To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 11 - Waiting For Taylor To Come Home

The Hanson family were eating dinner outside the camper. There was a huge barbecue for all the people who helped them these past four days looking for Taylor. The crowd was in a festive mood. Everyone was enjoying the food that was being served and donated by the town Southfork.

Diana Hanson sat sadly at the end of the table and wasn't much hungry for her meal. She slowly picked at her chicken with her fork. Her mind was somewhere else. She wanted her Taylor back. She felt so lonely without her son's smile and happy personality filling her days with the rest of her children. The waiting for his return was gnawing at her nerves. She wished that Jason Monroe would somehow get another message to them, telling them how Taylor was doing. She felt a little angry that he kept her son away from his family. She couldn't understand why he felt that he had to hide from them. They wouldn't hurt him, no matter how he looked. They would only thank him for helping Taylor.

"Sweetheart? Aren't you going to eat your dinner?" Walker asked.
"Hmmm..?" Diana was suddenly startled out of her deep thoughts.
"I said... aren't you going to eat your dinner? You have been picking at your food for the last ten minutes."
"I...I guess I am not very hungry Walk. I just want Dr. Monroe to bring Taylor back soon. I can't help thinking about him. I am still worried!" Diana said looking very frustrated.
"I know. It is getting near the end of the week and he said in the letter that he would bring him back then."
"Mom? Tay is alright. I know he is." Ike said cutting in on the conversation. He wanted his mom not to worry. But he was too, deep down inside.
Diana turned and smiled at Isaac.
"I know he is. I just miss him so much. I hope everything is alright."
Finally Ike finished with his supper and wiped his mouth with his napkin.
"I miss him too. I want to see that bright shinning face of his again." Ike said happily. Diana reached out and squeezed Ike's hand lovingly.
"I just want to hear him laugh again!" Zac added as he stuffed another mouthful of his hot dog into his mouth.
"When is he coming back? What day I mean?" Jessica asked looking at her mother with sad eyes.
"He didn't really say what day. Just that he would bring him back at the end of the week. Remember?"
"Oh..... I wish he would have said on what day." Jessica stated angrily. "I hate all this waiting!"
"Me too!" Piped in Avery.
"I know, but I guess we just have too. Why don't we all bow our heads and pray for Taylor, that he comes back soon?" Diana said smiling at her family around the table.
The whole family linked hands and bowed their heads.
"Please lord keep Taylor safe. Let him come back soon to his family. Bless Jason Monroe for saving his life and let him know how thankful we all are towards him. Amen." Walker said finishing the prayer. He lovingly squeezed Diana's hand.


Later after the barbecue, Ike and Zac sat together on some lawn chairs watching the sun set in the distance. Both were deep into their own thoughts. Ike wondered what Tay was doing now. He wondered if he was still in pain. He hated thinking of Taylor that way, but couldn't help it. Memories of that day flooded back. Tay falling, seeing his broken body lay beside the side of the cliff. The look of fear and pain in his brother's eyes as he was going to get help. Tears welled up in his eyes as he remembered.

"Ike? IKE? Are you okay?" Zac asked with concern.
"Wh...what? Yeah. Of course. Why do you ask?" Ike asked as he wiped a tear off his face that escaped from his right eye.
"Then why do you look like you are going to cry?"
"No. No I'm not."
Zac couldn't understand why Ike wouldn't just talk about his feelings. Did he always have to hold everything back?
"Well.... I think something is wrong. Please Ike tell me. If you are still worried about Tay, I want you to know, so am I. I miss him so much. I just want to see that goofy face of his again soon!" Zac said trying to cheer Ike up.
Ike chuckled and shook his head.
"Zac.... I want to hear his voice again joking with us. I want to see him blush with embarrassment from your wild attics! I want to hear him tell me to chill out when I act way to crazy."
"Me too." Zac smiled.
"Zac?" Ike made a serious face and turned to look at Zac.
"I just can't get Tay's eyes filled with fear and pain out of my head. All I see is Taylor looking up at me... pleading for me to help him! I...I..." Ike started to weep. He just let the tears flow down his face. He didn't care if Zac saw him cry. He knew Zac would understand how he felt inside.
Zac reached out and grabbed Ike's hand that was holding onto the arm of the chair. He squeezed it tenderly. Ike turned his hand around and grabbed Zac's hand and looked into Zac's caring eyes.
"I know Zac, everyone keeps telling me not to feel guilty about Tay. But I still feel somehow responsible for letting Taylor fall. I keep thinking I could have held on a little harder or that I should have pulled Taylor back up despite the fact that his pant's leg was caught on that stupid branch. Maybe if I would have pulled him up harder I could have torn the pants away myself. He...he trusted me and I let GO! His eyes! They were filled with so much fear when I lost the hold on his hands! The look of shock as he was falling!"
"IKE!? There is nothing you could have done! You can't keep playing the accident out in your mind with... if this, if that! It happened! Tay didn't blame you! He loves you! I LOVE you!" Zac declared as he started to cry, feeling his brother's agony.
"I know! I know Zac! Oh Zac I didn't mean to make you cry! Please don't cry! I'm sorry!" Ike stated as he got up out of his chair and grabbed Zac out of his and hugged him tightly.
Zac just weeped in his brother's arms. Zac didn't want Ike to feel this way about Taylor. He wanted his brother to realize that nothing was his fault about the whole accident. He wished he could convince Ike of that. He slowly looked up at his brother and quickly wiped the tears off his face.
"Boy if Mom and Dad saw us now. What would they think?" Zac stated as he smiled weakly.
Ike chuckled a little as Zac sat back down on his chair, regaining his composure.
"You're right Zac. I guess I should stop letting the whole thing keep going over and over in my head. We know Tay is okay now. That is all that matters. I guess I just had to get that off my chest."
"I just want you to be okay. I am worried about Tay, but I was also worried about you too!"
Ike sat back down on his chair and smiled at Zac.
"Gosh... I guess my little brother really does care about me." Ike said teasingly.
"Hey... don't let it go to your head Chewie. You know it might be just a moment of insanity!" Zac laughed. Ike laughed too. Zac always could make him feel better.
"I wonder what Tay is doing now?" Zac asked wishing he knew what was going on between this man and his brother.
"Probably wishing he was with us right now." Ike said seriously as he looked off into the distance.
They both suddenly fell silent again deep into their own thoughts. Thoughts of Taylor and looking forward to him coming home soon. It was nearing the end of the week.

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