To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 6 - Please... Help Me

Taylor kept passing in and out from the pain that racked his body. He tried to shift himself to his left side, but it was useless. The pain was to great. He kept thinking he had to get back before dark like their father told them.
"Where is Ike? Dad is going to be so mad at us."
"IKE!" He yelled into the darkness deliriously. He started to cry again when his feverish mind remembered what happened to him.
"I fell! I fell! When is Ike going to get back?"
He groaned when another wave of pain struck his body.
"I can't take this any more. Please Ike! Make the pain stop! Please! IKKKKKKE!" Taylor screamed into the night. He then passed out again when he couldn't bare the pain any longer.

Jason was sauntering along, heading back to his cabin, when he heard a agonizing scream fill the night.
"Where did it come from? Someone sounds like they are in trouble." He said looking down at his wolf, Snow, who was walking beside him. He looked around in the darkness. Snow started to go in the direction of the sound.
"Good." He thought.
"Snow will find out where it is coming from." Jason said to himself as he walked quickly following the wolf. They came up near a side of a cliff. He saw Snow suddenly go into some brush near the cliffwall and heard someone cry out in fear.
"What the...?" Jason said out loud. "Who is in there?"
He heard no one answer. He gently pushed the brush aside and the sight made him jump back when he saw it was the boy that he admired last week.

Taylor saw a white figure approaching him.
"Oh no! A wolf!" Taylor thought with desperate horror as he tried to pull back. He let out a soft cry as he shook in fear and pain. He then saw the brush moving aside again and a huge black figure moved in on him. He was scared and couldn't move. His body was shaking uncontrollably now. He started to cry when he felt a hand touch his head.
"Ike?! IKE! Is that you!?" Taylor's voice was shaking with fear when another wave of pain swept through his body. He screamed in agony flinging his arms in the air.
"Oh God help me! Please help me!"
He passed out again while Jason couldn't believe what he saw. The boy's legs were broken badly. He could tell even in the darkness.
"He must have fell." He thought looking up at the cliff sadly crinkling his eyebrows together.
He started to look him over. He lifted up the kid's shirt and felt his stomach. He noticed it was tender to the touch. He could see his hip was broken too. The boy was out cold and he was feverish and clammy to the touch.
"He is in severe shock." Jason said to know one.
He looked around wondering where the boy's family was.
"He is going to die if something isn't done soon. He is bleeding internally. Oh Maaan! I can't just leave him here!" Jason said to his wolf, Snow. The wolf whimpered softly and sniffed the boy's hand.
"Stay here Snow! Hear me?! Don't leave his side. Understand!?" Jason ordered sternly to the wolf. Snow obeyed and sat down next to the boy.

Jason bolted to his cabin, that wasn't to far away. He ran through the door and down the stairs. He searched around till he found what he was looking for. A long piece of board he was using to build a new table. He grabbed it and ripped the blankets off his bed. He ran back outside and through the woods back to Snow and the boy. When he got back to the kid, the boy's eyes were open, wide with fear, staring at the wolf beside him. His body was trembling from pain with tears streaming down the sides of his face.
"Please? Please?! Don't let him hurt me!!" Taylor groaned keeping his eyes on the white wolf.
"No. He won't hurt you. He's my friend." Jason consoled noticing the boy relaxed a little and turned his eyes to him. He could see that he looked scared and helpless. Suddenly he saw the boy's face twist into a grimace of agony. His body stiffened as another jolt of pain struck. His hands doubled into fists and he let out a agonizing cry. Finally his body relaxed as the pain subsided. Sweat poured down his face and he was breathing in short, gasping breaths. Taylor, burning with fever, tried to back away wondering where his dad was as his eyes searched the darkness.
"Don't move. Let me do all the work. I am going to help you." Jason explained to Taylor who just blinked up at him in fear.
"DAD! But where's my dad?" Taylor cried with his bottom lip trembling.
Jason put the board down close to the boy and dropped the blankets on the side of him. He very carefully pulled off Taylor's shoes hearing him groan. The pain sending shock waves through his broken legs. Jason didn't want to hurt him, but he noticed the swelling of his legs were bad and he didn't want the shoes to be stuck on his feet. They would be hell trying to get them off, if his legs swelled anymore then they were right now.
"Please! Where is my Dad? Ike?! Where is Ike?" Taylor whimpered looking up at Jason through feverish eyes.
Jason put his arms very gently under the boy's shoulders and broken legs. He lifted him up as straight as possible. Taylor let out a loud groan as he carefully placed him on the board. He wrapped the blankets around him as tight as he could, but not to hurt him. Then he lifted him up on the board and started to carry him to his cabin.
"Dad?! Wh...." Taylor passed out again.

He left the door open to his cabin so when he returned, he could bring the boy in immediately without putting him down to open it. He placed Taylor, still on the board, on his kitchen table. Then went back up to the door and shut it securely. Outside the cabin was totally hidden from view. It just looked like a piece of the earth. He went back down and slowly took off the blankets. In the light he could see more clearly. He went and got his scissors and began cutting Taylor's clothing away slowly. He gently removed them from under his body, trying not to disturb the boy's broken legs as much as possible. He took off Taylor's watch, necklaces, and rings and placed them on his dresser. He then started to examine Taylor wounds. The bruise on his left side ran from his hip up to his ribs. The internal bleeding looked bad. The right leg wasn't broken to bad, just the tibia. The left leg was broken in several places. His left hip was smashed up pretty good and a lot of cuts and bruises.
"If I don't operate now he will die. Oh God! I can't let this boy die!" Jason moaned to himself. He gently lifted the boy still on the board and placed him on the bed. He covered his naked body up with a blanket to keep him warm.

He searched around till he found his old surgical instruments that were salvaged from that awful fire. He boiled water and found alcohol to try to sterilize the instruments as much as possible. He washed down the kitchen table and found a sheet that was very clean and placed that over the table. Finally he had everything ready. He tried to sterilize everything as best as he could. He went over to Taylor and pulled the cover off. He noticed his body started to shake from the cold of the room. He lifted the board and slowly brought him over to the large sinks he installed for cleaning game. Gently he took a sponge with soap and washed down the boy's body with warm water. Taylor woke up and jumped looking up at him. He felt disoriented and confused seeing a huge man tower over him. Fear gripped him wondering where he was feeling very disoriented and confused.
"Where am I? Who?" Taylor asked through the feverish haze that engulfed him.
"Shhhhh... you're going to be fine." Jason crooned softly trying to sooth the boy's fear.

He gently towelled down Taylor's shivering body trying not to hurt him as much as possible. He lifted the board once more and placed Taylor back on the bed. He gently lifted the kid up from the board and brought him over to the kitchen table and placed him down on the sheet. Taylor shivered from the cold and fear. Jason poured alcohol over his body and covered him up with another sheet and cut a hole in the area where he would operate.
"What are you doing to me?! Nooooooo! Please? I want my Dad. Mom. Please!" Taylor sobbed as the pain kept coming back in waves. He tried to move away but the pain was to great. He was totally helpless and fearfully looked into Jason's eyes.
"Shhhhh... I am going to operate. You will be okay. I promise. I am going to help you. I am a doctor." Jason tried to reassure him.
But the word 'operate' added to his fear. He was terrified. This wasn't a hospital. Where was he? Who was this man that loomed over him? Jason brought down a cup, covered with gauze, over Taylor's mouth and nose.
"Just breathe deeply. It will be alright." Jason assured him caressing Taylor's hot forehead.

Taylor could smell something awful. He felt like the man was suffocating him. He tried to grab at the huge hand and take the cup away from his face, but the hand couldn't be moved. He started to weep pitifully as he tried desperately to wiggle away, but it only caused more pain. Suddenly he felt dizzy and the room was starting to spin. He heard a ringing sound in his ears. He could see everything going black. Finally he was out.

"Thank God the ether worked." Jason murmured to himself.
He lifted Taylor's eyelid up to make sure he was out completely. He checked his heart beat with his stethoscope.
"Good strong heart. His breathing is a little labored, but nothing to worry about." Jason thought.
He felt the kid could make it through this operation. He had to because the boy didn't have much time before the internal bleeding would be beyond the point of no return and no doctor in the world could save him. Jason looked up and pleaded.
"Please God.... guide these hands right so this boy may live. I haven't operated in years!"
He took a deep breath and began to make an incision on Taylor's bruised side.

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