Chapter 7

After about a whole hour of dancing, both of them decided to sit down and take a breather. Phyllis sat down heavily in the chair.
“God, my feet are killing me. Is it almost time to get out of here?” She asked, looking over at Amanda and Holly. Neither girl said anything, they just smiled.
“What!” Phyllis said angrily, and with that both of them burst into laughter.
“YOU SUCK!” Phyllis yelled. Taylor just smiled. Taylor chuckled and put his hand over hers. She blushed and sipped on her water.
“Come on Phyl, admit it, you’re enjoying yourself.” He laughed as he saw Amanda’s eyes shoot over to the door.
“What’s so interesting Manda?”
“'Dufus' is here.”
“You did NOT call him, did you?”
“No, I’m not that stupid, Phyl! I’ll keep him away from you.”
“How do you plan on doing that?” Holly laughed.
“Shut up Holly!”
Phyllis laughed and as Amanda walked in the direction of the door, Taylor got nerve to speak.
“Whose ‘dufus’?”
“An asshole Manda used to like.” Holly answered.
“Still does.” Phyllis laughed.
“I DO NOT!” They heard Amanda shout.
“Oh great, here we go again. He’s starting to piss her off…”
“Not that hard to do…” Holly chimed as a rather loud ‘yelp’ rang through the air.
“Does ‘dufus’ have a name?” Taylor asked as he shifted in his seat, setting his hand once again on Phyllis’. Phyllis didn’t say nor do anything, she was too afraid. Holly looked over and raised an eyebrow at Phyllis.
“Uh…uh…his name is Bill.” Phyllis stammered as she felt almost an electric shock come from Taylor’s fingertips and go through hers.
“Well, it seems Amanda and Bill are headed this way.” Taylor whispered.
“Uh…uh…let’s dance again.” Phyllis stuttered and got up, Taylor soon to follow. Amanda made it back to the table with Bill close on her heels.
“Where’d Phyl and Taylor go?” Amanda whispered to Holly. Holly just pointed towards the dance floor.
“Well, I guess she doesn’t want to go home just yet…”
“Wanna dance Man?”
“You, me, dance? Uh, no…not right now.”
“But you’re a…”
“Shut up William!”
“What’d I do?!”
“You know she’s fixed on Matt…” Holly said.
“But I just asked her if she wanted to dance. Where’s the harm in that?” Amanda glared at him for a second then got an idea. She sat Bill down, and ran out to the dance floor.
“Can I borrow Taylor for a second? Thanks!”
She dragged him off the floor for a second and whispered something to him. When he returned, he had a huge smile on his face.
“What ever you do, follow my lead.” He said.
The music changed and he pulled her in closer to him. He could feel her muscles tense. He slipped one leg between hers and put her hands to his shoulders. He started a dance that Phyllis had a vague idea on how to do.
"Damn it Manda!" She thought as an extremely hyper Amanda dragged out Bill onto the floor.
The two danced, Phyllis feeling very awkward through it the whole time and Amanda was laughing like and idiot as she saw Taylor dip her.
"Son of a bitch!" Phyllis thought as another song started and she and Taylor continued to dance.
"Oh god, I feel so weird! I hated that movie!"
“Taylor, can we sit down now, I’m a little tired.”
“Oh all right.” They left the dance floor, Amanda and Bill following, Amanda still laughing like a madwoman.
“Man, you’re on crack!” She yelled as Taylor stood up.
“Be right back.” He said.
“I’m going to use the men’s room.”
“Okay, thanks for sharing.” Holly said taking another sip of her soda. With a laugh, Taylor headed for the bathroom.

Five minutes passed. Ten minutes passed, and Phyllis was beginning to worry. She (however much she doesn’t like him, let alone tolerate him) looked at Bill and cleared her throat.
“Bill, would you go check on him please?”
Bill stood and went to the men’s room. Once inside, he looked for Taylor, no sign of him.
“Hey Taylor, you in here man?” He asked. No answer. Bill looked under the stalls and saw a pair of shoes, and that led to knees. Panicking, he reached under the door and unlocked it. Taylor was lying on the floor in a heap, the rise and fall of his chest just barely visible. He ran from the stall and out of the bathroom, back to the table.
“MANDA!” He shouted.
“I think we killed him!”
“I think we killed him! He’s passed out on the bathroom floor and…”
“Well don’t just stand there, let’s go get him, and get the hell out of here!” Phyllis demanded as she bolted up.
Holly and Amanda shot out of their chairs and followed her. Bill led the way.
Although Bill led, Phyllis got in the bathroom before any of them. She opened the stall door carefully and looked down at the floor.

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