To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 38 - I Can Walk!

A few days passed by and Taylor was finally getting used to the idea of knowing Jason, Alice, and Sherri would be leaving next week. He walked slowly down the hall to do his daily therapy again. He brought the crutches forward again and thought how much he just wanted to get rid of them. He opened the door and walked in and he was shocked to see his whole family was in the room. He cast his eyes over the smiling faces.
"What? Why is everyone here?" Taylor asked.
"Well Taylor ready to get rid of those crutches?" Jason asked walking up next to him.
"Umm... I don't know if I am ready." Taylor admited leaning on them as he looked up into Jason's eyes.
"Well we are going to try today." Alice stated.
Taylor walked to the center of the room and Jason stood behind him while Alice took the crutches away from him. Jason held onto to him as he noticed Taylor swayed a little trying to catch his balance.
"Taylor? I am going to let go of you and put your weight on both feet. Okay?" Jason explained as he slowly let go of Taylor's shoulders.
Taylor felt his heart beat faster as he did what Jason told him. He felt a little off balance but he stood his ground. Taylor licked his lips nervously watching the intense faces of his family. Fear filled him thinking he didn't want to fail in front of everyone.
"I...I don't know about this. What if I fall?" Taylor asked fearfully looking at Alice who stood several feet away from him.
"Well then you will fall. You will just get up and try again. Now just start walking toward me and take your time. Start with your left foot. Okay Taylor?" Alice challenged him reaching out her hands toward him.
Taylor swallowed hard and tears filled up his eyes as he put his left foot forward and slightly rocked off balance, but remained standing as he took his first step. He then put his right foot forward and felt a little scared knowing that his left side was always the weakest due to the accident. He only felt a tiny bit of an ache in his hip as he put his weight down on his left leg. He suddenly cracked a grin when he took another step. He rocked a little, but kept going forward getting closer and closer to Alice. His family held their breath with each step he took. The room was dead silent as Taylor only had about two more steps before reaching Alice, who felt her eyes fill with tears at the joy of finally seeing this boy walk again. She still was reaching out to him when his fingertips finally touched her's and he stepped forward into her arms and hugged her tightly as he burst into tears.
"Oh... I CAN WALK! I CAN WALK! I CAN FINALLY WALK AGAIN!" Taylor screamed for joy as everyone ran to him and gathered around him while he still hugged onto Alice who was sobbing too now. Everyone started hugging each other as the tears flowed down their faces. Ike hugged Sherri as they both cried tears of joy. Jessica and Avery were jumping up and down with Mackie. Zac wiped the tears off his face looking at his mother and father hug each other with joy.

Taylor suddenly turned his head and saw Jason, watching from a distance, with tears flowing down his face. Taylor carefully turned around concentrating on every step as everyone moved away to let him walk again. He kept going till he reached Jason who stood crying uncontrollably gazing down at him lovingly. He then scooped up Taylor into his arms, hugging him tightly against him. They sobbed together not saying a word. Just understanding each other from deep inside. Their pain and fight was similar. Through each other they were both healed and knowing they would be forever bonded through friendship. Words didn't have to be said as his family looked on.

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