Chapter 11

It had been about a year since the last time Taylor saw Phyllis. Taylor had kept his promise and finally sought out some help. He however kept to his own plan and never told his family. He managed to have his ‘sessions’ over the phone in private, normally when he was by himself. He no longer made himself get sick. He had stopped that the exact day he last talked with her. He never really had a chance to call her, he was so busy trying to keep his private life, private.

Taylor sat down at his keyboard in the rehearsal room and played a few chords. He wasn’t quite himself lately. He was lonely but seemed to prefer being alone. His relationship with his brothers had definitely improved but he still felt empty.
“Hey Tay…” Zac called as he walked in the room.
“Yeah?” Taylor said, looking up from his seat.
“We just got the tour schedule, you want to take a look?”
“Of course.” Taylor smiled as Zac sat down next to him and handed him the list. Taylor skimmed it but stopped suddenly when he saw one particular date seem to pop out at him.
It was scheduled in Poughkeepsie, New York, at the Civic Center. A smile crept onto Taylor’s lips and Zac narrowed his eyes.
“Uh…yeah?” Taylor stammered.
“What are you smiling about?” Zac said and smiled.
“Oh…uh…nothing…nothing.” Taylor stuttered.
“You seem really happy about something on that paper…what is it?” Zac laughed.
“Nothing at all Zac.” Taylor grinned.
“I’ll find out sooner or later.” With that, Zac got up and left the room. Taylor looked around cautiously then jumped up.
“YES!” He yelled.

A couple days later…

* Ring Ring *

Phyllis picked up the phone next to her.
“Yeah Manda, what do you want?”
“You’re working at the Civic Center tomorrow right?’
“Yes, why?” Phyllis asked.
“I can’t tell you until I see you tomorrow.” Amanda laughed.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Amanda suddenly hung up.
" What the hell…" Phyllis thought.

The next day, Phyllis got up only to be alarmed to see Amanda’s car sitting in her driveway. She grabbed her shoes and ran out to the car.

* Knock Knock *

Amanda rolled down the window, smiling.
“Good morning Phyl.”
“Man, what the hell are you doing here at…” She stopped and bent over to look at the clock on the radio.
“…seven in the morning?” She asked narrowing her eyes.
“We need to talk, I couldn’t wait until work…”
“Did you ever hear of a phone?” Phyllis asked and rubbed her eye.
“Just get in the car…”
“We better not be pulling out of this driveway `cause I look like hell…”
“Just get in!” Amanda yelled. Phyllis did as her friend asked and got in.
“So, what’s so damn important that you couldn’t wait until later?”
“Guess what we’re getting at the Civic Center?”
“Man, don’t play head games, just tell me!” Phyllis said in an annoyed tone.

“A new curtain for the stage…better parking…I don’t know!”
“Try someone!” Amanda grinned.
“I don’t know…”
“Here’s a hint, tall, blondish and GORGEOUS!” Phyllis couldn’t say anything, her jaw just dropped.
“Two weeks from now.” Amanda smiled.
“OH MY GOD!” Phyllis screamed.
“My ears…” Her friend complained as she put her hands to her head.
“And you’re on the schedule to work it.” Her friend smiled again.
“I cannot believe this…”
“Why, you worked their concert last year?” Amanda questioned.
“I know…it’s just I haven’t seen him and…I want to know how he’s doing.” Phyllis answered.
“I imagine he’s doing a whole lot better.” Amanda said.
“Can we get back in the house, I would like to get changed out of my sleep gear if you don’t mind.”

About two days before the concert, Phyllis and Amanda went to the mall…

“You dare me?” Phyllis asked.
“Yeah I dare you, cut it off.” Amanda grinned.
“I don’t think he’ll recognize me.” Phyllis said and glided her hands through her hair.
“He probably won’t recognize you anyway. C’mon, it’ll look cool. You said that you wanted to.”
“Fine, I will.” Phyllis said confidently as they marched into the hair salon.

Phyllis sat down in the chair nervously and waited as the hairdresser prepped her.
“Okay, so you want it almost boy short in the back and to your chin in the front right?”
“Exactly.” Phyllis closed her eyes when finally the hairdresser began snipping away.

“It looks really good!” Amanda smiled as she ran her hand through Phyllis’ hair.
“Don’t mess it up already.” Phyllis laughed.
“Well let’s go shopping.” Amanda grinned.

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