Chapter 14

"I don't think this is a very good idea…" Phyllis began to stammer as Holly waved at her and Taylor than winked at Amanda.
"Too bad." Taylor smiled as he slammed his foot on the pedal, making Phyllis jerk backwards.
Their car hit Amanda's full force, making Amanda's car push backwards a couple feet.
"HEY!" She yelled.
"I can't watch!" Phyllis yelled and put her hands over her eyes. Taylor glanced over at her and gently placed his hand on her knee. Just as he looked up, Holly's car hit the both of them dead on, her laughing the whole time. Before Taylor had time to retaliate, both Amanda and Holly were coming towards them.
"HEY! This isn't tag TEAM!" Phyllis yelled but was cut off when both girls hit them from either side. Just as Taylor was about to hit the pedal again, the wheel got stuck and both Phyllis and him were spinning in circles uncontrollably, Phyllis screaming bloody murder, the whole time. After another minute, the car stopped and they had to get out. Taylor got out and looked back at Phyllis who was slumped in the car.
"You…you all right?" He chuckled. She just looked at him and attempted to get out. She was so dizzy, she began to stumble but Taylor caught her before she went down.
"Thanks." Phyllis grumbled. Holly and Amanda ran over, laughing and giggling. Taylor still had his arm around Phyllis' waist. Amanda stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the two suspiciously. Phyllis quickly moved away from Taylor and walked towards the girls, smiling awkwardly.
"Nothing Man…nothing at all." Phyllis whispered as she gritted her teeth.
"I know I saw something." Amanda grinned.
"What are you two doing here?" Phyllis asked as Taylor walked up to her, putting his arms around her waist and hugging her back. Both Amanda and Holly's eyes went wide with surprise.
"It's a fair open to everyone." Amanda grinned and rose one eyebrow.
"I mean, why didn't you tell me that you were going today?"
"Why didn't you tell us you two were going today?" Holly suddenly said.
"It was my idea. Hey guys." Taylor smiled.
"Haven't seen you in awhile Taylor." Holly smiled.
"Yeah I know. Well, Phyl, what would you like to do now?" Taylor said, looking around as she turned her face to look at him.
"Uh…I…I don't care." She stammered.
"Why don't you hang out with us?" Holly suggested.
"That would be cool." Taylor smiled. Phyllis just sighed unhappily to herself.
"Uh…Hol…I think that…" Amanda began to say as she looked at Phyllis' face.
"I want to go on that, hold my stuff Man." Holly cut her off as she began walking towards a large roller coaster that at one part, stopped, making everyone hang upside down from their seats.
"Taylor, Phyl…let's go." Holly said, turning her head.
"Uh…I'm not a ride person really…" Phyllis said.
"What about you Taylor?" Holly asked.
"Uh…would you mind Phyl?"
"Go ahead." Phyllis answered. Taylor smiled and leaned in kissing her gently on the mouth. Phyllis immediately turned red as he walked away.

"Eh hem." Amanda cleared her throat and grinned at Phyllis mischievously.
"What!" Phyllis yelled angrily.
"Now you can't tell me that's nothing." Amanda laughed
"Spill." Amanda demanded and put her hands on her hips.
"Nothing to spill." Phyllis said defiantly and turned her face away.
"Care to explain to me what happened cause it's quite obvious there's something, a BIG something." Amanda said, looking her friend straight in the eye.
"I went to his hotel room…"
"Don't interrupt me!" Phyllis said angrily.
"He kissed me after I pushed him off the bed…"
"You pushed him off the bed, why?"
"He was tickling me." Phyllis said quietly with a red face.
"Okay, now go back to the kissing part, he was on the floor, you were on the bed, how did that result in the make out session?" Amanda asked.
"It wasn't a make out session…I went to help him and he pulled me by the arm…so I…I was…"
"ON TOP OF HIM!" Amanda yelled.
"And what? I kissed him back."
"And you decided to keep this a secret from me."
"Yes because I knew you would blow it way out of proportion like you always do. Today's his last day."
"Oh, well, I figured something was going to happen when he asked you to go back to his room…nothing else happened that your not telling me about…is there?"
"No and even if there was, I wouldn't tell you about it. It's my business, not yours." Phyllis turned her attention back to the entrance of the roller coaster. Holly and Taylor were already strapped in and Taylor waved to her.
"What Man?" Phyllis sighed.
"What are you going to do after he leaves today?" Amanda asked seriously.
"I'll miss him."

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