To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 35 - The Secret Is Let Out

The next day Taylor woke up early in the morning and was excited to start the day. He carefully shifted his legs out over the edge of the bed trying not to disturb Zac who was sleeping soundly below him. He looked up at his crutches that lay against the frame of the bed and smiled. He slid himself to the end and grabbed onto them and carefully pulled himself over Zac and caught his balance standing up onto the crutches. He quietly walked over to the chair by the desk and sat down placing them onto to floor and reached out and grabbed his baggy blue jeans and slid them on gently over his legs placing most of his weight onto his right side as he pulled them up to his waist. He pulled his white undershirt out over the pants and then grabbed the crutches and stood up heading for the door.

"Tay?" Zac asked in a low voice.
"Where are you going?"
"Down to the kitchen. I'm hungry."
"Oh. Alright then...." Zac said plopping back down onto his pillow.
Taylor chuckled at Zac and shook his head slightly. He walked down to the kitchen enjoying the freedom of walking again. He went to the cabinet and opened it grabbing the peanut butter and placed it on the counter and then walked over to the bread box and pulled out the loaf and opened the drawer and grabbed a knife. Awkwardly he made himself a sandwich trying to balance on the crutches as he spread the peanut butter onto the bread.
"Hey what are you doing up?" Jason asked startling Taylor who then dropped his right crutch that slipped out from under his arm.
"Ahhhh..." Taylor moaned as he fell to the floor with a thud loosing his balance.
"Oh! Taylor are you okay?" Jason asked running up to him and bent down next to him.
Taylor turned himself over looking up at Jason a little angrily.
"Don't scare me like that."
"Are you okay?" Jason asked again checking Taylor over.
"Yeah. I'm fine." Taylor assured him chuckling a little at how he must have looked falling over like he did. Jason took a sigh of relief and helped Taylor back up and led him over to a kitchen chair.
"Oh ....my sandwich." Taylor said pointing at it as Jason grabbed it and handed it to him and sat down next to him.
"I was just hungry." Taylor said mumbling through the sticky peanut butter.
"Me too. Think I will fix myself up one also." Jason smiled and got up and made himself one thick with peanut butter.
"Ready to start the parallel bars today?" Jason asked as he took a big bite of his sandwich and sat down. Taylor nodded his head swallowing hard trying to clear his mouth.
"Yeah! Can't wait." Taylor smiled casting his eyes shyly up at Jason.
"This is the final stage. I had a brace made for you to put on."
"Brace?" Taylor questioned curiously.
"It's a brace for your left hip. It will help you at first to start walking on the bars. As you progress you won't need it anymore." Jason told him as Taylor intently listened.
"Oh... I see. Jason?"
"Do you like Alice?" Taylor asked with a questioning look covering his face.
"Well of course I like her. That's a silly question Tay." Jason stated wondering why he asked.
"No. I mean really like Alice. You know?" Taylor asked flipping his hand toward him.
"Huh?" Jason was confused.
"Oh never mind." Taylor said regretting he brought it up.
"Oh no Taylor! Tell me what you are talking about." Jason leaned in toward Taylor who suddenly looked slightly nervous.
"Well.... I can tell Alice likes you more then a friend." Taylor said feeling a little guilty for letting that out after he promised Alice never to tell him how she felt. But he couldn't take watching them day after day any more and Jason not noticing her signals.
"What do you mean? Alice doesn't feel that way about me." Jason responded a little angrily as Taylor sadly cast his eyes down at the table.
"Well she does. I know she does Jason." Taylor stated not looking up at him and took another bite of his peanut butter sandwich.
"How? How do you know?" Jason chuckled not believing what he was hearing.
"Because she told me!" Taylor blurted out suddenly.
"She told you!?"
"Yes in the hospital one day. Come on Jason! She cares about you very much. Didn't you know that she sat with you day and night when you were in your coma. She was deeply in love with you. Oh God! I promised I wouldn't tell you, but I can't stand it anymore. She will probably hate me for telling you this. Can't you see the way she stares at you day after day? She has love sick eyes for you Jason." Taylor gushed smiling at the confused, shocked expression covering Jason's face.
"She...she did? She does?!" Jason asked with confusion.
"Yes!" Taylor shouted rolling his eyes.
Jason stared at the table feeling shocked at the news. Suddenly he remembered what Taylor was talking about. A smile formed across his face.
"Well I'll be! I never knew. Alice is in love with me." Jason said chuckling.
"Are you going to do something about it?" Taylor asked smiling and looking at Jason who had a funny expression on his face.
"Huh? What should I do?" Jason asked.
"First do you feel that way about her?" Taylor questioned with his eyebrows raised.
"I always loved her as a dear friend. I don't know what to feel now. I can't let her know you told me."
"That's true!" Taylor sighed blowing air in his cheeks and letting it out.
"You know? She is a beautiful woman." Jason crooned smiling as he thought about Alice.
"Yeah I thought so too." Taylor said chuckling a little.
"She is one of the most kind, understanding, and caring people that I know." Jason stated feeling a sudden closeness toward her.
"Yeah I know!" Taylor said smirking at Jason who looked suddenly lost in his thoughts.
Jason looked at Taylor and noticed he was grinning ear to ear.
"You're just loving this! Aren't you kiddo?" Jason asked grabbing Taylor lovingly on the side of his face and shook it slightly.
"Well yeah! I would love for you and Alice to get together!" Taylor laughed joyfully.
"Oh you would? Would you? Well only time will tell." Jason said smiling at the thought. A warm feeling covered him.
"Hope the time is soon." Taylor stated smiling at Jason.
"I love you kid! You are really something. You know that?" Jason chuckled.
"I am? Well I love you too. Like a second father of course." Taylor said when suddenly Walker and Diana walked into the kitchen.
"What are you two doing up?" Diana asked curiously wondering why they both looked so happy.
"Oh just talking." Taylor said glancing at Jason knowing they had a secret between them.
"About what?" Walker asked as he was getting the coffee started for the morning.
"Oh just what we are going to do today in therapy." Jason answered still grinning at Taylor thinking how much he adored this kid.

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