Chapter 12

Taylor came from talking with the rest of the people from the Civic Center. He hoped that Phyllis was still working there considering he had lost her number. He stopped suddenly in the midst of all the chaos when he saw Amanda before him, talking to someone. He couldn’t contain the smile that had crept onto his lips. He walked up behind the person and looked at Amanda, motioning to her, wondering whom it was. Amanda looked at him and for some unknown reason, Taylor knew. He motioned for Amanda to walk away.
“Uh…I forgot…I have to go help out at the ticket booth, can we talk about this later?” Amanda asked.
“Uh…yeah…I guess.” Taylor recognized the voice. Taylor reached out his hand and slid it up the person’s back and rested it on their shoulder. They immediately turned around with wide eyes.
“T-Taylor?” Phyllis stammered.
“Hey!” He smiled. He put out his arms and Phyllis hugged him.
“You cut your hair?” Taylor said and ran his hands through the back of her hair.
“Yeah, you like it?” She asked.
“Yeah, I really like it, it looks really good that way.” Taylor smiled and ran his hands through it again.
“Why you here?” She asked as she pulled back.
“Just visiting. How’s it been?” He smiled.
“Pretty good. I didn’t know you were on tour?” Phyllis lied.
“We’re not, just doing a few t.v. shows and radio programs.” He smiled.
“So…uh…how you feeling?” She asked and rested her hands on lower back.
“I’ve gained a good fifteen pounds thanks to you.” He laughed.
“Good, don’t need any more of that starving business.” She laughed and poked him in the stomach.
“So…what time you finished around here?” He asked.

“Uh…” Phyllis turned her wrist over to look at her watch.
“Ten minutes. Manda is giving me a ride home.” She answered.
“No she’s not. I am.” He grinned.
“You are, are you?” She laughed.
“Yeah, why don’t you stop at the hotel room and have dinner with me.” He smiled and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.
“You actually going to eat it?” She joked.
“Of course.” Before Phyllis could move, Taylor pulled the walkie-talkie off of her belt.
“Manda, this Taylor, I’m taking Phyllis home tonight.”
“You are?” Amanda’s voice came through.
“Why don’t you stop by the hotel tonight too…”
“No can do Taylor, I have to take my brother to my grandmother’s. It was nice seeing you. Oh and tell Phyl she can leave now.” Amanda said through the walkie-talkie. Taylor handed Phyllis it back and smiled. Phyllis just shook her head and laughed.

Both of them walked out of the building, only to find that it was pouring outside.
“Let’s walk, the Sheraton’s right next door.” Taylor said.
“All right but be prepared to get soaked.” Phyllis laughed, as soon as the rain hit them, they were both drenched. They ran to the hotel and inside to Taylor’s room and Taylor closed the door. He ran his hands through his soaked hair while Phyllis attempted to clean the rain droplets off her glasses with her shirttail.
“Well, that was fun.” Phyllis said, looking up only to see Taylor’s white t-shirt was see through from water and was clinging to him.
“Uh…I…uh…” She began to stammer.
“I have an extra shirt you can wear so you’re dry.” Taylor smiled.
“Uh…thanks.” Phyllis answered, feeling her face turn hot. Taylor walked into the bedroom part of the suite and pulled out of his bag a black t-shirt for her and a white tank for himself. He walked back in the room and tossed her the dry shirt.
“Here you go.” He smiled and proceeded to peel off his soaked garment. He threw it on the floor next him and pulled the tank on over his head, Phyllis watching, wide-eyed.
“Aren’t you going to put it on?” He asked.
“Uh…you’re sort of…uh…” She stammered.
“Oh…sorry. I’ll go call room service for dinner.” Taylor said and began to walk back in the bedroom.
“Uh…where’s your family?” Phyllis called.
“Oh…the guys and my father are still at the Civic Center and the rest are out on the town. They all won’t be back for a couple more hours.” Taylor answered back.
Taylor picked up the phone and dialed to room service, placing the dinner order while Phyllis changed.
“Hey Phyllis, want to watch a movie, they have HBO?” Taylor called.
“Sure.” Phyllis answered and made her way in the bedroom. She stopped only to see there was only one bed and a television across from it.
“Have a seat.” Taylor smiled and lay down on the bed, resting his hand against the wall while clicking the remote.
Phyllis nodded and sat down on the other edge of the bed, furthest from him.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked as he moved forward, crawling on the bed and laying on his stomach so he was next to her.
“N…Nothing.” Phyllis stammered.
“All right, then get comfortable.” He grinned and poked her in the side with his finger.
“Hey!” She laughed.
“Hey yourself.” He laughed and poked her again.
“St…stop…” she said between laugher.
“No!” He said and proceeded in putting the remote down and tickling her.
Suddenly, Phyllis pushed him so hard that he rolled right off the bed and onto the floor with a thump. She leaned over the side, wide-eyed, leaning on her stomach.
“Oh God, I’m so sorry…” She said, seeing him on his back on the floor. Before she could even finish her sentence, Taylor grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the bed. She landed right on top of him, her body firmly pressed against his with their legs intertwined. Phyllis’ eyes were as big as saucers. Taylor laughed and looked up into her face. His expression changed and he smiled up at her. He closed his eyes and leaned up, catching her lips with his. Phyllis’ eyes went even wider as he moved his mouth over hers. Taylor wrapped his arms around her waist and began sliding his hand up her back. Phyllis broke the kiss and looked down at him, eyes still wide. She immediately got up and stood. Taylor helped himself up and looked at her, putting his hand on the back of his head.
“Uh…I…uh…” Phyllis stammered.
“Are you all right?” Taylor asked, putting his hand on the side of her face.
“I…I…” She stuttered again.
“Why did you do that?” She asked, with an extremely shocked expression on her face.
“I…I…” Taylor began to stutter.
“I like you.” He answered finally.
“You…you do?” She stammered, backing up.
“Yes. I apologize…I mean…I shouldn’t have just done…” Before Taylor could finish his sentence, Phyllis moved forward again and pressed her lips to his. Taylor’s eyes went wide but soon closed them. He put his hands on her waist and moved her towards the bed. Phyllis broke the kiss again and looked into his face.
“What are we having for dinner?” She asked seriously.
“How can you think about food right now?” Taylor laughed.
“Sorry.” She said, a little red-faced. She moved away from him and sat down on the bed. Taylor sat down next to her and smiled.

“Mr. Hanson, I have your meal…” A voice came from the living room area.
“Can you bring it in here?” Taylor called.
“Of course.” The hotel employee answered as they wheeled the cart into the bedroom.
“Thank you.” Taylor said and handed them a tip. They left and it was once again just Phyllis and Taylor. Taylor uncovered the tray to reveal two hamburger plates. Phyllis smiled at him and began eating.

After eating, Taylor lay down on the bed and turned off the t.v. He looked over at Phyllis who was sitting at the edge of the bed again.
“I see that you really are eating now. I’m happy to see that.” Phyllis said, turning around to look at him. Taylor just smiled. Phyllis turned back and rested her head on her hands while lying on her stomach at the other end of the bed. Taylor glanced over at her, noticing her eyes were slowly beginning to close.
“Phyllis…” He whispered.
“What?” She whispered sleepily with her eyes still closed.
“Never mind.” Taylor smiled. Finally, she fell asleep from what Taylor could tell. He crawled over to her and lay down next to her, watching her sleep. Taylor reached his hand to her face and touched it with his fingertips. He smiled and leaned in, kissing her gently on the lips before standing up and covering her with the blankets.

About two hours later, Taylor opened his eyes to hear his brothers entering the hotel room.
“SHIT!” He yelled to himself. He quickly got up and headed to the door, slipping out carefully.
“Tay!” Zac said.
“Uh…I…” Taylor stuttered.
“Where did you go off to?” Ike asked as he sat himself down on the couch.
“I…I…I came back here.”
“I thought I saw you with someone…”
“No…no one…” Taylor said, smiling hesitantly.
“Tay…what’s going on with you? You’re all jumpy dude…” Zac said as he began to move towards him. Taylor immediately moved towards the bedroom door and leaned on it, preventing Zac from possibly going in.
“N….Nothing. “Taylor smiled and crossed his arms over his chest. Before he could do anything, the door opened in and Taylor went crashing to the floor, landing in a pile at Phyllis’ feet.
“Taylor…what’s going on…” Phyllis began to say but soon shut her mouth once she looked up.
“TAY!” Ike and Zac both yelled and looked at Phyllis. Taylor was frozen. Phyllis lent him her hand and helped him up.
“You all right?” she asked.
“Yeah.” He muttered.
“You’re a liar.” Zac laughed.
“You WERE with someone.” He added.
“I…I…” Taylor stuttered.
“Hi, I’m Phyllis.” Phyllis interrupted and stuck out her hand. Both brothers shook her hand and smiled.
“So this is why you left the Civic Center so early.” Ike smiled mischievously.
“We’re just friends.” Phyllis said abruptly and eyed Taylor.
“Uh…yeah.” Taylor said almost sorrowfully.
“If you don’t mind, I’m going to call Man, see if she can pick me up…”
“I told you I was going to give you a ride.” Taylor stammered.
“Thanks anyway.” Phyllis said, giving Ike and Zac a fake smiled and left in almost a frantic hurry. Taylor glanced at his brothers and without another thought, ran out to the lobby to catch up with her.
“PHYL!” He yelled. She stopped but didn’t turn around. He jogged up to her and rested his hand on her shoulder.
“Would you mind turning around?” He asked. She did as he asked and looked at him straight in the eye.
“I have to go.” She said as she looked at him intensely.
“Please…let me drive you home.” He said in almost a whisper.
“Please.” He pleaded again.
“Fine.” She said and rolled her eyes. Without warning, Taylor slipped his hand into hers and squeezed it slightly. Phyllis just grinned to herself slightly as they walked out of the lobby, hand in hand.

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