To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 33 - For The Love Of Jason

The Hanson family sat in the living room watching the time intently. Time seemed to be moving so slowly. Ike and Zac gave up waiting for Taylor to join them in the studio and came up stairs and joined the others to wait for Jason to arrive. They tried to pass the time by watching a video, but their minds couldn't concentrate on the movie too well, knowing that Jason would be arriving within the hour. Alice called them as soon as Jason's plane landed and she told them she was heading for the airport with her daughter to pick him up.

Suddenly Taylor came rolling into the living room noticing his whole family was there.
"Hey what's up?" He asked sadly searching the faces that looked surprised to him.
"Oh.... just watching a movie. Where were you?" Zac asked.
"I was just taking a nap. I felt so tired. Sorry I didn't come down to the studio earlier. Maybe I will feel like working on the music later." Taylor mumbled looking down at his hands feeling guilty again for disappointing his brothers.
"No problem Tay." Ike said resisting a smile knowing soon Jason could be walking through the door. He knew his brother needed the man. The whole family hoped Jason would somehow bring Taylor out of his depression.
"Why don't you join us?" Walker asked reaching out and touching Taylor's arm lovingly. Taylor glanced up and looked sadly into his father's eyes and nodded his head.
"I...I guess so. What movie are you watching?" Taylor asked trying to sound interested.
"Star Wars. The Empire Strikes Back."
"I like that one." Taylor said cracking a small smile.
"Well pull up a seat." Walker suggested smiling back at Taylor.
Taylor rolled himself next to his father and tried to concentrate on the movie. He hated feeling so sad all the time and couldn't understand why. He wondered where Alice was. He went to the therapy room and noticed she wasn't there before he came to the living room. He felt a overwhelming guilt that he was letting her and everyone else down. He leaned his head into his hand listlessly and began losing himself in the movie, when suddenly the door bell rang. Everyone except Taylor jumped. Taylor turned wondering why everyone was looking so excited. Walker cast a stern look toward his kids and they understood not to let on to Taylor who was probably at the door.
"I'll get it Diana. Just keep watching the movie guys. It's probably Alice. She said she was going to drop by." Walker said as calmly as possible and noticed Taylor resumed watching the movie intently as he got up and headed for the front door.

His hand shook with excitement as he reached for the door handle and opened the door slowly. He looked up at the biggest man he ever saw in his life. His mouth dropped open and he stared in awe. The man's face was badly scarred on the left side and the man looked very nervous to see him. His dark long hair was neatly pulled back in a tail. He was dressed in black, from his black jeans, to his black sweater. His hands were shoved deep into his pockets as he shyly gazed back at Walker.
"Walker? Are you going to stand there and stare at Jason or invite us in?" Alice chuckled standing behind Jason with her daughter Sherri who found the scene amusing.
"Ahhh....Oh yes! Come on in." Walker quipped in a low quiet voice and put his finger to his lips for them to be very quiet.
Jason entered the Hanson house feeling very nervous and excited at the same time. Alice and Sherri followed behind Jason. Walker led them to the kitchen away from the living room and politely asked them to sit down as he was going to get his wife from the living room.
Walker went back to the living room and starting waving at Diana trying to get her attention. She turned and saw him indicating for her to follow him. She got up trying not to let Taylor notice where she was going. She looked over at him and noticed he was still staring sadly at the movie. Ike and Zac were squirming in their seats wanting to get up and go meet Jason who they saw walk into the kitchen following their dad when they came in. Diana stood next to Walker and she signaled them to come. She mouthed the words 'slowly' and cast her eyes at Taylor. Ike nodded his head understanding that she didn't want Taylor to notice they were leaving the room. They nonchalantly got up and walked out of the living room. Taylor sat in his wheel chair still not noticing what was going on behind him. Jessica, Avery, and Mackie looked at each other and kept glancing back and forth at Taylor, then at the movie. Diana mouthed the words 'stay' to them and they did as they were told.
When they came into the kitchen Walker noticed Jason suddenly jumped as he was surprised by all the people that followed. Jason stood up and reached out his hand to shake Walker's. Walker shook his hand with a big smile covering his face.
"So this is the famous Doctor Jason Monroe who saved my son's life!" Walker bellowed cheerfully.
"Umm... it... it is so nice to finally meet all of you. I...I" Jason stammered turning a bright shade of red feeling embarrassed as all eyes in the room looked up at him.
"It's about time! You don't know how thankful we all are for everything that you did for my son." Walker said swallowing the lump that formed in his throat.
Diana came up to Jason and hugged him around the waist with tears forming in her eyes. She didn't care about the awful scars that covered the left side of his face. All she knew is she loved this man for everything he did. He hugged her back gently and finally the fear he felt inside vanished and he cracked a big smile remembering that Taylor told him his family would accept him and like him.
"Thank you. Thank you so much Jason. It is so wonderful to finally meet you." Diana exclaimed backing away and looking up at Jason as the tears threatened to overflow from her eyes.
"I am so sorry I ...I didn't meet you sooner. I was just..."
"Hey forget all about that. We understand. We know the whole story. You're here and that is what is important right now!" Walker declared trying to make Jason feel at home and wanted.
"I don't know if you remember me. But thank you for helping my brother. I'm so glad you were there for him when he needed help that day by the cliff." Ike rasped nervously as Jason smiled at him and shook his hand.
"Oh yes! I remember you. You're the one that slammed into me and fell backwards. I'm sorry I scared you so much."
"You just surprised me. I was just...just...." Ike stammered turning a shade red.
"Hey don't worry about it. Ike? Is that your name?" Jason asked as Ike nodded his head and smiled.
"I'm Zac! Your wolf is beautiful sir... I mean Jason.... ahhhh Doctor Monroe." Zac stated happily smiling up at Jason as he shook Jason's hand glad to have finally met him.
"Hi Zac. I know. Snow is a beauty." Jason said smiling.
"I guess I don't have to make any introductions now." Alice chuckled as Taylor's family stood around Jason.
"I hear that Taylor is very depressed." Jason said to Walker as he changed the subject to the matter at hand and why he came in the first place.
"Yes. We don't know what to do. He just sleeps all day and he is just giving up with his therapy, his music.....everything." Walker explained sadly.
"Well we have to change that. I won't let him give up. Alice explained on the way over here how he wanted me. I never meant to hurt him. I love him to much." Jason rasped with tears in his eyes.
Diana smiled when he said that he loved her son. She could tell he really meant it.
"Well Jason we hope you can help. He needs something. He knows how much we love and care for him. He tries so hard. I don't know what is going on in his head. He won't talk about it. But that is Taylor. He never wants to make anyone feel bad, so he holds it all inside. I just want him to know he doesn't have to deal with it all by himself." Walker expressed with hope in his voice searching Jason's sad face.
"Where is he now?"
"In the living room watching a movie, but I don't think he is really that interested in it. He is just sitting there looking so lonely and distant." Ike said shaking his head sadly.
"I want to see him!"
"Well follow me. The rest of you follow but be quiet." Walker warned looking at Ike and Zac. They nodded their heads as they all went toward the living room. When they got there Taylor and the little ones were still watching the movie. Taylor sat looking at the TV as he took in a deep breath.
Jessica, Avery, and Mackie ran up quietly to their mom and Mackie smiled up at Jason as he remembered him from the hospital. Jason smiled back and put his finger to his lips as he glanced over at Taylor. His heart pounded with excitement that he was seeing him again. He noticed Taylor looked very listless and very sad sitting there by himself.

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