Chapter 16

Taylor grabbed his bag and juggled Zoë all at the same time while he attempted to go and hand the stewardess his plane ticket. Zac and Ike were behind him, attempting to organize their luggage while his mother was tying Mac's shoes and his father was helping Avery and Jessica.

*Ring, Ring*
Taylor could hear his phone in his back pocket but he passed it off.
*Ring, Ring*
"Taylor would you please answer your damn phone!" Zac said angrily. Taylor sighed and handed Zoë to his little brother and reached in his back pocket.
"Hello?" All Taylor could hear was static and the faint sound of someone's voice.
"Hello?!" he said a little angrily.
"Taylor?" Taylor didn't quite recognize the voice.
"Who…who is this?' He questioned.
"It's Amanda…" Taylor listened and could hear the sound of a siren I the background.
"Why…why are you calling me? Where are you?" Taylor demanded.
"There…there was an accident. I'm in an ambulance…"
"Where's Phyllis!" Taylor could feel himself start to panic and he dropped his bag on the floor at his feet.
"ANSWER ME!" Taylor yelled, putting his hand to his head in desperation.
"She's here with me…"
"Give her the phone…" Taylor demanded.
"I…I can't." Amanda stuttered. Taylor couldn't understand the sentence after because it was muffled by Amanda's crying.
"Amanda, calm down." Taylor said softly, trying to act calm himself. He turned his body to see his family all around him, watching him.
"She's unconscious, that's why we're in the ambulance. We got side swiped…"
Taylor couldn't speak, he could feel his legs give out and he landed on the floor.
"We're on our way to the Vassar Brother's hospital…" Amanda said with a tearful voice. Taylor quickly picked himself up and hung up the phone. Without another word, he was running out of the airport, his family close behind.
"Taylor! TAYLOR!" Ike yelled.
Taylor stopped in the midst of all the chaos but didn't turn around. Ike ran up to him and put his hand on his shoulder.
"Tay, what's going on?" When Taylor turned around, there were tears streaming down his face and he was shaking uncontrollably.
"Tay!" Ike said in a shocked tone. He immediately hugged his brother and tried to calm his sobbing.
"Taylor, what's wrong?" Ike said quietly.
"There…there was an accident…Phyllis…Phyllis…" Taylor sobbed.
"Come on." Ike said and pulled Taylor by the arm. He waved to the rest of the family and he ran Taylor and himself over toward the taxis and got in.
"Where is she going?…what hospital?" Ike asked, looking Taylor in the eyes.
"Va…Vassar Brothers." Taylor muttered.
"Vassar Brothers hospital, fast." Ike said to the driver. Taylor couldn't help it, he broke into sobs again, covering his face with his hands. Ike looked at him sympathetically and put his hand on his shoulder.
"She'll be all right…she'll be all right…" Ike repeated, trying to console his younger brother. Taylor couldn't say anything, his voice was so hoarse from crying. Ike felt so bad for Taylor, he had never really seen him so upset. All he could do was try and comfort him until they got to the hospital. As soon as the 'Vassar Brothers Hospital' sign came into view, Taylor opened the taxi door even though the car was still in motion, and ran as fast as he could to the emergency room doors.
"TAYLOR! WAIT!" Ike yelled as he handed the taxi driver a wad of cash.
"Keep the change." Ike said in a panic as he ran after his brother. Taylor didn't stop, he just kept running. Ike attempted to keep up with his brothers as best he could. He finally got in the hospital, breathing hard. Taylor didn't even seem winded. Taylor was at the desk, practically screaming at the receptionist.
"I need to see Phyllis Black!" Taylor yelled.
"I'm sorry, she's in the trauma unit right now and we're only allowed to let in family members…"
"I'M HER BOYFRIEND DAMN IT!" Taylor said in pure rage.
"I'm sorry sir, you'll have to wait." The receptionist said, trying to keep Taylor calm.
"SCREW IT!" Taylor yelled and began walking towards the doors. Ike ran over to him.
"Taylor! You can't go in there! She's being taken care of…" Ike began to say and put his hand on Taylor's shoulder. Taylor turned around all Ike could see was a look of pleading and desperation.

"Taylor!" Both Ike and Taylor turned fast when they saw Amanda sitting there, on one of the chairs in the waiting area. Taylor walked over to her and looked down at her, tears brimming in his eyes. He couldn't speak, he could just look at her.
"Taylor…I'm sorry." Amanda said, looking down at the floor.
"They won't even let me see her." She added. Ike walked over and sat down next to Amanda.
"Are you a friend of Phyllis'?" Ike asked.
"Yes. She was in my car. I tried getting a hold of her parents but I couldn't." Amanda whispered letting a few tears glide down her face.
"I need to see her Manda, I have to." Taylor suddenly said. Both Ike and Amanda looked up at him.
"You're not family Taylor…" Amanda began to say. Taylor glanced over at the receptionist desk and noticed that the woman was getting ready to leave. Taylor looked back down at Amanda and Ike.
"Taylor…you can't…" Ike began to say.
"Bull shit." Taylor said angrily. The woman left and another took her place, not even noticing the three of them sitting there. Taylor walked over slowly, and calmly.
"Excuse me…"
The woman looked up at him, not saying a word.
"My sister just came in, I need to see her…"
"What's her name?" The receptionist asked.
"Phyllis Black." Taylor answered nervously and glanced over at Ike and Amanda.
"She just moved out of the trauma unit. If you go through the doors and take a right, she's in room 412." The receptionist answered and pointed towards a different set of doors.
"Thank you…thank you very much." Taylor smiled, letting a tear fall down his face as he raced out of the waiting room and through the set of doors.
"I can't believe he got through…" Ike whispered. Amanda didn't answer, she just looked at the doors ahead of her that Taylor had just entered.

Taylor looked all around. All he could see were white walls, bright lights and that indescribable hospital smell permeated the air. He took a right and kept walking, hearing his shoes squeak against the newly washed linoleum floors.
'412'. Taylor immediately walked in without any hesitation. The room was dark, very dark, the curtains, Taylor figured, must have been closed. Suddenly, the sound of steady beeping and a pumping sound was coming from the curtained off area of the room Taylor caught his breath in his throat and he could start feeling his heart beat faster as he neared the curtain.
"Ph…Phyl…" Taylor said softly as he moved the curtain. All he could do was gasp and he could feel the tears falling from his eyes.
She was lying there, so small it seemed in the bed with what seemed hundreds of tubes and machines coming from her body. She seemed just so small.
"Oh god." Taylor could feel his knees buckling. He stumbled over to her bed, looking down at her.
"Phyl…" He muttered, dropping on the bed, sitting next to her. She was so pale and her eyes were shut tightly. She almost looked like she was asleep. Taylor saw her hand, resting near him, so small…He picked it up gently in his. It was cold. Her skin didn't feel the same at all. He rubbed her knuckles with his thumb and before he could hold himself back, he began to sob, uncontrollably.
"Please Phyl…please wake up…please…" Taylor cried. Nothing, he got no response. Her hand seemed colder.
"Excuse me…" Taylor looked up, wiping his face with his hands. A tall man cam in the room, Taylor assumed to be a doctor, and looked at him.
"What are you doing in here?"
"I'm her brother." Taylor said and stood up, resting Phyllis' hand back on the bed gently.
"All right. Have you heard from your parents, no one can seem to get a hold of them." The doctor asked and walked over to the bed, checking the heart monitor and the respirator.
"No…I've…I've tried…"
"Could…could you tell me…is…is she going to be all right?" Taylor stammered and glanced down at Phyllis' small body again.
"Uh…She's in a coma…"
"How long will she stay like this?" Taylor asked.
"It could be a couple days or a couple years. We don't know. I'm very sorry." The doctor said and walked out of the room, leaving Taylor to be swallowed up by the darkness and the sounds of machines.

Taylor didn't move from his spot on the bed, holding her hand. He refused, even when the nurses came in and said he could leave to get food. Eventually, Phyllis' parents came in and they brought Amanda in, saying it was Phyllis' sister.
"Taylor?" Taylor looked up to hear Amanda's voice.
"These are Phyllis' parents. I explained to them the situation." Taylor shook their hands and looked back down at Phyllis.
"I'm sorry I had to lie but I had to see her." Taylor mumbled and moved a stay lock of her hair.
"We understand." Her father said. Her parents walked over and Taylor got up.
"C'mon Taylor, they need to see her, by themselves for a little. Amanda said and pulled him out of the room by the arm. Although suggested. As soon as he got outside the room, he leaned up against the wall by the door, resting his head against it and sighed. His eyes stung from crying so much and the bright lights didn't help. Amanda stood against the wall opposite him with her hands folded over her chest.
"What did the doctor say?" Amanda said suddenly.
"She's in a coma." Taylor answered quietly.
"They say it could last a couple days or…or even years…" Taylor mumbled, choking a little on his words.
"Your brother went to meet up with your parents. He said that you can stay here as long as you feel you need to." Amanda said, changing the subject totally.
"Yeah?" Amanda asked.
"How did it happen?" Taylor asked, looking her directly in the eyes.
"Uh…I…I…I was at an intersection…the care came out of nowhere…" Amanda whispered, letting a tear fall down her face. Taylor sighed.
"Taylor…" Taylor looked up to see Mr. Black in the doorway.
"You can come in here if you want." Taylor nodded and walked in. Phyllis' mother was sitting on the bed, crying to herself. Taylor sat down on the radiator nearest the window. He looked down at the floor and sighed.

"Excuse me, there can only be one person in here at a time, not including parents or guardians." A nurse said, poking her head in the room.
"Why don't you kids go and get something to eat." Phyllis' father said, directing Amanda and Taylor out the door of the room.
"I really…don't…want to leave…" Taylor began to stammer as Mr. Black pushed him out of the room.
"This is what we'll do, you stay in here tonight so that Mrs. Black and I can have a break, will that be all right Taylor?" He asked.

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