To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 25 - To See My Taylor Once Again

Jason drove into the huge hospital parking lot and sat in the truck with his heart pounding rapidly. Fear filled him hoping no one would see him. He sat in the truck gazing down at the CD. His heart started to race with anticipation of seeing Taylor again.
"Oh Taylor!" Jason moaned sadly.
With his hands shaking he opened the glove compartment and pulled out a small tablet of paper. He bent over and searched for a pen to write with. Finally he found one that was shoved into the back. He sat up and began to write a letter to Taylor. If the hospital was to crowded he would leave this at the nurses station for him. At least then Taylor would know he was there.
He folded the letter and placed it in his pocket. He looked out of the window and noticed not many cars were in the lot anymore. He looked down at his watch and noticed it was now one in the morning. He opened the door and stepped out and headed for the back entrance he remembered was for deliveries. When he came to the door and tried to open it, he noticed it was locked. He hit the door in anger.
"Why?!" He groaned looking at the door helplessly. Suddenly he remembered years ago he hid a key under a loose stone next to the wall near the door. He did this because the media was always all over him because of his famous medical break throughs and this was his way of dodging the press. He looked and finally found the stone. He bent down and picked up the stone and reached his hand into the hole that was under it.
"Please be there! Please?" Jason muttered under his breath and then a smile covered his face when he felt the cool steel of the key.
He got up and ran to the door. He slipped the key into the lock and it turned easily. He heard a click and slowly turned the handle. Joy rushed through him as he opened the door cautiously.
The hallway was dark inside and he carefully felt his way through the dark. He found the elevator and pressed the button. The doors finally opened and he stepped inside. He pushed the button for floor five where he knew Taylor was. He prayed no one else would be wanting the elevator at this late hour. It seemed like it took forever as each floor passed by. Finally the doors opened on five and he very carefully peaked out into the hallway and he took a sigh of relief when he saw no one in the hallway at either end. He stepped out into the hall and quietly headed in the direction of Taylor's room.
"Almost there! Almost there!" Jason thought nervously looking around him. His heart raced as he finally stood in front of the Taylor's room. Tears filled his eyes. Gently he opened the door slightly and listened to make sure no one was in the room. All he heard was silence. He pushed it slowly open and went in.

He walked up to the bed and noticed Taylor was sleeping. His heart leaped for joy looking down upon him. He gently reached down and caressed the side of Taylor's face. Taylor shifted slightly and turned his head still sleeping.
"Taylor? Taylor?" Jason whispered bending close to him.
"Ahhh... who?" Taylor asked groggily but couldn't open his eyes.
"It's Jason, Taylor! What's wrong?" Jason whispered with concern and saw the chart hanging on the foot of the bed. He grabbed the chart and flipped it open. He frowned when he read the last entry and then hooked it back in its place. He sat on the edge of the bed and gently picked up Taylor's limp hand. He rubbed it between his hands lovingly and smiled. Taylor moved his fingers slowly.
"Had a rough day kiddo? I read your chart." Jason whispered sadly looking at Taylor.
"Hmmm...." Taylor moaned trying to open his eyes. He knew someone was there and holding onto his hand, but the sleepiness he felt overwhelmed him.
Jason leaned in toward Taylor and whispered into his ear.
"I brought back your necklaces and stuff. I love you son. I missed you so much this past week. I just came to see how you're doing." Jason cooed into his ear.
"Ja...Jason." Taylor moaned half opening his eyes. He couldn't focus on the face.
"Yes.. it's Jason."
"Ja...Ja..Jason! Don't.... don't go! Pl...please?" Taylor slurred his words trying to fight the grogginess he felt from the drug that was given to him to sleep. Taylor weakly wrapped his fingers around the outer edge of Jason's hand. He felt himself drifting back to sleep again.
Jason gently put down his hand onto the bed. He got up and started petting Taylor's head again. He smiled as tears filled his eyes. He felt like he wanted to grab Taylor and run. He bent down and kissed Taylor's cheek softly.
Taylor groaned and rolled his head toward him. Taylor fought to open his eyes again.
"Jason...drug...so...sleepy...lov...love you." Taylor managed to say through his sleepiness.
"Shhhh. Just rest son. Don't fight it." Jason whispered as he smiled at Taylor's words of 'love you'.
"I love you too Taylor. I am going to put your necklaces and things on the table next to you. I wrote a letter to you and when you feel better you can read it. Okay?" Jason told him even though he didn't know if Taylor totally understood what he said.
Taylor opened his eyes slightly and nodded.
"Don...don't go." Taylor begged as Jason's face came into focus a little.
"I will stay for awhile, okay?" Jason assured him as he sat on the chair next to the bed. He grabbed Taylor's hand again and held it gently rubbing his fingers. He felt Taylor squeeze his hand against his and a little smile formed across the boy's face.
"Miss you. Miss you so much." Taylor murmured as he yawned and closed his eyes again. He fell back to sleep as Jason stared at him.
"I miss you too. You don't know how much I miss you!" Jason exclaimed sadly.
Jason sat with him for the next two hours just enjoying being close to the kid again. He looked up at the clock noticing the time and decided it was time to go, before anyone would check in on him again. He slowly got up releasing Taylor's hand as it slid onto the bed. Jason reached into his pocket and brought out Taylor's jewelry and pulled out the letter and placed it on the table. He looked at the necklace that he constantly held and rubbed between his fingers for the last few days and picked it up again. He wanted to keep it as a remembrance of the boy. He placed it back into his pocket and quietly walked to the door and turned for one last look at the kid. He smiled knowing Taylor would be fine now. He knew he was in safe hands. Maybe someday he would see him again. A day when Taylor would be normal again. He sadly left the room.

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