown home when he is up to it." Walker stated swallowing the lump in his throat knowing that his son had a lot of work and pain still ahead before he was completely healed and normal again.
"Good. What hospital will Taylor be taken too?" Doctor Randell asked curiously.
"Well we want him to be at home. We are going to set up a room and have a physical therapist work with Taylor there." Walker told him seeing Doctor Randell nod his head listening to him intently.
"Hmmmm....who are you thinking of hiring to work with your son?"
Walker and Diana looked at each other dumbfoundedly.
"Well we don't know at the moment." Diana stated.
"I could recommend some excellent physical therapists to work with him." Doctor Randell suggested.
"That would be most helpful." Walker said smiling.
"Alice Duncan is my first choice." Doctor Randell exclaimed strongly.
"But isn't she just a nurse?" Diana asked crinkling her eyebrows.
"Oh she is head nurse here at the hospital, but she is a excellent physical therapist too and I notice she is getting very close to Taylor lately. She really likes the boy very much and they do have one thing in common."
"What is that?" Walker asked seriously wondering what he was talking about.
"They both have a bond with Doctor Jason Monroe. She was once in love with him and I noticed that your son was very attached to him also. When he first came in with Taylor that afternoon only Jason could calm the boy down. Jason always had to be at his side." Doctor Randell chuckled remembering.
"She was once in love with him?" Diana asked with surprise.
"Well to make a long story short. Mary, Jason's wife, was her best friend and Alice secretly had a crush on Jason, but they never knew. The night of the tragic fire was devastating to her and when Jason fell into a coma she was the one who was always at his side day and night until they moved him to a different hospital. I can tell her love for him is still there." He explained as he tapped a pencil onto his desk top.
"That is so sad. But isn't she married? I know she has a daughter." Walker asked flipping out his hand for emphasis.
"Oh...well her husband died about two years ago from cancer and Sherri is her only child."
"Well we'll think about it and ask Taylor if he would like her to be his physical therapist. But won't she have to move to Tulsa? I mean will she want too?" Diana asked.
"All we can do is ask!" Doctor Randell suggested as he smiled at the Hanson's.
"Okay. How long do you think it will be before Taylor will be normal again?" Walker asked with a concerned look covering his face.
"That depends on him. Everyone heals at different speeds and Taylor seems like a determined person. He sure has a loving family to help him on his road to recovery." Dr. Randell stated as Walker and Diana smiled at the kind remark.
Diana and Walker finally got up and Doctor Randell came around the desk as Walker held out his hand.
"Thank you very much for everything! We really appreciate all the care and time you have spend with Taylor and us!" Walker exclaimed as he shook Dr. Randell's hand.
"Hey! Anytime!" Doctor Randell smiled.

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