To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 14 - Why Is This Happening To Me?

Taylor woke up and stretched his arms over his head. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. He looked around the cabin and noticed Jason wasn't in the huge open room. He saw Snow sleeping near the kitchen table and then heard a banging sound coming from the other room beyond the kitchen area. He had to go to the bathroom really bad.
Jason jumped when he heard the boy call out for him. He put down his hammer on the work bench and headed for the other room.
"What's wrong Taylor?" Jason asked as he approached the bed.
"I have to go to the bathroom. Really bad!" Taylor croaked with frustration. His bladder felt like it was going to explode at any second.
"Wait.... I will get the bed pan for you." Jason stated as he ran to the kitchen and picked up the bed pan from the side of the sink. He hurried back over to him.
"Hurry! Please!" Taylor pleaded as beads of sweat poured down his face.
Jason pulled the covers down and gently pulled down the pajama bottoms and carefully slid the pan under the boy. Taylor groaned as he relieved himself and turned a shade of red feeling embarrassed.
"It's okay Taylor. I have seen it all." Jason chuckled.
"I...I just feel so helpless. I can't even go to the bathroom by myself." Taylor rasped biting at his bottom lip.
Jason carefully pulled out the bed pan from under Taylor and brought it to the bathroom and dumped it in the toilet. He washed it out a little and placed it on the side of the bathroom wall. When he came back out he noticed Taylor trying desperately to pull up the pajama bottoms.
"Wait... I'll help you."
"I feel so stupid!" Taylor said turning red again.
"Don't." Jason said as he pulled up the bottoms again. "What do you want for breakfast Taylor?"
"I don't know. My stomach is a little upset. I am not very hungry." Taylor told him sadly.
"I think it is upset because of relieving yourself. I will make you some toast. That will be easy on the stomach."
"Okay... that sounds good." Taylor smiled as he looked up at Jason.
Jason went to the kitchen and pulled out the toaster from the shelf and plugged it into the wall. He opened the bread box and pulled out two pieces of bread and popped them into the toaster. He grabbed the butter from the refrigerator and waited for the toast. When they were done he brought them over by Taylor and put down the napkin with the toast onto the small table. He pulled the cushions out from under the bed and propped them behind the mattress. He sat down and handed the toast to Taylor.
"I can actually feed myself." Taylor chuckled as he took a bite out of one of the toast.
"Well I think you can handle the weight of bread." Jason laughed watching him take a bite out of the toast.
"What were you doing in the other room?" Taylor asked and then swallowed the food in his mouth.
"Oh... building a table. I want a new kitchen table." Jason explained smiling as he leaned back in his chair.
"Hmmm...." Taylor mumbled as he swallowed another mouthful of the toast.
"How do you feel today Taylor? Any pain?" Jason asked with concern.
"No... but my left leg feels sort of numb." Taylor admitted looking into Jason's concerned eyes. Jason frowned at his answer.
"I want to take a look at that leg when you are done eating."
"Wh... why?" Taylor asked getting a little worried.
"Just to see if everything is okay. Nothing is wrong Taylor. I just want to check it." Jason assured him as he leaned forward rubbing his hands together.
"Oh!" Taylor said putting the last piece of toast into his mouth.
Taylor finished eating the toast and Jason took out the cushions so the boy would be laying straight. He took off the covers and took off Taylor's pajama bottoms and layed them on the chair. Jason's heart skipped a beat when he saw Taylor's leg. The leg seemed to have no color. He gently squeezed the upper thigh.
"How does that feel?" Jason asked seriously while he licked at his lips nervously.
"Doesn't hurt... it feels numb like I said. Is anything wrong?" Taylor asked as fear went through him noticing Jason had a very concerned look on his face.
"I am going to press against your hipbone again." He stated and gently touched the upper part of his left hip.
Taylor let out a scream of agony pushing his head back hard against his pillow.
"Oh GOD! Please don't touch it! It hurts!" Taylor cried out feeling extremely dizzy.
Jason's heart pounded with fear. Somehow the hip was cutting off the circulation to Taylor's leg. He knew he had to get Taylor to the hospital immediately. He jumped from his chair and grabbed his stethoscope and placed the end onto Taylor's hip. He listened intently and frowned.
"Jason? What's wrong? Please tell me!" Taylor desperately asked as tears welled in his eyes. He felt and knew something was very wrong.
Jason pulled his chair close to the bed and leaned in close to Taylor looking into his worried scared eyes.
"Okay Taylor.. I am going to be totally honest with you. You have to get to a hospital right now! I am going to take you there. Your hip and leg are bad! Really bad! The blood circulation is totally cut off to your left leg." Jason explained gently as Taylor broke down into sobs at the news.
"Why? Why is this happening to me?" Taylor groaned through choking gasps of air.
"I'm sorry Taylor. I'm so sorry!" Jason crooned as he slowly petted Taylor's forehead wanting to comfort him.
"But...but my family! Jason you have to tell my family!" Taylor sobbed looking up into Jason's eyes desperately.
"I will.... don't worry! Right now I have to think of you!" Jason assured him.
Taylor's body shook with fear. Jason got up and put the bottoms back on him. He walked over to the desk and pulled out some paper and a pencil and sat down by the table and wrote a short note to Taylor's family and placed it in a envelope.
"Snow! Come here Snow!" Jason bellowed in a command.
Snow jumped and came over by him quickly. Jason tied the envelope around Snow's neck again with a string like before and led him up the stairs. He unbolted the door and lifted it throwing it totally open.
"Now Snow go find the boy! Go give the message to the boy again! Hear me?! Do it now! GO!" Jason ordered. Snow barked and ran off toward the camp of the Hanson's.
He ran back down the stairs and over to Taylor who was still gripped in fear.
"Jason I'm scared! I'm so scared!" Taylor moaned as Jason lifted him up from the bed and carried him over to the kitchen table and gently placed him down. He cradled Taylor's face in his hands. Taylor put his hands over his shaking uncontrollably.
"Taylor? You are going to be alright! I promise you! I will get you to the hospital where I have the proper equipment to help you!" Jason proclaimed lovingly to him. Taylor bit his bottom lip as the tears flowed down his face nodding his head and looking trustingly into his eyes.
Jason went over to the bed and pulled the covers off and then spread one over the bed and went over to Taylor and lifted up his shaking body and placed him gently down upon the cover. He wrapped it tightly around his body. And then placed another one around the top. He slowly lifted him up and went up the stairs and went through the open door into the early morning light. He kicked the door shut and started walking towards the east away from the camp. About a half a mile away was his truck hidden in a shed. Taylor was still weeping in his arms.
"Jason? Where are we going? What hospital?" Taylor sniffed.
"It is about twenty miles away from here. It is where I used to practice medicine." Jason puffed as he was trying to hurry to the truck.
Finally he reached the shed and placed Taylor gently on the ground. He pulled open the sliding door and went to the side of the truck and opened the door. Once he got in he reached up to the visor above and found the key and then placed it in the ignition and started the engine as it roared up. Jason smiled feeling glad that the truck still worked after so many years of not using it. He pulled it into gear and drove the truck back out of the shed and stopped. With the engine still running he got out and went to the other side and opened the door and propped the seat back to lay Taylor on. He went over to Taylor and lifted him up carefully and placed him gently on the seat. He ran to the other side and jumped in and turned the truck around and slowly drove over the bumpy ground so as to not hurt Taylor. Finally he reached the main road and picked up speed. He noticed Taylor watching him with a look of fear covering his face.
"My family! You have to contact my family Jason. Please Jason!" Taylor tearfully cried as they sped down the road.
"Don't worry Taylor! I wrote another letter explaining where I'm taking you. I will contact them by phone as soon as we get to the hospital. So don't worry and try to rest now. Okay?"
Taylor nodded his head sadly as he swallowed hard. His hip started to throb a little from the movement of the truck.

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