Chapter 3

It was a couple months after the release of the album. Taylor had kept his composure all through out the process, which was amazing considering how he felt on the inside. He even began developing a façade in front of his brothers who so far had seen a couple of his past outbursts. Zac still looked at him funny and Taylor knew it. He would avoid being in the room alone with his younger brother for that reason alone. Ike on the other hand didn’t seem to do anything. Taylor avoided him all together. His parents weren’t phased at all and no one else seemed to notice.
His daily routine consisted of him getting out of breakfast one way or another, eating little for lunch in front of his parents and others, throwing up, eating a small dinner and throwing up once again before going to bed. No one questioned him, which he was thankful for.

Taylor sat down at the table backstage and looked at the set list one last time. Ike walked in and sat down next to him. Taylor ignored him like he normally did and still read. Ike picked up his guitar and began strumming while he hummed a few bars of a new song he was working on.
“Tay.” Ike said bluntly.
“What?” Taylor said coldly.
“Never mind.”
“No, what do you want?” Taylor asked, looking up from the paper in his hands and glared at Ike.
“Uh…Is there something you want to talk to me about, privately.” Ike said with a softened expression. That look that only Ike could get when he went on “big brotherly” mode.
“No.” Taylor said looking back down and resumed reading once more.
“Are you sure?”
“Ike, get the hell off my back!” Taylor said bitterly and didn’t even look up. Taylor sighed, knowing he had just made a huge mistake. Before he could even mutter an apology, he could feel the sting of a slap across his face. As soon as he looked up, Ike was gone and out of sight. He put his hand to his face, attempting to ease the pain. He sighed to himself again, knowing that he had deserved it. He got up, putting the paper down on the table. He headed towards the bathroom and locked himself in. He leaned his body against the door and slid down to the floor, letting the tears fall from his eyes, cooling the heated spot on his cheek that Ike’s hand had come in contact with.
"What the hell is wrong with me!" He yelled in his head as he put his hands to his head.

“Taylor!” Taylor scrambled to his feet when he could hear Zac’s voice through the bathroom door.
“Wh-what?” Taylor muttered as he attempted to clear his throat.
“Open the door.” Zac demanded. Taylor took a deep breath and opened the door, looking deeply into his little brother’s eyes.
“What the hell is going on!” Zac yelled.
“Don’t give me an excuse. Why did you jump on Ike’s back?!” Zac said seriously.
“I…I…It’s none of your business Zac!” Taylor could feel his voice go from scared and discovered to angry and defensive. Zac stepped back and glared.
“You know Tay, you’ve changed. You were never like this before, you never want anything to do with any of us, and you’re always in the bathroom or something, not talking to any of us. If you want to be alone, well, then you’re succeeding.” Zac said angrily than turned on his heal and walked away.
It was all too much for Taylor to take. It seemed that maybe Ike and Zac would find out if they hadn’t already, his secret. He shook it off and regained his composure. He sat back down and picked up the set list once again and continued to read, making himself forget about what his brothers had just said to him.

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