To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 2 - The Big Trip

Taylor woke up and stretched out his body while he rubbed his eyes and yawned. Suddenly he bolted up and wacked his head on the upper bunk, remembering what his father told him yesterday. That they were all going to go on a family camping trip for two weeks to get away and relax since the tour was finished. Recording their next album could wait until then.
He felt excited as he rubbed his head. "Oww!"
"Hey, keep it quiet down there! I am trying to sleep!" Isaac grumbled.
"Sorry I 'm just excited... thats all." Taylor exclaimed and quickly got up and headed toward the bathroom.
Zac shifted in his bed and started to sing. "Oh what a beautiful day!"
"Shut up Zac!" Isaac shouted thinking why can't they just be quiet a little longer.
"Wake up Ike! We are going camping!" Zac yelled mischievously.
"Ohhhhh what's the use." Isaac groaned sitting up in his bed and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Guess I couldn't ask for a few more moments of shut eye from you guys."
"Nope! Come on Ike aren't you excited?" Zac asked happily.
"I would if Taylor just could stop waking me up like that, always bumping his head and shocking me out of my sleep!" He yelled loudly so Taylor could hear him.
"I heard that!" Taylor yelled from the bathroom. "You are not getting me down. I am too happy!"
Isaac frowned as he heard the shower start in the bathroom.
"Oh man!" Isaac flopped back down on his pillow feeling exhausted wishing he could just sleep a little bit longer.
Zac got up and walked toward the window. He looked out and saw the huge camper parked in the drive way all ready to go. He smiled remembering how the family packed all day yesterday. He walked back to his bed and sat down and looked up at Ike.
"Are you going to lay there all day? It is six o'clock and dad and mom should be up soon."
"So.... I'll wait till they knock on the door, then I will get up. Just let me get a few more winks Zacman." Isaac said pleading to his little brother.
"Fine." Zac smiled and started humming.
"Oh sorry." Zac grinned.
Taylor finally came out of the bathroom, drying his hair in a towel. He looked up at Zac and smiled. Zac cast his eyes in the direction of Isaac and rolled his eyes at Taylor. Taylor just shrugged his shoulders and then formed a grin on his face.
"Well for once you can take a shower before Ike, Zac since the lazy one there won't get out of bed."
"Oh NO you're not!" Isaac stated clearly.
"But I thought sleeping beauty needed more shut eye." Taylor laughed knowing he got his older brother's attention.
Zac giggled in an evil voice, "Yeah. I think you do need more beauty sleep."
"Very funny. Since I can't or you won't let me I guess a shower will wake me up." Isaac growled and jumped down from the bed and headed quickly for the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind him. Taylor gave Zac a high five.
"Got him up!" Taylor exclaimed grinning.
"This is going to be fun. I can't wait to get to the mountains and just feel all the peace and quiet."
Taylor and Zac turned at the sound of gentle knocking at their door.
"Boys? Wake up!" Diana Hanson called out.
"We're up Mom!" Zac answered loudly.
"Okay be ready in an hour. We are going to eat breakfast in the camper."
"That's cool!" Taylor exclaimed feeling excitement run through looking forward to the trip with his family.

Breakfast was being served to the kids while Walker Hanson was driving the camper, heading out of Tulsa. Ike sat on the seat next to him staring out the window.
"Ike?" "What?" Isaac was startled out of his deep thoughts.
"Don't you feel happy about going on this camping trip? I wanted it to be fun and relaxing for you guys after all the touring and screaming girls chasing you!" Walker chuckled.
"Yeah, I am. I just hate the driving part of the trip. We did so much of that already on the tour buses."
"Then smile for me so I know I made the right decision going on this trip." Walker smiled.
"Sorry I seem down but I'm not really." Isaac assured him sounding a little more cheerful. He gave his Dad a big smile. "I guess I am still tired."
"Well why don't you go in the back and get some more sleep. I will wake you up when it is your turn to drive." Walker said in a caring voice.
"Yeah, maybe I should. I should eat something first though. I am starving." Isaac smiled after smelling the aroma of pancakes and syrup drifting in the air.
"Those pancakes do smell good!" His father said happily.

Isaac walked to the center of the camper by the table where all his brothers and sisters were enjoying their hot pancake breakfast.
"Hey? Any room for me?" Isaac laughed watching Mackie shove a whole pancake in his mouth at one time with syrup dripping down his chin.
He nudged Taylor and slid in next to him. Taylor slid down moving his plate with him and just kept on eating, enjoying this home cooked camper breakfast. Diana handed Isaac a plate and utensils. Isaac greedily grabbed some pancakes and put them on his plate and poured a massive amount of syrup on top.
"Sure you have enough?" Taylor asked smiling.
"Well maybe I should pour some more!"
Taylor just rolled his eyes smirking at his older brother.
"There! See? I can get a whole pancake in my mouth... ZAC!" Makie exclaimed mumbling through the food in his mouth.
"Hey don't talk with your mouth full Makie. It is not polite," said his Mother laughing. "And stop daring your brother Zac."
"Sorry. I didn't think he would really try." Zac defended himself giving his Mother a puppy dog look.
"I'm full!" Avie shouted patting her tummy. "Can I go by Daddy now?"
"Sure, but don't bother him too much." Diana warned getting up to let Avie out.

She ran to the front of the camper and sat down in the huge seat. She was content to watch all the cars driving down below her. Walker gave his daughter a big smile.
"Hope you didn't eat all the pancakes and left some for me." Walker teased his daughter.
"I didn't. But Tay, Ike, and Zac sure are eating a lot of them. I hope they leave some for you." She said with a concerned look on her face.
"Oh they better!" Walker laughed and poked his daughter in the side tickling her. She giggled.
About a half an hour later, Isaac came up to the front of the bus to relieve his dad so he could eat some breakfast.

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