To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 39 - I'll Be Missing You

The day finally came when Taylor was well enough to stand and walk on his own. Jason was going home. Sherri and Alice flew back to Colorado ahead of him. He wanted to drive home and see all the sites as he knew he would ponder about Taylor and he wanted to be alone for awhile. He was loading the last of his things in the truck he purchased a few days ago. He turned around and saw the Hanson family staring sadly at him from their front door. He walked slowly up hating to say goodbye.

"Well Jason I am so glad to have met you. I hope you have a safe trip home." Walker said shaking his hand with Jason trying to smile. Mackie hugged his legs suddenly looking up at him.
"Do you have to go Jason?" He moaned pitifully, looking like he was going to cry.
He bent down to his level and kissed him on the forehead.
"I have to go home sometime Mackie. But don't worry I will see you again soon. Alright?" Jason tried to assure him as Mackie nodded starting to cry and turned, hugging onto his mother's legs, not wanting to believe that he was really going to leave them.
"Where is Taylor?" Jason asked looking around.
"I think he is in the backyard." Zac informed him sadly.
"Jason go to him!" Walker said knowing his son was avoiding this moment.
Jason looked at them all as he went around the corner of the house and walked to the backyard seeing Taylor sitting on the grass pulling pieces out of the lawn and throwing them angrily into the air.
"Taylor? I am leaving soon." Jason crooned gently when he saw him turn his head and looked up at him with tears welling in his eyes. He quickly wiped them away not wanting Jason to see him feeling this way. Jason came up next to him and sat down. Taylor continued to look straight ahead as he bit at his bottom lip nervously.
"Taylor? Aren't you going to say goodbye?" Jason asked putting his arm around his shoulders. Taylor leaned his head against his chest and sighed deeply.
"No! Not goodbye Jason. I am going to say I will be seeing you soon. To me saying goodbye means forever." Taylor said tearfully looking up at Jason.
"That's a deal. I'll see you soon then." Jason chuckled. Taylor gave him a weak smile.
"I am going to really miss you a lot. Promise you will write often?" Taylor asked sniffing.
"Hey I will write to you every week. I promise." Jason swore to him and smiled.
Taylor nodded his head. His insides felt like they were ripping apart.
"Well, will you see me off then?"
"Sure. Jason?"
"Are you going to ask Alice to marry you?"
"I was thinking about it. How do you know these things?" Jason asked helping Taylor to his feet as he grabbed his hand pulling him up.
"I just had this feeling by the way you have been looking at her lately. I can see you really love her." Taylor said as they slowly walked around to the front of the house together.
The Hanson family came near the truck, while Taylor followed Jason to the driver's side and watched him get in. He quickly rolled down the window and reached for Taylor's hand and squeezed it gently with Taylor smiling up at him.
"Remember to keep working those legs. The next time I see you I expect to see you totally well. Okay?"
"Yeah. Don't worry. Tell Sherri I will be stomping my foot to the music again!" Taylor chuckled as Jason started up the engine with Taylor backing away, standing next to Ike and Zac. He slowly pulled out of the driveway and turned to drive down the road. He waved to them all. They all started waving back as he slowly started to pick up speed.
"I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!" Jason yelled.
"LOVE YOU TOO!" Taylor yelled choking back a sob.
They all watched him drive away then turned and looked at Taylor who stared after the truck with tears spilling down his face. Ike and Zac put their arms around him trying to comfort him as they felt his body shake.
"It's okay Tay." Ike whispered lovingly as he gently hugged him.
"I know Ike. I will be alright. But I do already miss him." Taylor said sadly looking down at the ground.

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