To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 20 - Days of Recovery

Ike sat next to the bed holding Taylor's hand watching him sleeping peacefully. Zac was sleeping and snoring in a big red chair on the other side of Taylor's bed curled into a odd position, clutching onto a pillow threatening to fall from under his head that was resting on the arm of the chair. His parents and younger brother and sisters were in another room getting some needed sleep. The family had stayed here all week to be close to Taylor and got permission from the hospital to do so. Ike was happy to be a whole family again. The past few days were hard on his brother with all the tests and poking and prodding the doctors were putting him through. His brother had some hard days ahead with physical therapy. He hated the thought of seeing his brother go through all the misery. He has been through so much already. Arrangements were made that after some weeks of recovery at Mount Saint Helen Hospital he would be transported by private plane back to Tulsa where the grueling therapy would really start. Ike wished somehow they could get a thank you through to Jason Monroe. If only Doctor Monroe knew how much they all wanted to meet him and tell him how much they appreciated all that he did for Taylor. If only they knew where his cabin was that was hidden so well out in the wilderness.

"Huh?" Ike was startled by the sound of Taylor's voice.
"What time is it?" Taylor asked yawning and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes smiling sleepily at his brother. Ike looked up at the clock.
"About 6:00 o'clock in the morning."
"Oh.... I thought... owww!" Taylor groaned remembering not to shift his hip encased in the cast.
"You okay?" Ike asked looking concerned.
"I hate these casts Ike! I feel like I am a cripple!" Taylor said angrily.
"You look like one too." Zac stated waking up and rubbing his sore neck from sleeping in such a odd uncomfortable position, giving Taylor a sleepy smile.
"Thanks! You're so compassionate Zac!" Taylor exclaimed chuckling at Zac's remark.
"I didn't think that was funny." Ike mumbled looking angry at Zac.
"Hey! I was only teasing Ike. Chill out!" Zac said feeling a little miffed.
"Ike? It's okay." Taylor assured Ike squeezing his hand. "I do look like a cripple!"
"Well I thought it was ......"
"Ike? I thought it was funny. Stop worrying so much." Taylor said lovingly to Ike. Ike looked into Taylor's blue trusting eyes.
"I'm sorry Zac. I guess I shouldn't have snipped at you like that." Ike apologized looking at the hurt expression on Zac's face. "I just hate seeing Tay like this."
"Well so do I! I just wanted to cheer him up. That's all!" Zac defended himself leaning toward the bed.
"Hey guys? Being with my family is the best medicine I could think of right now. I couldn't go through all this without out you guys. I need you very much right now. All I could think about when I was with Jason was coming back home again!" Taylor expressed lovingly swallowing hard as he looked back and fourth at his two brothers.
"What was he like Tay?" Zac asked leaning his elbows the bed.
"Well... he was nice. At first though I was afraid of him."
"Why?" Ike asked crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Because I couldn't figure him out at first. He was so scared of anyone finding us. He hated it when I asked him to many questions about his past."
"Was he cruel to you Tay?" Ike asked with concern.
"No! I knew he would never hurt me. I mean he wouldn't have helped me if that is what he wanted to do. His frustration and anger scared me sometimes. But as I got to know him I started to understand where he was coming from. People in his past really treated him bad because of his scars. And I guess with the death of his wife and son he just couldn't handle society anymore so he hid in the wilderness." Taylor explained looking down at his hands.
"That is so sad." Zac murmured shaking his head.
"He was always gentle with me. He worried about me...." Taylor continued as tears filled his eyes.
"It's okay Taylor." Ike crooned in a caring voice rubbing Taylor's hand between his.
"I miss him Ike. I wish he didn't just leave like he did. I wanted him to meet my family. But...but.." Taylor choked on his words as the tears spilled down his face.
"Maybe someday he will Tay. I mean maybe he just needs time." Zac added rubbing Taylor's arm trying to comfort his brother. Taylor nodded his head and tried to smile.
"I'm sorry guys. I don't want to make you feel bad." Taylor apologized wiping the tears off with the back of his hand.
"Hey! If you ever need a shoulder to cry on...." Ike suggested smiling at Taylor.
"ME TOO!" Zac bellowed feeling left out.
Taylor smiled at both of them thinking it was so great to be back with his brothers again.
"Where is Mom and Dad?" Taylor asked curiously.
"Sleeping." Ike answered.
"Oh. I wonder what they have in store for me today? I hate all these tests. I just wish I could go home!" Taylor groaned to Zac.
"You think they would be finished after everything they have done already. I think you have gone through every test there is in a hospital!" Zac attested with a smile.
"Yeah! Head xrays, body xrays, blood tests, muscle tests, MRI's, EKG's and on and on and on! I don't think there is anything more they could possibly do!" Taylor rasped breathlessly.
"With them anything is possible!" Ike said with a smile.
"They will probably invent one just for you TAY!" Zac laughed.
"Oh GOD! No!" Taylor started to laugh holding onto his left side.
"Yeah let's see! Today we are going to send a micro probe into your legs and inspect the nerves and joints to test to see their mobility! And then......" Zac croaked trying to imitate Dr. Randell's voice.
"Zac? Zac you're killing me. Owww... it hurts!" Taylor smiled holding his left side as he rolled into another fit of laughter.
Ike and Zac also burst into uncontrollable laughter at Zac's impersonation of Doctor Randell. Just then their father came into the room seeing his three sons laughing so hard tears were running down their faces.
"Hey guys? What's so funny?" Walker asked smiling at them as he walked up to the bed.
"Zac... Zac just..." Taylor began through the laughter but couldn't finish as he started to break into another fit of giggles, followed by his brothers.
Walker started to laugh too and didn't even know what was so funny, but couldn't help it because their laughter was so contagious.
"Zac just did a impersonation of Doctor Randell about all the tests he was going to put Taylor through!" Ike finally said looking up at his father still giggling.
They finally all calmed down as Walker sat on the edge of the bed.
"How do you feel today Tay?" Walker asked as he reached out and patted Taylor's stomach gently.
"Not so bad. Still a little stiff and these casts are driving me crazy!"
"I think I wouldn't like to be in them either. They do look very uncomfortable." Walker agreed seriously. "Are you guys hungry? I bought some bagels with cream cheese if your interested. Your mother and sisters are eating them right now."
Ike and Zac got up and started to leave the room.
"Hey Tay? You want me to bring one back for you?" Ike asked holding onto the open door.
"Uhhhh... I think they will be bringing my breakfast soon, but bring me back one anyway." Taylor said smiling at Ike. Ike nodded his head and left the room with Zac following behind.

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