To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 27 - Going Home

A couple weeks passed and it was time to go home. Walker and Diana spent the morning setting up the arrangements to get Taylor to the airport. They would be flying him from the flight for life helicopter to the airstrip where the private jet would be waiting. Diana and his younger brother and sisters would be waiting there for them. Walker, Ike, and Zac were going to come in by the helicopter with Taylor . The morning was hectic with all the arrangements being set up to fool the media that was swarming around the hospital trying to find out any piece of news they could get on the Hanson's. Christopher Sabec made sure that the press wouldn't know how or when Taylor and the family would be leaving the hospital.

Taylor sat impatiently, feeling good being dressed in regular clothes again, waiting for his Dad and his brothers to come and get him. Alice came into the room.
"Are you ready to go home Tay?" Alice asked smiling at him.
"Yeah everything is packed and ready to go. I am so excited to get home! I can't wait!" Taylor gushed enthusiastically.
"Well Sherri and I will be coming to Tulsa in about a week after you get settled at home."
"Did you find a place to stay?"
"Yes. Your mother and father helped me with that. I found a temporary apartment for me and Sherri. I am looking forward to getting you back on your feet again." Alice smiled as the door opened and his father and brothers came through the door followed by their manager Chris.
"Well the helicopter is ready to go and I just signed you out of the hospital." Walker said happily walking up to the bed.
"We have to wait for the gurney to get you up to the roof. And then away we go!" Ike said smiling at his brother.
"What about the press? Are they ....?" Taylor began to ask.
"The media has no idea that you are leaving today." Chris chuckled assuring him.
"Good. I hope they don't see us as we leave." Taylor said looking up at his dad. "I wish they would get here. I want to go HOME!"
"They always take their time. Just be patient Tay." Alice stated.
"What about our camper? How is that going to get back home?" Taylor asked his father.
"Oh a friend of ours came and he is driving it home now as we speak." Walker said looking at his watch.
"Like your look Tay." Zac chuckled looking at Taylor's super baggy black pants he had on.
"Yeah ....my new style of dress. At least the shirt fits right!" Taylor laughed.
"Yeah when the fans find out they will be so disappointed not to see you in those tight fitting jeans for awhile!" Ike bellowed teasingly.
"Very funny!" Taylor said with a smile.

They all turned as the door opened and two orderlies came into the room rolling the gurney next to the bed as Alice and Walker stepped out of the way.
"Ready to go?" One of them smiled at Taylor.
"Sure AM!" Taylor said as they gently lifted him onto the bed. They placed a cover over him.
"Is the hallway clear?" Alice asked.
"Yeah... we made sure no one is around all the way to the elevator. Security is set in place."
"Good let's go!" Walker shouted as they rolled Taylor toward the door. Alice opened it and propped it open. They all quickly went down the hallway and stopped at the elevator that would take them to the roof of the hospital. Chris pushed the button and the doors opened. They stepped inside and watched the floors passing by until it stopped and the doors opened.
The wind hit them in the face as they stepped out. The helicopter started its engines and the blades began to spin. Taylor covered his eyes from the sunlight as they rolled him toward the door of the helicopter.
"ALICE?" Taylor yelled over the wind and noise that surrounded them.
"I'LL SEE YOU SOON!" Taylor smiled and she took his hand squeezing it lovingly. She quickly walked back to the door and stopped to see them off. They loaded Taylor into the helicopter as his father and brothers got in followed by their manager who slid the door shut. She waved feeling a little sad. She was going to miss him even though she would see him in about a couple of weeks. She would write Jason tonight all about it so he would know Taylor was safely going home.

The helicopter rose into the air slowly and turned first in a circle and headed to the airport where Diana and the rest of the family was waiting.
"ZAC!? Did you remember to take your dramamine?" Walker asked sternly.
"Yeah I did! This is so COOL! Ha...look at the press swarming down there like ants!" Zac laughed looking out the window.
"I'M GOING HOME!" Taylor yelled excitedly as his father squeezed his arm happy to his son filled with joy.

Fifthteen minutes later they landed near the private jet and they quickly got off and loaded Taylor onto to the plane. The plane slowly turned onto the runway and took off into the air heading for Tulsa.

"Are you comfortable Tay?" Diana asked looking down at her son who was laying on the bed they installed for him for the trip home.
"Yeah I'm fine Mom." Taylor assured her smiling up at his mother. She gently caressed his forehead smiling too.
"Well you have a lot of catching up to do."
"What? Catching up on what?" Taylor asked as he crinkled his eyebrows together wondering what his mother was talking about.
"School work!" Diana chuckled as Taylor frowned.
"Oh yeah! I guess I couldn't get out of that!" Taylor chuckled.
"Where is Ike and Zac?"
"Oh they are talking to your father and Chris about the new album you will be recording."
"Hey! I should be in on that!" Taylor said a little angrily.
"Don't worry they will fill you in. You just rest now. You need to rest."
Taylor nodded his head as Diana bent down and kissed him on his forehead.
"Yeah I am sort of tried." Taylor said looking out the window next to him.
Diana got up and headed for the front of the plane.
"I'll wake you when we land. Okay?" Diana said.
"Okay!" Taylor said smiling at his mom as she left him. Taylor gazed out the window and started thinking. He dreaded the thought of all the therapy he was going to have to go through. He hoped he would be back on his feet again soon. He hated feeling like a cripple and helpless. He just wanted to be normal again and to get started on recording their next album, doing what he loved the most, singing with his brothers. He saw the mountains passing under them and wondered what Jason was doing at this moment as the plane flew steadily toward home.

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