To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 24 - The Pain Is Back

Taylor woke up feeling intense pain throb in his hip. He groaned in agony reaching for the button to call the nurse.
"Yes Taylor.... can I help you?" He heard the nurse ask him over the speaker.
"My hip is hurting really bad! Please help me!" Taylor moaned as sweat beaded on his forehead.
"I'll be right there!" And he heard a click.

Two minutes later the nurse came running in followed by his mother and father.
"Please give me something for the pain!" Taylor begged as the nurse pulled down the cover to examine his hip. Walker went around the bed with Diana and petted Taylor's head with a worried look on his face. Taylor tearfully looked up at his father.
"Why is he in pain?" Walker asked the nurse with great concern.
"Everything looks okay. Taylor? Did you by chance roll a little on it when you were sleeping?" She asked in a gentle voice.
"I don't know! I just woke up and my hip was throbbing something awful!" Taylor explained with his voice shaking.
"Well I am going to call the doctor in and see what he thinks. Okay? Don't worry everything will be fine." She assured him smiling down at Taylor.
Taylor nodded and swallowed hard. She left the room and Taylor looked up at his worried mother and father.
"It will be okay. Taylor don't worry." Walker cooed in a soothing voice wiping the sweat off Taylor's brow.
"Oh Dad.... I... I don't want anything more to go wrong! I don't think I could stand much more of this!" Taylor groaned pitifully starting to cry.
Diana went around to the other side of the bed and gently caressed Taylor's face and kissed him softly on the forehead. The action made Taylor suddenly burst into sobs.
"Oh Taylor! Sweetheart... everything will be alright!" Diana consoled petting his forehead gently.
"I'm sorry Mom. All I do is cry lately. I feel like such a baby! I hate feeling so helpless! I hate all this pain! I can't stand it anymore!" Taylor shouted angrily as he wiped the tears off with the back of his hand.

A doctor entered the room followed by the nurse and walked up to the bed looking concerned.
"The nurse explained the situation to me and I want to take a X-ray to be sure everything is okay." The doctor suggested gently to Taylor and his parents.
Walker nodded his head in agreement as some orderlies came into the room to bring Taylor down to Xray. Diana moved away from the bed and they gently lifted Taylor onto the gurney. He groaned as they placed him down. They hurried him out of the room with Taylor looking scared staring at his parents tearfully. Walker and Diana stood in shock as he left the room. Tears welled in Diana's eyes.
"Don't worry it won't take to long. It is just a precaution to make sure nothing happened with the injury." The nurse stated reading the worried looks on the Hanson's faces.
Walker nodded his head sadly and sat down on the red chair. Diana pulled the other chair to sit next to him. She backed out of the room sensing they wanted to be left alone. Diana leaned her head on Walker's shoulder and he put his arm around her hugging her close and kissed the top of her head lovingly.
Ike came in the room carrying Zoe in his arms followed by all the rest of kids.
"What happened to Tay? Is something wrong?" Ike asked looking at his worried parents.
"Taylor woke up with pain in his hip. They are taking him down to get a Xray to see that everything is alright. Don't worry he will be fine." Walker assured them swallowing hard trying to sound brave for the kids.
"Are you sure? Tay looked very scared." Zac asked with knots forming in his stomach. His supper wasn't sitting to good in his belly now.
"Don't worry Zac. Okay?" Diana said trying to smile.
Avery and Makie ran by their mother.
"Did you have a nice dinner?" Walker asked Ike who had a sick look covering his face.
"Ahhh...yeah." Ike answered as Walker took Zoe from his arms.

It seemed like hours as they all waited for word on Taylor. Suddenly Taylor was being wheeled into the room and he was sound to sleep on the gurney. They all jumped up as they gently lifted him back into his bed. The doctor came in with a smile on his face.
"Mr and Mrs Hanson?"
"Yes!?" Walker said excitedly with his heart pounding.
"Taylor is just fine. He had some swelling of the muscle tissue. That was what was causing him so much pain. We gave him a pain killer so he could rest. This is normal for this kind of injury. Don't worry... the swelling will go down. He will probably sleep for the rest of the night." The doctor explained smiling.
"Thank you! We feel so much better now." Walker sighed as a big smile formed across his face.
The doctor smiled and left the room chuckling at the huge concerned family around the boy.
They all took a sigh of relief as they crowded around Taylor who was sleeping peacefully. Diana bent down and kissed his forehead.
"Man that scared me. I am so glad Tay is okay." Ike whispered taking a deep breath.
"Me too." Zac mumbled in a low voice.
"Well why don't we leave now and let Taylor rest?" Diana said gently leading her children out of the room.
"But can't I stay awhile?" Zac pleaded.
"Zac? All he is going to do is sleep." Walker chuckled.
"I know... I just want to sit here for awhile. Please Dad?"
"Alright... but don't stay to long. I want to start a good game of monopoly with the family tonight."
Zac nodded and smiled as he took the big red chair and pulled it close to Taylor's bed. He watched as his family left the room. He gently grabbed Taylor's hand and pressed it onto his face.
"I love you Tay! Don't scare me like that anymore." Zac whispered under his breath sadly staring at his brother as tears formed in his eyes. After awhile his stomach started to feel better and he got up and smiled down at Taylor saying a little prayer that God would watch over his brother. He very quietly left the room.

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