To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 29 - As The Days Go By

Ike and Zac sat by their instruments waiting for Taylor to finish with his daily physical therapy session with Alice. Ike didn't want to be in the room with Taylor any more, watching his brother going through so much pain in the last few weeks. The session's were hard on him and he was worried about his brother's mood lately. He seemed to be falling into a state of depression. The only thing that seemed to cheer up his brother was their music. When they were recording or practicing he seemed to forget about all the pain he had to endure to be normal again.

"How long do you think we have to wait?" Zac asked flipping his drumstick through his fingers.
"Don't know. It is going to take awhile I guess. Alice is starting him on lifting weights now."
"How come you're not in there with him? I thought you wanted to help."
"I...I just can't stand seeing Tay in pain anymore. The physical therapy is really hard on him Zac. You can see the hurt and anger in his eyes whenever Alice makes him do something new. I don't know if I could take it if it was me instead of him. I feel so sorry for him. He seems so depressed lately." Ike stated sadly as Zac nodded his head in agreement.
"Yeah I am worried about Tay too. For the past few nights I heard him crying in his bed. I know he thinks no one can hear him, but I can't help it. I asked him last night if he was alright and he said he was fine and not to worry so much about him. I think the exercising makes him very sore." Zac explained sadly looking down at his drums.
"I know Tay thought this therapy would make him better faster, but it is really taking a long time and I know Taylor... he hates all the waiting."
"He just has to be more patient about it. I mean his injuries were really bad and he shouldn't expect to heal so fast."
"Yeah, but Tay always wants perfection you know and he can be impatient."
"Yeah I know!" Zac said and hit one of his drums in boredom.
"Hey Zac? Let's work on that new song while we wait."
"Sounds good." Zac smiled and got up from behind his drums and took a seat next to Ike.


"I CAN'T!" Taylor yelled angrily as the sweat poured down his head.
"Tay? Yes you can! Just lift your leg one more time!" Alice shouted feeling exasperated.
"I think you are trying to torture me!" Taylor shouted back looking at Alice defiantly.
"TAY! Stop talking to Alice like that! She is trying to help you!" Diana scolded sternly.
"I...I'm sorry! But I can't do it Alice! I just can't anymore! Can't we stop for today?" Taylor begged pitifully searching Alice's tired looking eyes.
"Tay I want you to do ten leg lifts today. I know you can do it!" Alice exclaimed trying to encourage Taylor. Taylor slowly tried to lift his left leg again but the weight around his ankle was killing him. He closed his eyes tightly biting his bottom lip and gripped onto the mat as he lifted his leg. He let out a loud groan.
"There! Thats it! Just a little higher. There you go! Now let it down slowly." Alice said loudly placing her hands just under his leg but not touching it letting Taylor do all the work.
Taylor let out a deep breath as he placed his leg back onto the mat. He ran his hand through his wet sweaty hair and closed his eyes again feeling relieved that it was over. Alice placed a cool cloth on his head.
"When are you going to get me on the bars over there?" Taylor asked pointing at the parallel bars, wishing he could start walking instead of all these leg lifts and other exercises Alice had him doing for the past few weeks.
"First we have to get the strength back into your muscles before we get into that."
"I would like to try though." Taylor stated with a pleading look on his face.
"Taylor all you would do right now is collapse. You're not ready yet for that."
"Why is this taking me so long?! I thought by now I would be on my feet again." Taylor moaned sadly.
"I know but you have to have patience. You are coming along just fine Taylor." Alice said looking at Diana who was bringing Taylor's wheel chair near him so he could get back into it. Taylor sat up slowly leaning onto his arms and looked up at his mother who he noticed did not look to happy with him.
"Alice? I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm giving you such a hard time. I didn't mean to yell at you before. I...I just..." Taylor apologized sadly looking down at his useless legs.
"Tay it's alright. I know it's the pain that made you yell at me. I have had worse things yelled at me when I make people go through their therapy." Alice chuckled and helped Diana lift Taylor back into his wheelchair.
"What are we going to do tomorrow?" Taylor asked adjusting himself in the wheelchair to get into a comfortable position.
"See that machine?" Alice pointed to a piece of equipment that had a long board for someone to lay on and foot clamps to hold the feet.
"Umm... yeah?" Taylor rasped with a curious look covering his face.
"I am going to start strengthening your abdominal muscles. You're going to start on situps on the bench." Alice informed him smiling and reached out patting Taylor's stomach.
"Don't look so worried. It is just the next step."
"Yeah I guess so." Taylor said sadly looking down at his hands. "I'm going down to the studio and practice with Ike and Zac."
Taylor turned the wheelchair and headed for the door and grabbed the handle. He turned and looked back at his mother and Alice.
"See you tomorrow!" Taylor said as he left the room.

"Alice? Is Taylor really doing okay?" Diana asked helping Alice clean up the mat of the hot packs that they used on Taylor's legs.
"Yes Diana. Taylor is progressing nicely. I know he doesn't think so though."
"I am worried about him Alice. He seems so depressed lately. Zac this morning told me that Taylor cries a lot at night in bed."
"That is expected. We just have to keep encouraging him and loving him. His body is taking quite a toll."
"I just wish I could see that beautiful smile of his more often." Diana said.
"I know Diana. It is hard on everyone. Just hang in there!"
Diana smiled at Alice. She was glad that she was Taylor's physical therapist. She was always optimistic and was a bright ray of sunshine to her whole family.
"How is Sherri doing with her studies?"
"She's a very smart girl and is doing great, but I notice she is distracted by staring at Taylor to much." Diana smiled while chuckling at the image in her mind.
"Hmmmm... I should talk to her about that."
"What's so funny is Taylor doesn't have a clue. He likes Sherri, I know, but just doesn't see how much your daughter has a crush on him." Diana laughed.
"Well that is so typical of guys. Sometimes they just can't read the signals." Alice agreed thinking of Jason who never could read her signals also.
"Oh that is so true! But then I think Taylor is so used to girls staring him, he just doesn't notice anymore."

Alice laughed at Diana's remark. After she was done cleaning things up she wanted to go home and write Jason a letter about Taylor's progress again. She adored receiving his letters. He seemed to be getting more and more happier in his life, but she knew he still missed Taylor a lot. He always stated that in all of his letters to her.

"Well I think I am going to check in on Zoe. She has been napping for an hour now." Diana said as she left the room waving a goodbye to Alice who smiled at her.

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