Chapter 21

Taylor woke up groggily as the sedative finally began to ware off. As he finally managed to open his eyes, he noticed something by his window. None of his family members were in the room. He gasped at what he saw, sitting on the windowsill.
"Phyllis…" He muttered, wide-eyed. There she sat, with her smiling face. She had on a pair of light jeans and a white shirt. She just grinned at him, not moving from her spot. Suddenly, Taylor could feel a rush of tears begin to come and he held his breath. Her expression changed to one of sadness. He put his hand out, reaching for her as tears began to fall from his eyes. She smiled at him again, then turned herself towards the window. Without warning, she let herself slip from the windowsill. Taylor clambered out of the bed, ripping the I.V. from his arm and ran over to the open window. He looked down, expecting to see her body on the ground but instead, he saw a flash of white and noticed her running towards the parking lot, looking up towards the window.
"PHYL!" He yelled out the window. He had to go after her. He looked around frantically, realizing he was in nothing but a cloth gown. He ran over to the closet finding a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He quickly put them on and looked around for his shoes. He stopped, realizing he had a hospital bracelet on. He attempted to pull it off but it didn't give.
"Damn it!" He said angrily. He managed to find his shows and took off out of the room. He slowed down when he could see a nurse and an orderly coming his way. He put his arm behind his back, hiding the bracelet as he kept walking passed them. As soon as they were out of sight, he took off running out the exit. He made it, successfully and managed to find his car in the parking lot.
"Ike must of drove it…" He thought to himself. He found his extra key in his wallet and got in, starting the car, looking all around for her. Just as he was about to pull out of the parking lot, he once again saw a flash of white. She was running along the road. He squealed out of the parking lot, riding along side her.
"Phyl! Phyl!" He called as he reached his arm out the window at her. She just smiled at him and kept running but at a faster pace.
"Please…Phyl…get in the car…" Taylor said as he stepped on the gas, attempting to reach out to her again. He took one glance forward and when he turned back, she was gone.
"Phyl? Phyl?' He said, looking all around. He looked around frantically but couldn't find her.
"DAMN IT!" He yelled to himself, beating his fist against the steering wheel.

He drove. He kept driving until he noticed his gas gauge was indicating his tank was almost empty. He pulled into a gas station, staggering out and filled his tank. He was so tired and couldn't understand why. He made his way into the store. He made himself a cup of coffee, something he hadn't had in a very long time and paid for his gas. He got into his car, closing the door behind him. Just before he had put the cup to his lips, he stopped suddenly.
There she sat, in the passenger seat, smiling at him.
"How…How…I…" Taylor stammered. She just smiled again and winked at him.
"I can't believe this...I…I thought you were dead." He stuttered again and looked into her face.
She continued to just sit there and smile at him. Feeling that he was going nuts, he turned his face away from her and tilted his head back, staring at the ceiling.
"There had got to be something wrong with me. Dead people don't just come back to life, do they Phyl?" He looked over at her, only to see her smiling sadly at him. She reached over and tapped the top of his coffee and sat back in her seat with a sigh.
"Drink your coffee Taylor." She said.
"Oh…yeah…Forgot I had even bought it." He said, picking it up and taking a large sip, then he downed it.
"That was good. I'll be awake now. Ready to go Phyl?" He turned back to look at her but she was gone. He checked the back seat, and then got out and looked around for her. No luck. He walked back into the "Mobil on the Go" store and straight to the man behind the counter.
"You didn't see a girl with short blonde hair come in, did you?" He asked the man.
"No, you're the last customer I've had in the past hour or so." The man replied.
"Okay, thanks."
Taylor ran out, looking every where for her but had absolutely no luck finding her. Suddenly the clouds broke and rain started pouring down. Thunder clapped and lightning flashed as he ran back to the car. Once he was in the seat, he laid it back and stared at the roof. He was so exhausted and right then, his body was shutting down…

He awoke to the sound of someone banging on the car window, and his eyes fluttered open. He bolted up when one of the police officers shattered the window in, and he jumped back into the passenger seat as the glass fell over him, or at least he thought it was himself.
"Holy shit!" He screamed as he went tumbling to the ground, through the door.
"What in the…oh my god!"
He stood up, watching as the paramedics dragged his body from the car and put it on the stretcher. They were yelling something about heart failure and that's all he needed to know as they pulled the white sheet over his head.
"I'm…I'm dead?" He asked, to no one in particular.
"The coffee's what killed you." A vaguely familiar voice said.
"Phyl?" Taylor whirled around to be face to face with her and she hugged him lovingly. He held on for dear life.
"Oh god, Phyl, I've missed you so much!"
"I know. Come on, let's go home."
"Our own heaven. We create it."
"Oh…how exactly did the coffee kill me?"
"Because you hardly ate anything, the coffee and the caffeine shocked your deprived system. Can we not talk about this? I hate death."
"Okay…going home…how do we do that?"
"Just hold my hand."
He smiled and held on, and as the sunlight burst through the thinning clouds, they were gone.

The End

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