To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 26 - Do You Want To Go?

Alice walked into the kitchen yawning as her day was beginning. She noticed Sherri was making breakfast for them. Sherri turned and smiled at her mother as she was frying some eggs. Alice went to the refrigerator and opened the door, looking for the orange juice. She pulled out the carton and placed it on the set table.
"The eggs smell good!" Alice exclaimed as she walked behind Sherri and grabbed her head and kissed it.
"Almost ready Mom." Sherri said smiling as she walked over to the table and slipped the eggs onto the two plates and sat down. Alice grabbed the toast that popped up from the toaster and brought them over to the table and sat down next to Sherri.
"I have something important to discuss with you sweetheart." Alice smiled at Sherri as she buttered her toast.
"Well yesterday before I left the hospital I was talking to Taylor Hanson and he asked me if I wanted to be his physical therapist." Alice explained as she looked into Sherri's interested eyes.
"Really?! That would be so awesome Mom!"
"But only one thing, we would have to relocate for awhile in Tulsa Oklahoma. It would mean you would have to quit your job for awhile and Taylor told me that he was pretty sure Mrs. Hanson, his mother, would love to home school you during that time. I wanted to ask you first before I made any decision. Do you want to go?" Alice asked smiling, bringing up a forkful of eggs to her mouth.
"I...I wouldn't mind at all MOM! I would love it! Wait till I tell all my friends!" Sherri bellowed excitedly suddenly feeling not so hungry. Her stomach turned into knots at the thought of spending time with the Hanson's.
"Now Sherri don't go blabbing this around. Think of their privacy. Okay? This is not going to be a joy ride. Taylor has a lot of healing to do and it is going to be very hard on him. I know you love the Hanson's and their music but remember they are human like the rest of us!" Alice chuckled.
"Oh Mom...I know that. If I only become friends with them I will be happy. It is just a dream come true. I can't believe that I will actually get to know the family and stuff. And to be taught by their mother! WOW! And I guess you're right. I shouldn't go bragging to everyone about it. But can I tell my closest friends?" Sherri asked as she smiled from ear to ear.
"For now don't tell anyone until it is all set up. Okay?" Alice suggested pulling a long strand of Sherri's blonde hair behind her ear lovingly.
"Sure Mom. I won't say a thing for now." Sherri assured her smiling at her mother.
Alice looked up at the kitchen wall clock and quickly got up.
"Oh I have to go! And you better get ready for school. I will see you tonight Sherri!" Alice said as she grabbed her purse and kissed Sherri goodbye running out the door. Sherri sat there smiling contently.


Alice finally reached the hospital and parked her car into her parking space. She glanced down at her watch and reached for her purse while opening the door. As she was heading for the entrance she noticed someone peeking around the wall near the door. She backed up a few paces wondering who it was. Her heart started to beat a little faster with fear.
"Alice?" A voice whispered to her.
"Who... who is there?" Alice asked fearfully trying to see but not getting to close.
"Jason.... Jason Monroe."
"I need to talk to you. Is there somewhere we can go that is private?" Jason asked stepping out near the door. Alice smiled and nodded her head.
"Follow me. Okay?"
Jason followed Alice through the door and down a hallway while looking around him cautiously.
"Here is my office Jason." She stated turning her head seeing Jason was impatiently standing behind her. She unlocked the door and pushed it open. Jason followed her through as she switched on the light.
"Have a seat... Jason." Alice said pointing at the chair in front of her desk. He nodded his head and sat down. She hung up her jacket on a hook and went around the desk and sat in her big chair gazing curiously at Jason.
"It is so good to see you again!" Alice exclaimed smiling up at Jason.
"I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for running out like that. I ...I just couldn't face anyone at the time."
"I know. I know Jason." Alice crooned gently with understanding in her voice.
"I saw Taylor last night. I wanted to know how he was doing?" Jason told her with a concerned look on his face.
"He is doing fine, Jason. How did Taylor react when you came to visit him? He must have been so thrilled. He missed you so much Jason."
"Well he was sleeping when I came and the drug given to him wouldn't let him wake up very well. But he knew I was there." Jason remembered still longing to be near the boy.
"Drug? Why? Taylor wasn't suppose to be given any drugs to sleep!" Alice questioned with concern.
"I looked at his chart and he had some muscle swelling in his left hip. He was given a pain killer to ease the pain." Jason explained sadly.
"Oh this must have happened after I left yesterday. Poor kid. He is going through so much." Alice extolled with tears in her eyes.
"I...I just had to see him again. And I wanted to see you too. To apologize for leaving the way I did!"
"Jason? Why can't you meet his family? They are so grateful for all you have done!"
"Alice before I want to meet anyone I have to deal with some issues of my own first. Then maybe I will. I just wish I could keep tabs on Taylor, so I know how he is doing." Jason stated looking sadly at Alice.
"Jason I could do that for you. Taylor would love to know that you care about how is doing!"
"No! I don't want the boy to know right now. Please understand."
"Well how about I write to you weekly to tell you how he is coming along?" Alice asked smiling at Jason longingly.
"That is a good idea, but I don't have a home address. Wait! I know! I could give you the address to Old Ben Groceries. He would probably take the mail for me." Jason exclaimed excitedly.
"'Sounds good. I have to tell you Taylor wants me to be his physical therapist and he is going back to Tulsa, Oklahoma when he ready to leave this hospital. I am going to work with him in his home. And I made the decision to accept the job. But right now I don't know the address I will be staying at. But once I get settled there I will write and tell you. Okay?" Alice smiled searching his crystal blue eyes that smiled at her and sending a shiver up her spine.
"Okay! You're a physical therapist? Oh it has been so many years. I am glad to know that you will be helping Taylor." Jason said happily smiling at Alice.
He grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down the address to Old Ben Groceries and then slid the paper across the desk as Alice picked it up gazing at it and put it in a folder on her desk.
"Well I should be going." Jason said standing up.
"Wait Jason before you go! If you ever need someone to talk too, I will always be here for you. I want you to know that!" Alice exclaimed as she came around the desk looking up at him.
"Thanks Alice. I ....I really appreciate that! I feel a lot better now that I know Taylor is in good hands." He smiled gently touching Alice's shoulder.
"You really care about him? Don't you?"
"I...I LOVE that boy Alice! He...he..." Jason gushed blushing, feeling very embarrassed at his sudden outburst.
"I am glad Jason. He is easy to love." Alice said chuckling.
"Yeah." Jason agreed suddenly giving Alice a big bear hug. Alice hugged him back as her feelings of love for Jason welled up inside of her. If only he knew how she felt inside. Jason opened the door and turned and smiled at her as he left.

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