To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 16 - I Want My Family

"Jason? Please! Don't go so fast!" Taylor cried out with fear cutting into him. His hip was throbbing something awful and his stomach was starting to feel upset.
Jason sped down the highway trying to make good time to the hospital. He knew if he didn't get him there soon he could lose his leg.
"Only a few more miles to go!" Jason thought and then he turned to look at Taylor who lay there staring up at him with fear covering his face. He reached out with his right hand and gently squeezed Taylor's arm lovingly while watching the road.
"Were almost there Taylor! Hang on! Okay?"
"Jason please don't go to fast! You're scaring me!"
"I... I just want to get there as soon as possible!"
"Is it really that bad? Tell me Jason! I want to know! I can handle it!" Taylor begged fearfully swallowing hard.
"Okay! Your hip and leg are really bad. I don't want you to lose your leg. I don't know exactly how or why the blood circulation is being cut off but I don't want to take any chances by waiting to long! Time is of the essence." Jason explained turning and saw Taylor's eyes were wide with fear at the news.
Taylor swallowed hard again. He couldn't imagine losing his leg. His stomach turned into knots at the thought.
"Ja..Jason? I...I am going to throw up! Please stop!" Taylor shouted with sweat rolling down the sides of his face.
Jason immediately pulled to the side of the highway and leaped out of the truck and ran around to the passenger side and opened the door. He noticed Taylor was shaking and sweating. He gently lifted him up and brought him to the side of the embankment. He squatted down and turned Taylor slightly to the side holding onto him. Taylor then threw up violently. When he finally stopped Jason slowly and carefully turned him around and wiped the sweat off Taylor's forehead. Taylor closed his eyes breathing deeply for breaths of air.
"I...I think I am okay now. The movement of the truck was getting my stomach upset." Taylor rasped still swallowing and breathing hard. Taylor slowly raised his right hand and ran his fingers through his hair.
"I'm sorry Taylor. I just want to get you the hospital as soon as possible." Jason stated as he lifted him back up and carried him back to the truck.
Taylor nodded his head slowly feeling very weak. Jason placed him gently on the seat and buckled him in and went to the drivers side and went back onto the highway.
"We are almost there. I am taking you to Mount Saint Helen Hospital. It is where I used to practice medicine and they have the best facilities. I know most of the staff there. But it has been ages since I went back there."
"Jason? Am I going to be alright? I..I..." Taylor asked fearfully shutting his eyes trying to calm himself down.
"Taylor? If I have anything to do with it... you'll be just fine!" Jason bellowed smiling down at Taylor. Taylor just nodded his head again wishing his family was here with him. He missed them so much.
"I...I want my family ...." He moaned as he burst into tears.
"I am going to call them as soon as we get there Taylor. I promise... I promise I will!" Jason vowed taking Taylor's hand and gently squeezed it rubbing Taylor's fingers with his thumb. Jason could now see the hospital in the distance.

Alice Duncan was checking some charts by the nurses desk in the ER, when she heard a commotion by the entrance doors. She glanced up and her heart skipped a beat at the sight. There stood Jason Monroe holding onto a young man wrapped in a cover, demanding a stretcher.
"Help me! This boy needs help now! I have to get him into surgery immediately!" Jason yelled as everyone in the emergency area just stared in awe.
Alice dropped the chart that was in her hands and ran toward them grabbing onto a gurney. The nurses and doctors in the ER pounced into action. Jason gently laid Taylor down on the bed of the gurney while he desperately looked up into Jason's eyes.
"Ja... Jason? What happened?! Who is that?" Alice yelled excitedly as the rest of the staff buzzed around Taylor wheeling him into a room away from all the curious on lookers in the waiting area.
"Alice!? I am so glad you are here. That is Taylor Hanson. He was in a bad accident several days ago. He fell off a cliff! His hip and leg needs immediate surgery or he could lose it! I have to operate now!"
"Taylor Hanson?! He is all over the news! You really did help him then!" Alice exclaimed in awe.
"Please Alice... I don't have the time to talk right now!" Jason shouted as he ran into the room where they brought Taylor in. Alice followed him through the doors.
"Jason? Jason! I want Jason!" Taylor screamed fighting the doctors and nurses that surrounded him as he flung his arm away from a nurse who was trying to start a IV.
"I'm here Taylor! It's okay!" Jason yelled coming up next to him. He petted Taylor's forehead trying to calm him down. The boy shook with fear licking at his lips nervously.
"It's okay Taylor. It's okay." Jason cooed gently looking into Taylor's scared wide eyes.
"My family? I want my family!" Taylor whimpered as he started to shiver feeling scared as the doctors were preparing him for surgery.
"Tell me their phone number. I am going to call right now." Jason informed him as Taylor gave him the number to his parents cell phone. He ran to the telephone on the wall. His hands shook when he dialed the numbers with his heart racing in fear when he heard it ring.
"Hello? HELLO!?" A voice screamed excitedly.
"I need to talk to Mr. Hanson."
"This is him! Jason? Jason Monroe?!"
"Yes! I am at Mount Saint Helen Hospital now and Taylor is being prepped for surgery as we speak!"
"Can I...? Can I talk to him!? How is he?"
"He is doing fine. Wait I will give him the phone." Jason said and brought the phone over to Taylor. "Taylor? Your father is on the phone."
Taylor reached out for the phone and grabbed it while his hand shook with anticipation. His heart raced with longing.
"DAD! Oh DAD!" Taylor cried into the phone.
"Taylor! Are...are you okay!?" Walker asked as tears filled his eyes. His voice shook with fear.
"Yes! Jason helped me! If it wasn't for him dad...I....I probably would have died!" Taylor explained as tears flowed down the sides of his face.
"I love you! We all love you! We will get there as soon as possible! You do everything they say. Okay Taylor?" Walker said crying uncontrollably.
"I...I will! Tell everyone I love them! I miss you all so much! I...I can't wait to see you!" Taylor rasped sniffing as he wiped the tears off his face. Taylor handed the phone back to Jason as he smiled up at him his lip still quivering.
"Hello... Mr. Hanson? I am going to give the phone over to a nurse named Alice. She will get all the necessary information. Okay? And don't worry. I promise you Taylor will be just fine. He is in good hands." Jason assured him.
"Okay! Thank you! Thank you Doctor Monroe for saving my son!" Walker bellowed thankfully.
"I..I... thank you!" Jason stammered as he handed the phone to Alice.
He ran over to Taylor who was shaking with fear.
"Everything is ready. Let's move him now!" Dr. Randle yelled as they rolled Taylor out of the ER to a elevator to go into surgery. Taylor glanced up at Jason to make sure he was still there. He reached out his hand and took Jason's hand and held on tightly.
"Taylor? It will be just fine. Don't be scared. I am with you. I will be performing the operation." Jason consoled smiling down at the scared boy.
Taylor swallowed hard and nodded his head. The elevator grew silent as they watched the door waiting for it to open.

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