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(Anorexia nervosa literally means loss of appetite but this is a misnomer: A person with anorexia nervosa is hungry, but he or she denies the hunger because of an irrational fear of becoming fat. Anorexia nervosa is often characterized by self-starvation, food preoccupation and rituals, compulsive exercising, and often an absence of menstrual cycles. Untreated, anorexia can be fatal. It is not a "fad" which the victim will outgrow if left alone. The most common cause of death in a long-time anorexic is low serum potassium, which can cause an irregular heartbeat.)

Disclamier: I am no way associated with Hanson or Hanson's label. Any resemblance to actual persons or events, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. This story is completely fictional and rated PG=13. So sit back and enjoy the story!

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        STARVED - Written by Phyllis Black
            Started on: 2/17/2001 - Finished on: 8/30/2001.

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