To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 15 - The Letter

Zac sat on the grass watching the woods intently as he absentmindedly pulled grass out of the ground. He wished he would see this doctor Monroe bringing Tay back to them.
"What are you doing?" A voice behind him asked.
"Huh?" Zac was startled by the voice and he turned around and looked up into Amy's smiling face.
"Oh nothing. I am just watching for Taylor. He said he was going to bring him back at the end of the week and it is friday." Zac said enthusiastically smiling up at her.
Amy sat down next to Zac making herself comfortable.
"Mind if I sit here with you?"
"Sure! I don't mind at all."
"Pretty soon I am going to be leaving." Amy murmured sadly casting her eyes down to the ground.
"Oh. I'm gonna miss you." Zac said smiling at her.
"Really? I am going to miss you too. I am so glad to have met you Zac." She said as tears welled in her eyes.
"Tell you what! Give me your address and phone number and I promise I will call you when we get back home. I...I want you to be my friend. You were always there for me these past few days and I'll never forget that Amy."
Amy blushed and excitement ran through her. She reached into her purse backpack and pulled out a small note pad and pen and wrote her address and phone number on it and handed it to him. He took the paper from her hand and stuffed it into his pocket.
"Well I guess I have to go now. I just wanted to say goodbye to you." Amy said smiling at him.
Zac stood up as Amy started to walk back toward her grandfather's car.
"Wait! Wait Amy!" Zac yelled running up to her.
"What?" She asked as Zac grabbed her and gave her massive bear hug and lifted her into the air. She laughed as he spun her around and then gently placed her back onto the ground.
"I just wanted to give you a proper send off!" Zac shouted smiling.
"Well I won't forget that one!" Amy exclaimed happily. She was thrilled by the hug. She ran to the car and got in waving to him. Zac waved back hating to see her go as he watched the car disappear into the distance. He turned around to head back to the spot to begin his vigil again waiting for his brother, when he noticed something in the distance coming toward the camp. His heart skipped a beat when he realized it was the white wolf that delivered the message from doctor Monroe. He bolted up and ran toward the camper.
"Mom!? Dad!? Come out here now!" Zac yelled desperately.
Walker and Diana and the rest of the family came running out of the camper looking at him wondering why he was so excited.
"What Zac? What are you yelling about?" Walker asked looking at his son sternly.
"Look! Over there! It...it's the wolf!" Zac pointed into the distance. They all turned toward the direction he was pointing in. Sam the police chief ran out of the tent hearing what Zac said.
They all watched as the white wolf slowly approached the camp. He kept stopping and pacing back and forth and then coming closer again.
"Why do you think he is here again?" Walker asked to no one in particular.
"Maybe he is bringing another message. I...I hope everything is alright with Taylor." Diana rasped with a shaking voice looking up at her husband.
Zac started going toward the wolf when Ike tried to grab at him but he went to fast.
"Zac? Come back here!" Walker shouted angrily.
"But if he has a message I ...I will get it! He came to me the last time. He doesn't mean to attack anyone. Look at how he is walking." Zac indicated pointing at the wolf who stopped and was bobbing his head up and down in a submissive way.
Walker could see what Zac was talking about watching the wolf approach the campsite.
"Just be careful and walk slowly toward him. Hear me?" Walker warned swallowing hard.
"Yeah! I will!" Zac assured him as he slowly approached the wolf. The wolf finally stopped and waited until Zac was near him. He sat down and panted. Zac saw another envelope tied around the wolf's neck.
"Delivering another letter boy?" Zac asked in a quiet tone of voice, not wanting to startle the wolf.
Snow bent his head down low while Zac squatted down in front of him and gently untied the letter from his neck. He petted him on the head gently. He was face to face with him when Snow suddenly licked Zac on the face. Zac smiled and jumped slightly as the wolf quickly turned and ran back towards the woods.
Walker and Ike bolted toward Zac as soon as the wolf left. Diana and the rest of the kids ran after them.
"Who is it from?" Walker asked as he grabbed the letter from Zac's hand.
"I ...I don't know Dad. You took it to fast." Zac answered sadly starting to feel a knot form in his stomach.
Walker ripped the letter open as the family caught up.
"What does it say?" Ike yelled as fear gripped him.
"Is it from Monroe, Walker? Is Taylor alright?" Diana questioned fearfully blinking her eyes rapidly.
"Shhhh.... everyone just be quiet while I read it! Okay?" Walker declared and then cleared his throat. Everyone stood shaking with anticipation.

"Dear Hanson's,

Taylor has took a turn for the worst. The circulation to his left leg is cut off due to his hip injury. He needs immediate surgery. I am now bringing him to the hospital at this moment. I don't have time to get you because time is of the essence or he could lose his leg. I am sorry but as soon as I get to the hospital I will call you and tell you where we are and to get your permission to operate. He is a very sick boy. I didn't tell Taylor how bad it is, but he does suspect the worst. I can see it in his eyes. I promise you he will be alright.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Jason Monroe"

"Oh NO!" Diana screamed as tears spilled down her face.
"Let's get back to the camper now! I don't want to miss his call!" Walker shouted feeling anixous and in shock at the news.
Ike grabbed his mother and petted her head gently wanting to sooth her fears.
"Mom? It...it will be alright. He is in good hands." Ike crooned gently to his mother. She shook in his arms as he and Zac led her back to the camper.

"What's wrong?" Christopher asked as he saw their sad faces heading toward him near the camper, feeling his heart drop to his stomach, knowing something was terribly wrong.
"Taylor! Taylor is very sick, Chris. Doctor Monroe is bringing him to a hospital now. We have to wait for his phone call. He said he would call as soon as he gets there!" Walker explained sadly as he angrily rubbed his forehead.
"Oh my God!" Chris exclaimed sadly.
Diana ran into the camper and sat down next to the cellular phone. The others came in too, as did Sam Smith. Silence filled the air as the family sat together feeling sad and scared staring at the phone.

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