To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 36 - The Music Lives On

Taylor lay on the mat as Jason was putting the brace on that was made for him. Jason looked up at Alice who was intently helping him. He was thinking how beautiful she looked today and smiled. She looked back at him and smiled. Taylor noticed this and rolled his eyes. Jason slapped him gently on the arm. Taylor giggled as Jason gave him a stern look.

"What's with you two today?" Alice asked wondering why Taylor was giggling.
"Oh nothing. Just a inside joke. That's all!" Taylor quickly stated as Jason lifted Taylor up from behind placing his arms under Taylor's and carried him over to the bars.
"Now just take it slow and easy." Jason instructed as Alice stood on the other side.
Taylor licked his lips nervously and gripped onto the bars as he slowly brought his left foot forward and placed it down. He put his weight down slowly onto his left leg and grimaced feeling some pain jolt through his hip.
"Hurts a little." Taylor mumbled as he took his next step with Jason and Alice following him on the sides.
"Don't worry... it will hurt, but that is only normal." Alice assured him.
Taylor took a few more steps and started to shake from the effort. His hair fell into his face and he shook it back before he took another step forward. His forehead started to bead with sweat. He brought his left foot forward and brought it down again and groaned slightly.
"Two more steps Tay. Just two more steps now!" Alice said encouraging him to go on.
Taylor took a deep breath and took another step forward and then the last step which brought tears to his eyes.
"Oh God! Is it really suppose to hurt this much?" Taylor asked shaking and trying not to cry looking into Alice's eyes.
"Yes Tay! Remember 'No Pain..."
"No Gain!" Taylor said finishing her sentence and smiling slightly.
"Do you want to go on? Or should we stop for today?" Jason asked Taylor who sadly looked up at him.
"I..I think I can take a few more steps." Taylor stated with a shaking voice.
"Are you sure? You did get half way through the bars. And that is wonderful progress. I didn't even expect you to get this far for the first time." Jason said proudly rubbing Taylor's left shoulder.
"Maybe just a couple more." Taylor rasped bravely and sucked in a deep breath as he took another step and then brought his left leg down and groaned out loud again squeezing his eyes shut from the pain and bit his bottom lip trying not to let the tears spill out.
"That's enough Tay! Don't push it to hard." Alice said with concern.
"Yeah..yeah it's enough!" Taylor moaned breathlessly wanting to stop himself.
Jason went around the bars into the inside and lifted Taylor under his arms and backed out from the bars and gently layed Taylor down on the mat noticing he was turning very pale.
Taylor shakingly brought his hand up to his forehead and started to breath deeply feeling somewhat faint.
"Are you okay sweetheart?" Alice asked putting a cool cloth on his head as his color was coming back into his face. Taylor licked his lips again and nodded slowly. Jason got up and got a cup of water and brought it back to him.
"Here drink this. Okay?" Jason said lifting Taylor's upper body and brought the cup to his lips. Taylor drank slowly.
"I..I feel better now. Wow... that took a lot out of me!" Taylor rasped as he smiled up at them wanting them not to worry.
"Just don't go to far. You have to know your limits. Alright Tay?" Alice said sternly while she brushed a loose hair back from Taylor's face.
"Yeah. I'm sorry." Taylor murmured looking down sadly.
"No. You don't have to be sorry Tay. You did good. Very good! I just don't want you to go beyond your limits right now. Just take it slow and easy. Each day you will get farther and farther." Alice assured him smiling at him sweetly.
"Well if I am done for today I have to go down to the studio and help with some new songs we are going to record today." Taylor said happily as he slowly sat up.
"Feel alright there?" Jason asked and Taylor nodded his head as Jason went and got his crutches for him while Alice took off the brace from Taylor's hip. He slowly raised himself onto his crutches and headed for the door smiling back at them as he left the room.

Jason helped Alice clean up the mess in the room and was watching Alice go about picking up the weights from the floor thinking she was so sweet. He felt like kicking himself for not realizing how she felt toward him.
"You know? You are looking very beautiful today Alice!" Jason said finally not looking directly at her as he put the brace down on the table.
"Oh... why than..thank you Jason!" Alice stammered surprised by Jason's statement and blushed slightly.
He smiled at her and her face suddenly took on a questioning expression. She couldn't understand why he suddenly said that, but it filled her with joy that he finally noticed her after all these weeks.
"Would you like to go out to lunch with me today? I'm paying of course." Jason asked grinning at her shocked expression as her mouth fell open.
"Yes. I would love to Jason. Sounds like you are asking me on a date or something." Alice chuckled lovingly smiling up at him.
"Alice? I am asking you on a date! Well don't look so surprised. I do like you very much!" Jason laughed as Alice took a step back feeling shocked by what she was hearing.
"Oh... I..I didn't know." Alice said bringing her hand up to her face as she felt it growing hot with excitement as her heart raced with joy.

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