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by Monica Geist

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6/18/08 At 6:00 PM CT

Check out my For Sale Page!
Want to purchase a original drawing
of Hanson or Taylor done by me?
Click on the link above to find out how!

Please help Hanson to benefit AIDS patients in South Africa. Money from the sales of this song will go to the Perinatal HIV Unit at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, South Africa. Just click on the links below:

Go get Great Divide on itunes now!

Check out Hanson's Great Divide Ecard!

Pic of Hanson's new CD called: Shout It Out

The Shout It Out Album Release Dates:
United States: June 8, 2010
Japan: Not Known, 2010
United Kingdom: Not Known, 2010
Mexico: Not Known, 2010
Canada: Not Known, 2010

The Shout It Out DVD
Available Exclusively on Pre-order any version of Shout It Out. There are 3 different Packages: Deluxe, Gold and Platinum. Go to Hanson net for more details. Track List:
Waiting For This
Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
Kiss Me When You Come Home
Carry you There
Give A Little
Make It Out Alive
And I Waited
Use Me Up
These Walls
Musical Ride
Voice In the Chorus
Me Myself And I

Shout It Out Tour Dates
Check out Hanson net for all the dates for 2010!

Links You Should Know!
Hanson's MySpace
Strong Enough To Break MySpace
Taking The Walk MySpace
Hanson on You Tube
3CG Records
Documentary Trailer!
Are You Listening?

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The Hanson Artist of the Month Contest is undergoing a change at the present time, so check back soon for further details!

The Hanson Poet of the Month Contest is also undergoing a change at the present, so check back soon for details.

Winner of the March Hanson Artist of the Month
contest is: Nancy! Congrats Nancy!

Winner of the December Hanson Poet of the Month Contest is: Little Alex! Congrats Little Alex!

Go check them out on the winner's pages now!

There is no MOE #12 netpick!
Hope everyone enjoyed Hanson's last issue of MOE.
Ahh... the memories!

Pic Of The Moment
Pic of Moment by the Hanson Hotel!

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*Please Note: I have no connections with Hanson, or Hanson's Label - TCG. All art on this page is for enjoyment purposes only! No Art can be sold in Hanson's name! The art is mine! You may not copy it without my permission!! Please ask first!! Okay? Thanks!!

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