To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 23 - My Heart Is Breaking

Jason sat on the cliff gazing out over the wilderness with Snow laying at his side sleeping peacefully in the green grass. The beauty around him wasn't impressing him. The only picture he could see was Taylor's face. He held the necklace again rubbing it between his fingers and pondering how he could get to see Taylor again. The sun was setting in the distance turning beautiful colors of orange and red over the horizon. A plan was formulating in his head. When it was very late he intended to go to the hospital when no visitors were allowed. He knew a back way entrance into the building where no one would see him. Slowly he got up and startled Snow who popped up and followed him as he slowly walked down the hill.
When he reached the bottom he bent down and grabbed Snow behind his ears and pulled gently as Snow licked his face happily.
"Well boy I am going to do it! I am going to see Taylor! Wish me luck my little friend!" Jason bellowed with excitement running through him wanting desperately to see the boy again. Snow panted rubbing his head against Jason's.
"Now go! I will see you later! Go!" Jason pointed toward the woods. Snow started to run, but stopped and looked back at him.
"Don't worry I'll be back! Go!" Snow bolted into the woods.

Jason pulled out all of Taylor's jewelry from his pocket of his jacket and made sure he had every piece. Then he started his long walk to the shed where his truck was parked.

Finally reaching the shed he slid the door open and walked to the driver's side and opened the door. When he got in he reached up to the visor and pulled out the key which he put in the ignition and started up the engine. He slowly backed the truck out, turning it around and headed for the direction of the highway. His heart pounded at the thought of seeing Taylor again, but as he glanced down at the fuel gage and noticed he was very low on gas.
"I hope I can make it to Southfork before I run out." Jason thought nervously.
He finally reached the highway and sped down the road toward the town. He saw the town just ahead and saw Old Ben Groceries and pulled into the parking lot next to the fuel pumps. He hoped he was still open for business since it was getting late. He got out and walked to the entrance and noticed the 'open' sign was still in the window. He took a sigh of relief. He slowly opened the door and the bells above jingled his presence. Old Ben looked up from his newspaper and was startled to see Jason Monroe standing there looking at him. He immediately got off his chair and smiled at Jason.
"Can I help you Doctor Monroe?" Ben asked with a chuckle.
"Well I need some gas in my truck. I am running low." Jason stated as he curiously eyed the old man. He wondered why he looked so happy to see him.
"Oh sure! I will fill the tank for you right now!" Ben exclaimed as he pulled on his jacket and went out toward the pumps. Jason watched him through the window and shrugged his shoulders. He started to look around the store and a rack with music CD's caught his eye. He saw a yellow colored one with three young boys on the cover and the name Hanson - Middle of Nowhere. He quickly grabbed it and turned it around noticing Taylor was one of the boys. A smile covered his face. Looking at his face again made his heart feel like it was going to break. He also noticed one of the songs listed was 'Weird'. It was the one he remembered Taylor sang for him.
"Would you like to buy it?"
Jason spun around shocked by the voice and blushed slightly.
"Uhhh...yes! But I don't have a CD player to listen to it though." Jason said looking down at the wooden floor.
"Well I have some players here behind the counter." Ben suggested still smiling at the man.
"Oh!" Jason said as he walked up to the counter. He noticed the man didn't give him a disdainful look like he used to every time he came into the store.
"Well which is the best one? The one with the best sound?" Jason asked smiling weakly. Ben grabbed one and placed it on the counter.
"This is one of the best. It is expensive though and it has batteries already in it. Oh...and your tank is filled."
"Thanks and I have enough money to purchase this." Jason assured him getting a little disturbed by the man's constant smiling. "Why are you smiling at me sir....like that?"
"Oh...I'm sorry. I just think that you are a hero for helping that kid! What you did was amazing! You saved his life! Whatever I thought about you in the past I totally changed my idea about you!" Ben blurted out and smiled at him from ear to ear.
"Well I... well I..." Jason was at a loss for words. "Thank you. How much do I owe you?" Jason asked feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable by Ben's words.
"Oh let's see..." Ben mumbled as he rung up the bill. "The total is... 7.98 for gas, 79.99 for the CD player, and 24.95 for the CD and that comes to, with tax....119 dollars and 24 cents."
Jason pulled out his wallet and handed him the money. Ben was a little surprised to see he had that kind of money on him. Ben handed him the change.
"Well thanks sir for your help. Bye." Jason said heading for the door.
"You're welcome Doctor Monroe, but call me Ben. Okay? You're welcome here anytime!"
Jason could see that Ben really meant it and he nodded his head and smiled as he walked out the door. He quickly jumped into his truck and ripped the CD player package open and tore the cellophane off the CD and with his hands shaking put the CD into the player, yearning to hear Taylor's voice again. He plugged in the head phones and read the instructions on how to operate the CD player and skipped to the song Weird. He sat back as the music flowed into his ears. He couldn't believe the beautiful song that filled his heart with joy. He closed his eyes trying to hold back the tears hearing the sweet voice of Taylor once again. A smile covered his face.
"Taylor you're right! Hearing you sing with your brothers is even better!" He shouted out loud.
The song finally finished and he turned it off pulling the plugs out of his ears. He started up the engine and pulled onto the highway heading for the hospital. He wanted to see Taylor even more now as he glanced down at Taylor's smiling face on the back cover of the CD.

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