To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 10 - Wake Up Taylor Hanson

Two days passed now and still Taylor remained in a coma. Jason constantly read to him trying to stimulate a reaction out of the kid. He gave Taylor a sponge bath yesterday and washed the boy's hair. Finally his fever broke but he was worried because he was losing to much weight and he didn't have the equipment to feed him intravenously. He knew if he didn't wake up for another day he decided he would have to bring him to a hospital immediately. He didn't want Taylor to starve to death.

Jason was reading again to him with Snow sleeping next to Taylor's bed on the floor. As he read the book, Snow suddenly popped his head up and sniffed Taylor's hand. Jason looked up from the book and noticed Taylor was moving his fingers of his right hand slowly.
"Taylor? Taylor! Can you hear me... kiddo?" He yelled as he bent forward to watch for any movement of the eyes.
Taylor rolled his head to the side and let out a low sigh. Jason bolted up and gently slapped his left cheek.
"Wake UP! Wake UP TAYLOR!"
"Ahhhhh....." Taylor groaned rolling his head to the other side. Excitement ran through Jason.
"Come on kid wake up!"
Slowly Taylor opened his eyes. He looked around with a wide fearful look. At first he didn't know where he was again. He looked up at Jason and his eyes filled with tears.
"Don't cry Taylor. Everything is alright." Jason said happily while relief overwhelmed him.
"I....I'm hungry..." Taylor rasped weakly blinking to clear his blurred vision.
"What? You're hungry?"
Taylor slowly nodded his head. He tried to lift his hand, but couldn't find the strength.
"What.... what happened to me?"
"You fell into a coma two days ago."
"Coma? Two days ago? Oh no." Taylor moaned fearfully.
"It's alright now. You came out of it." Jason said smiling down at Taylor that still looked worried.
"I... I am so weak. I...I'm scared!" Taylor blinked fearfully swallowing hard.
"I will make you some oatmeal right now. Don't be scared kiddo. You just lost a lot of weight and you haven't eaten in four days. That is why you feel that way."
"I...I don't hurt so much any more." Taylor said with a weak smile as he looked into Jason's crystal blue eyes. Jason petted Taylor's soft blond hair to reassure him that he would be okay. Snow pushed his way in and licked Taylor on the cheek. Taylor gave him a little smile.
"I see Snow is so glad you woke up too. He constantly slept by you for the last two days. I guess he really likes you. I will go make you something to eat now, while Snow keeps you company."

Taylor watched Jason head toward the kitchen. He felt weak but, he was so relieved not to feel the intense pain that racked his body just two days ago. He slowly raised his hand and reached down under the covers to feel his left side. He noticed the drain was taken out and the area was bandaged. He suddenly caught sight of his arm and fear bolted through him. He noticed his arm looked very skinny. Tears welled in his eyes. Snow sat watching him intently. He turned to watch Jason and he smelled the oatmeal cooking. The aroma smelled so good. It made his mouth water. He slowly reached out with his shaking arm and petted Snow on the head.

Jason took a bowl and filled it up with the oatmeal. He thinned it down somewhat with some milk. He grabbed a spoon and a towel and walked back to Taylor and set it down on the small table next to the bed. He noticed Taylor watching him. He smiled at him.
"It... it smells good." Taylor said licking his dry lips.
"First, before I feed you, I want to prop up the mattress a little so you will be sitting up somewhat. Okay?"
"Uh..huh.." Taylor said still looking at the bowl full of steaming oatmeal.
Jason walked into the back room and brought out some huge sofa pillows and brought them over to the bed. He slowly lifted the mattress with Taylor and put the pillows behind it.
"Does that feel okay? Is it comfortable for you?" Jason asked.
"Fine... fine it feels okay. Can I eat now?" Taylor asked biting his bottom lip in anticipation and looking at Jason from under his eye lashes shyly.
"Sure! Boy you must be really hungry." Jason laughed feeling glad that Taylor finally wanted to eat.
"I AM!" Taylor smiled up at him.
Jason put the towel under Taylor's chin to catch any food that may drop. He brought the bowl up to Taylor's chest and scooped a small spoonful.
"Now eat slowly. Your stomach is not used to food right now. Okay?"
Taylor nodded his head. Jason brought up the spoon to Taylor's open mouth and put the oatmeal in carefully. Taylor smacked his lips as he closed his eyes savoring the taste. Taylor raised his right hand shaking and grabbed onto Jason's as he fed him another bite full of oatmeal.
"Mmmmm.... tastes good. More!" Taylor mumbled through the food in his mouth.
"Slow down Taylor. Remember what I said?"
"Okay..." Taylor nodded after the sixth mouthful. Jason noticed he did slow down a little.
"Poor kid. He is starving." Jason thought feeling a sensation of love for this boy overwhelm him as he watched him chew, wishing in a way that this boy was his son.
"You almost finished the whole bowl. Are you full yet?"
"I feel like I had enough. My stomach hurts a little." Taylor frowned sadly.
"Then I think you had enough alright. I want you to keep this nourishment down this time." Jason stated matter of factly smiling down at him.
"Me too. It feels good not to hurt so bad anymore. Can I have something to drink?"
"Sure. I'll get you some water." Jason said as he went to the kitchen and filled a glass. He came back over to bed and raised the glass to Taylor's lips and he noticed he drinked it greedily. Jason then took the sofa cushions out from under the mattress.
"I..I kind of liked sitting up." Taylor said crinkling his eyebrows together.
"But I want you laying down. I want to check you over to make sure you are healing properly Taylor." He reached down under the small table and grabbed his stethoscope. He opened Taylor's top to his pajamas and listened to his heart intently.
"Why do you look so serious? Is... is something wrong?" Taylor asked fearfully not liking the look that covered Jason's face.
Taylor remained quiet and kept watching Jason's serious face.
"Take a deep breath and hold it."
Taylor did as he was told.
"Now let it out."
Taylor released the air.
"I am going to turn you on your right side. Let me do the work." Jason instructed seriously. He pulled off the left sleeve of the pajama top from Taylor's arm and gently rolled him onto his right side toward him. Taylor groaned a little realizing that his muscles felt very stiff and sore. Jason placed the stethoscope onto his bare back.
"Now take some deep breaths Taylor."
Taylor kept breathing in and out till Jason told him to stop.
"That...that made me feel dizzy." Taylor said with beads of sweat forming on his forehead.
"Sorry... I just wanted to make sure that your lungs are clear."
"They sound just fine Taylor and so does your heart." Jason smiled.
"Why did you make such a concerned face like that then?"
"I am always like that, when I examine someone."
"Oh!" Taylor smiled and was relieved.
Jason rolled Taylor slowly onto his back. He checked the incisions to see that they were healing without any infections setting in. He gently pressed Taylor's left side where he operated.
"How does that feel Taylor?"
"A little sore. Hurts a little." Taylor answered as he crinkled up his eyebrows and swallowed hard.
"I am going to press your hip now where I placed the drain two days ago."
"Don't... don't that..... HURTS!" Taylor moaned loudly as Jason lightly pressed the area.
"I'm sorry, but I have to see that the incision is healing properly and that the infection is gone." Taylor started to sweat as Jason kept probing the area of the hip.
"Please stop. I don't want to hurt anymore!" Taylor grumbled angrily.
"I just want ..."
"NO! STOP IT! NOW! It HURTS!" Taylor yelled in frustration, as anger formed inside of him.
"Just one more area I want to check. Then I will be done." Jason assured him as he looked into Taylor's sad eyes. As gentle as he could, he pressed the upper part of the hip bone. He could feel that the bone was still not set properly in place.
"Nooooooooo!" Taylor screamed as he hit Jason weakly on the arm with his fist.
"I'm done Taylor! I'm done!" Jason rasped as he secretly hid his concern.
"I'm sorry I hit you. It just hurt so much. Is it suppose too? I mean is it healing okay? I...I will be able to walk normally....right?" Taylor asked fearfully.
"Taylor you will be just fine. I promise." Jason stated even though he lied to him.
He was very concerned. The hip needed more surgery, but he knew he couldn't do it here in the cabin. He needed the facilities of a proper operating room. But first he wanted Taylor to regain his strength and that would take several days. He didn't want to worry the boy. He suffered to much as it was. He thought if he told him he might just get weaker and not want to eat out of fear. He hated to lie to him, but he thought it best to do so at the present time.

"But why does it hurt so much?"
"Because that was your worst injury when it came to broken bones. It shattered pretty bad. You must have hit something very hard when you fell."
"I remember I hit a branch when I was falling and I heard and felt a snap. It...it hurt so bad. That was before I hit the ground." Taylor said sadly as he remembered that awful day.
"That was probably it."
"I am going to check your legs now."
Taylor just stared at Jason as he pulled down the covers to examine his broken limbs.
"Try to move your toes on your right leg."
Taylor moved them easily. Jason grabbed the foot and gently started to move it different directions.
"How does that feel Taylor?"
"Hurts a little.... it feels stiff."
"Good! That leg is healing nicely." He smiled up at Taylor. Taylor smiled weakly back, watching Jason's every move.
"Now... try to move your toes on your left leg."
Taylor tried, but it hurt more then the other leg. He frowned as he desperately tried to move them normally.
"It hurts. Did I move them?" Taylor asked with concern.
"Yes... but not as much as the other leg. That is expected though. Don't worry. This leg had several breaks in it. It is healing nicely. It will probably take longer to mend then your right leg."
"Oh." Taylor said feeling a little relieved.
"There... the examination is done. Everything looks great." Jason stated, even though he was still concerned over Taylor's hip.
"Good!" Taylor said, letting out a deep breath of relief.
Jason helped Taylor put his arm back into the left sleeve of the pajama top and buttoned it back up. He covered Taylor back up and sat down on the big chair, while Taylor stared up at him.

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