To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 19 - So Lonely Again

The week passed slowly and painfully for Jason. He went about his business of waking and eating and spending the days trying to keep busy with his projects. He finally finished the kitchen table he was building since Taylor's accident, but life was never the same again since taking care of the boy. He sat on his big chair sipping some juice and chuckled at the memory of him and Taylor the night they played chess together and how the kid just couldn't beat him.

"Almost done Jason?" Taylor called.
Jason dried the last dish with the towel and put the bowl away in the cabinet. He walked over to the desk and knelt down to pull out the chess board and the box with the pieces that was under the desk collecting dust after so many years of neglect. He walked over to the bed where Taylor was watching him intently as he took off everything from the small table and set up the game. He pulled it as close as he could to the kid.
"Now. Let's play!" Jason said happily rubbing his hands together while gazing at Taylor.
Taylor shifted sightly to get a better view of the chess board.
"Who goes first?" Taylor asked smiling at Jason as he lifted his eyebrows in question.
"You can, since you are the guest."
"I'm telling you... I'm not very good at this game. But I'll try." Taylor smiled as he crinkled his eyebrows together trying to figure which piece to move first. Jason chuckled at Taylor's serious expression. Taylor moved the first pawn and looked up at Jason innocently.
"Hmmmm." Jason pondered looking at the board. He slowly moved his piece and eyed Taylor. Taylor licked his lips and stared at the board and smiled and moved his next piece.
"Nice move, but......" Jason laughed moving his piece and took Taylor's off.
Taylor frowned and stared at the board harder and put his unsure fingers on a piece to move and slowly lifted it thinking intently and placing his next move. He looked up at Jason and smiled.
"There that should make you think!" Taylor shouted triumphly.
"Oh really? Watch this kiddo and learn." Jason announced teasingly and laughed at the kid's shocked expression.
"CHECK MATE!" Jason bellowed loudly and laughed as Taylor sat there dumb founded.
"How? How? That was so fast! Ooooh man!" Taylor rasped a little perturbed at being beaten so fast. Jason broke into laughter.
"Hey that's not funny." Taylor expressed feeling awed that Jason beat him in that many moves, but couldn't help but chuckle.
"Want to play again?" Jason asked smiling at Taylor.
"YEAH! I am going to beat you if it is the last thing I do!" Taylor exclaimed with determination and a smile covering his face.

Jason sipped on his juice slowly remembering the whole night with Taylor trying his hardest to beat him. Sadness suddenly overwhelmed him and he slowly put down the glass on the small table. Tears welled in his eyes as he lifted up one of Taylor's necklaces he placed on the table days ago. He rubbed it slowly between his fingerstips.
"I miss you Taylor. God I miss you so much!" He moaned sadly.
Depression was getting the best of him. He couldn't stop thinking about the boy. He gave him so much. He took the loneliness away after so many years of being by himself. The kid was right when he said you need to be with people. Suddenly he burst into tears and got up off the chair and ran up the stairs and unbolted the door and ran outside into the night. He looked up at the star filled sky and screamed, "TAAAAAAYLOR!"

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