Chapter 9

Taylor stared up at the ceiling for a long time, contemplating his very existence. He blinked hard as he felt the rush of tears brimming in his eyes again. He took a deep breath, trying to regain himself.

“Taylor? Taylor?” Zac’s voice sounded from the living room area.
“In…In here!” Taylor choked. The door opened slowly and Zac’s head popped in.
“Hey dude!” He said.
“Hey.” Taylor said and turned his face to the side.
“You sick or something?” He asked as he walked into the room.
“Oh…all right, I’ll leave you be then.” Zac replied and left the room.

The next day, Taylor rose from his sound sleep only to find that it was only seven in the morning. He looked around the room and then decided to get up and take a shower.
As he began getting undressed, he looked at himself in the mirror.
“Oh my god!” He said out loud. Everyone was right, he was nothing but skin and bones. He could actually see his ribs straining against his thin skin. He really had no ab muscles, it almost seemed hollow there. He turned his face quickly away from the mirror and stepped into the shower. He grabbed the shampoo and squirted some into the palm of his hand. As he began working it in his hair, he stopped abruptly when he could feel a clump of hair stick to his hand. He couldn’t take it. He let himself slide to the bottom of the shower and began to sob uncontrollably as the warm water beat down on his back.

After a couple of minutes, Taylor finally stopped crying and got himself out of the shower, and quickly wrapped a towel around his waist before he could glance at himself in the mirror. He made his way back into the bedroom and stopped only to see the sandwich Phyllis had made him was still sitting on the night table. He quickly walked passed it and grabbed his clothes from the suitcase and began to get dressed.
After about an hour of just sitting and watching television, the phone rang. Taylor picked it up reluctantly.
“Mr. Hanson, there is a young lady here…she says that she’s a friend of yours…”
“Uh huh.”
“She says her name is Phyllis and she’s here to take you to an appointment.”
“Send her up.” Taylor said. He could feel himself get almost giddy as he hung up the phone. He ran into the bathroom and glanced at himself in the mirror. Of course he wasn’t satisfied with what he saw but he still attempted to make himself look presentable.

* Knock Knock *

Taylor ran to the door and opened it. Phyllis was standing there, looking down the hallway.
“Hi.” Taylor smiled.
“Oh…hi.” She said and grinned. Taylor grabbed her by the hand and brought her in.
“Sorry I’m so early, I know your appointment isn’t until nine…but…I thought…maybe…”
“We could talk?” Taylor asked.
“Uh…yeah.” Phyllis smiled.
“Where’s your family?” She asked.
“Oh…they have their own rooms, we’re all alone.” Taylor smiled.
“Uh…okay.” Phyllis stammered.
“Here…sit.” Taylor said and led her to the couch. Phyllis sat down and waited for him.
“Are you feeling any better?” She asked in a still very concerned voice.
“Oh yeah…I’m fine.” Taylor grinned.
“You know…Taylor, you really scared me yesterday…I didn’t really know what to do…and…” Phyllis stuttered and looked down at her hands. Taylor watched her closely.
“I’m sorry.” He answered. Phyllis looked up at him and smiled.
“I know…why…why don’t we talk about something else.”
“Uh…we could go out to breakfast…” She suggested.
“Uh…” Taylor said, scrunching his eyebrows together.
“Oh…sorry.” Phyllis said and smiled hesitantly.
“It’s all right.” Taylor smiled. Phyllis just sat there, at a loss for words.
“Well, why don’t we go ride around for awhile.” Taylor suggested and stood up and looked down at her.
“All right.” Phyllis smiled.

They left the hotel and got into the car, Taylor driving. There was nothing but silence for a few minutes until Taylor broke it.
“Have you…have you ever felt…felt like you’re not good enough?” Taylor stuttered.
“Never mind.”
“Taylor…I have. I know what you’re going through.” She answered. She looked at him and smiled.
After riding around for a couple minutes, they made it to the doctor’s office ten minutes early. They walked in and Taylor could feel his chest tightening as he saw the receptionist look up at him.
“Yes?” She said, taking out a clipboard.
“My…my name’s Taylor Hanson, I have a nine o’clock appointment.” Taylor stuttered, feeling the sweat begin to build.
“Have a seat.” She smiled and pointed towards the couches in the waiting room. Phyllis sat down next to him and watched as he began to fidget in his seat.
“Don’t be nervous. Why don’t you read a magazine are something.” She suggested and handed him a ‘Time life’ from 1993 that was on the table in front of them.
“Uh…I …all right.” Taylor stammered and took it with shaking hands. Phyllis watched and then suddenly took the magazine out of his hands, placing it back on the table and took his hand in hers, gently rubbing his knuckles. Taylor smiled, feeling much calmer.
“Thanks.” He whispered.
“No problem.” She whispered back and kept her hand clasped with his. Phyllis grabbed the magazine again with her free hand and began flipping through it with Taylor looking over her shoulder.
“Taylor…” The doctor said. Taylor looked up.
“You can come in now, your girlfriend will have to stay out here though…”
“I’m not his…uh…” Phyllis stuttered, feeling her face go flush.
“Oh…sorry.” The doctor grinned. They separated hands and Phyllis smiled up at him.
“Don’t be nervous. I’ll be waiting right here.” She said. Taylor nodded and followed the doctor in.

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