Chapter 8

Phyllis fell to the floor and grabbed Taylor, placing him in her arms.
“Taylor! Taylor!” Phyllis called as she lightly tapped him on the cheek with her hand. Taylor’s eyes slowly fluttered open.
“Oh god, are you all right?” Phyllis asked concerned.
“Fine…fine.” Taylor rambled as he pushed himself away from her.
“Taylor, be careful…” She said and put her hand on his back as he attempted to stand up. Taylor could feel his head begin to spin. Before Taylor could regain himself, he could feel himself begin to fall. Phyllis grabbed him just before he hit the floor. Phyllis looked up to see her friends staring down at them.
“C’mon Taylor, it’s time to leave, Bill, could you please help me?” Phyllis asked as she looked up at him.
“Uh…all right.” Bill stammered. Phyllis grabbed Taylor’s one arm and put it over her shoulder, wrapping her arm around his waist while Bill got his other arm. Taylor could barely keep his eyes open he was so weak. He felt helpless as they finally got him out of the club and got him into the back of Amanda’s car.

“Thanks for your help Bill.” Phyllis said. She got in the back immediately and sat down next to Taylor.
“Taylor, are you all right.” Phyllis whispered and put her hand on his forehead. Taylor could only nod in response.
“When we get you back to the hotel room, I’m going to go find your parents…”
“No…no…” Taylor mumbled.
“Please…don’t tell them…please…you promised.” He mumbled again. Phyllis looked into his eyes sympathetically.
“Taylor…I…I…” Phyllis stammered, looking into his eyes again.
“You promised me you wouldn’t tell them.” He said with his eyes flooding with tears.
“I did.” Phyllis said and sighed.
“I promise. We’ll get you back to the hotel room and I won’t tell anyone.” She answered hesitantly and caressed his cheek with her hand.
“Just rest…all right.” She said and watched as he slowly began to close his eyes. Amanda and Holly turned and looked at her, watching the whole thing.
“What’s wrong with him?” Holly asked.
“Nothing…nothing Hol…” Phyllis stammered.
“But…but what were you talking about you promised…”
“Nothing Holly!” Phyllis said angrily.
“Please Manda, just drive.” Phyllis asked. Amanda nodded and turned on the car.

Amanda drove over the speed limit to finally get to the hotel. Holly helped Phyllis get him out of the car and got him in the hotel room without anyone questioning.
They put him in the bed and Phyllis instructed for Holly and Amanda to go into the living room area so that she could take care of him. The girls agreed and left quietly.
“Hm…” He said with his eyes still closed.
“I’m going to just take your shoes and socks off all right so don’t be alarmed.” Phyllis said and watched as his eyes fluttered open to look up into hers.
“Thank you.” He said.
“You have to promise me something to, Taylor…”
“You have to promise me that you will get this taken care of…promise me.” Phyllis said and looked into his eyes intensely.
“I…I promise.” Phyllis nodded and moved to the end of the bed where she took off his shoes and socks, tossing them to the side of the room. She covered him with the blankets.

“Phyllis…” Taylor mumbled.
“Yes?” She asked as she looked up from the other end of the bed.
“Will you go with me tomorrow…to my appointment…” He asked as she rounded the corner of the bed and sat down, looking him directly in the face.
“Of course.” She smiled.
“I’ll see you tomorrow. Get some rest…Before I leave let me get you some food…” She said, getting up. Before she could do anything, Taylor grabbed her by the arm.
“I really…really appreciate this…you…you have no idea…” He said. Phyllis’ eyes went wide and then she smiled.
“Just get better.” She said. She left the room and came back shortly with a sandwich.
“I’ll leave this on the night table.” She said.
“Good bye.”
“I had a lot of fun tonight…”
“So did I.” She smiled.

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