To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 22 - Alice and Taylor

It was early in the evening and Alice was getting ready to go home, but she wanted to check in on Taylor Hanson one last time. She slipped her jacket on and picked up her purse and headed for Taylor's room. As she approached the door she noticed it was shut and slowly opened it and peeked in noticing Taylor seemed to be sleeping. She quietly went in and walked up to the bed and looked down at the sleeping boy. A smile formed across her face as she noticed a strand of hair was laying across his forehead out of place. She gently moved the blond hair back and Taylor stirred and opened his eyes slowly smiling up at Alice when he realized it was her.

"Oh... I'm sorry Taylor. I didn't mean to wake you." Alice whispered softly.
Taylor yawned and stretched slightly.
"That's alright. Are you going home?" Taylor asked sleepily.
"Uh huh, but I wanted to check in on you first." She smiled.
"Do you work tomorrow?" Taylor asked.
"Oh yes. I'll be back tomorrow on the day shift again. How did the interview go with the police?" Alice asked knowing that Taylor was nervous about talking with the police about the accident.
"I made it clear that Jason didn't kidnap me and told them the whole story. I know now they believe me and not what the media was making him out to be. They aren't going to press any charges against him." Taylor explained swallowing hard.
"Good! I know Jason would never do such a thing!" Alice attested sadly.
"Alice? Could you stay a little while and talk?" Taylor asked with a pleading look on his face.
"Well you should get your rest and I should be getting home!"
"Please? Just for a little while." Taylor begged with wide innocent eyes.
"Well with a look like that how could I refuse!" Alice chuckled and plopped herself on the edge of the bed and making herself comfortable.
"What do you want to talk about Taylor?"
"Umm... first of all call me Tay." Taylor smiled at Alice.
"Sure Tay. I bet I know what you want to talk about!" Alice chuckled gently touching Taylor's arm.
"Yeah...what?" Taylor asked smiling at her.
"Yeah! What was he like before his accident?" Taylor asked shifting his body slightly.
"Well let's see. Jason was extremely handsome, like you!" Alice began noticing Taylor blushing from the remark. "He was serious about his work, but had a great sense of humor and very brilliant. Did you know he is a genius and a multimillionarie!?"
"No I didn't know that! Wow! I wish I could see a picture of him before the accident." Taylor said darting his eyes from side to side.
"Well tomorrow I will bring some in and show you." Alice smiled.
"Cool! Alice why is he afraid of everyone? What happened?" Taylor asked seriously wanting to know her thoughts about this on Jason.
"He couldn't handle all the reactions of people. I think the deaths of Mary and David affected him the most though. I think he wanted to just run away from everything, so he wouldn't have to remember anymore. Even though people treated him like a freak, losing his family was the real reason he just couldn't live in society anymore! If only he would come back." Alice rasped with tears in her eyes.
"I wish he would too. I miss him Alice. I miss him so much! I don't know how to explain it, but I love that man! I hope that doesn't sound too weird. I will always consider him my friend! I could never repay him for all that he did for me!" Taylor admitted as he choked on a sob.
Alice rubbed his arm trying to comfort him as the tears fell down the sides of his face.
"Taylor? I think somehow you got through to Jason. I can tell you touched something deep inside him that no other person could seem to do. That night he left you here I could see the deep pain in his face when you were screaming for him. I thought for a moment he was going to go back to you. You were ripping him apart inside and he just ran." Alice explained bowing her head sadly at the memory.
"I wish I knew exactly where he was. I sort of remember. I wonder if I could find him out there in the wilderness. I know his underground cabin was close to that cliff where I fell. And the doorway looked like a small hill when it was shut." Taylor explained slowly wiping off the tears from the sides of his face as he stared into Alice's eyes remembering.
"Was he a good friend of yours too?" Taylor asked.
"Well I think I was. Actually....." Alice began and then stopped cutting off her words not wanting to finish the thought.
"What Alice? What were you going to say?" Taylor asked as he noticed Alice blush slightly.
"Well I... I was in love with him. Don't ever tell anyone Taylor! Please? I don't want anyone to know!" Alice pleaded squeezing Taylor's arm gently hoping he would take this bit of information in confidence only between them.
"I promise I won't tell Alice!" Taylor finally chuckled.
"Hey kiddo that's not funny! I am serious!" Alice smiled down at Taylor.
"Alice I won't tell anyone. I promise." Taylor vowed grabbing Alice's hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.
"That's better." She stated happily.
"Alice? My parents this afternoon asked me if I would like you to be my physical therapist. I would really love that. Would you like to work with me?" Taylor asked looking into Alice's kind eyes gazing down at him thoughtfully.
"Actually Doctor Randell called me into his office today and asked me the same question. I really would, but first I have to discuss this with my daughter. I mean we would have to make arrangements to live there for awhile. Find a place to stay and make sure Sherri is set up in school." Alice explained as she darted her eyes thinking about it.
"Would you consider home schooling? My mom would probably not mind teaching Sherri too." Taylor smiled excitedly.
"Hmmm... I never thought of that! Well Taylor I would love too! I will tell you tomorrow for sure! Okay?" Alice smiled at Taylor noticing she seemed to make him very happy.
"Now you better get some sleep and I better be getting home." Alice said as she slipped off the bed and petted Taylor's head lovingly.
"Okay!" Taylor nodded his head and yawned. "I am getting very sleepy."
Alice started walking toward the door when Taylor called out to her.
"Alice? Don't forget those pictures!"
"I won't Taylor! I mean Tay!" Alice chuckled as she opened the door and went through.
Taylor lay there in the darkness thinking about Jason. He wondered what he was doing right now. His heart ached for him.

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