Chapter 20

It had been two weeks since the Hanson family left New York and head back home for a long awaited rest. Taylor refused to speak to anyone. Not even to his parents. He hardly ate and it was showing. His clothes seemed to get baggier and baggier. He stayed either down in their studio, playing around on his keyboard or in his room. It seemed every song he wrote turned out to be about her and his loss. Taylor sat down at his keyboard and played a few chords. He could feel the tears begin to brim under his eyes and he quickly got up to get a tissue.

"Look at him…he's…he's so thin." Zac whispered to Ike as they both stared at Taylor from across the room.
"He's fine." Ike said and pushed passed Zac to get to his guitar. Zac narrowed his eyes and looked at Taylor sympathetically. Taylor looked at him and glared.
"What!" He said angrily.
"N…Nothing." Zac stammered as he watched Taylor throw his tissue away, and resumed his spot behind his keyboards. Although he hadn't said anything to anyone, Zac could see Taylor's change in appearance and attitude. He finally decided that he had to speak with his parents. He glanced at Ike and made his way back upstairs in search of one his parents. Zac spotted his mother in the kitchen, washing dishes. He was hesitant to say anything, but he knew he had to.
"Mom…I…I…uh need to talk to you about something." Zac stammered.
"Grab a dish towel and talk to me." She grinned at him over her shoulder.
"Uh…it's about Tay." He said and stood next to her, picking up a plate.
"Uh…he's starting to look…well…really skinny…kind of like he could break or something." Zac said, looking into his mother's eyes. She didn't say anything.
"It's kind of scaring me." Just as Zac said it, he could see Taylor walk passed the kitchen and to his bedroom.
"Honey, could you finish up the dishes for me?" his mother asked.

Taylor sat down on his bed and stared at his hands. He couldn't think straight. Every once and awhile, he could sear he could hear her voice. He got up and walked to his dresser. Just as he pulled his shirt off, the door opened and his mother walked in. He quickly grabbed anther shirt and pulled it on, hoping it would hide his frail body.
"Taylor!" Mrs. Hanson exclaimed, putting her hand to her mouth as she looked at her son.
"I…I…uh…" He stuttered. She immediately walked over to him and began lifting his shirt.
"DON'T DO THAT!" He yelled angrily and wrenched himself away from her.
"But…but…Taylor…" She stammered. She already had tears rolling down her face. Taylor glared at his mother.
"Are you starving yourself?" She finally asked.
"Leave me alone!" He said, feeling his breath catch in his throat.
"We…we have to take you to the doctor…" His mother said almost frantically as she grabbed him by the hand. He shook her hand loose violently and stared.
"I said NO!" He yelled.
"I have already seen a doctor…awhile ago and I'm not going back!" He said, backing away from her.
"What do you mean?" His mother said, narrowing her eyes.
"Phyllis took me…when this first began." He said, letting a tear fall down his cheek.
"Phyllis?' His mother questioned.
"How do you think I met her! I was puking my brains out before a concert and she found me. She helped me…" Taylor said, glaring at his mother.
"How…How long have you been doing this?" She said with a strain in her voice. Taylor didn't answer. He just looked down at the floor.
"Answer me!" She said, raising her voice. Taylor looked up at her suddenly, narrowing his eyes angrily.
"Leave me the hell alone!" He said, venom dripping from his voice. Before his mother could say or do anything, he walked passed her and out the door. Just as he left his room, he could see his brothers were standing near the door, obviously listening in. He ignored them and headed for the front door. As he walked out, Taylor could see his father coming up the walkway.
"Taylor, where are you going?" Walker asked. Taylor didn't answer, he just headed for his car.
"Taylor!" Walker yelled.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Taylor screamed, letting his voice crack as he stared at his father with a deadly look. His father took one step forward. Suddenly, Taylor could feel his head spinning, he began to get tunnel vision and there was a piercing sound ringing in his ears. He swayed uneasily then everything went black as he hit the ground.

Taylor's eyes fluttered open and he could feel he was lying down on his back. He blinked rapidly, trying to let his eyes adjust to the florescent lights above him. He had a pounding headache for some reason. He put his hand to his head only to see that there was an I.V. hooked to his arm.
"Son of…" He began to say. Suddenly, his attention was brought forward to a figure in front of his bed. It was Zac but the frightening part was, there were snakes intertwining with his hair. Taylor could feel a shriek escape him.

"TAYLOR!" Zac woke up and ran over to the bed. Taylor was writhing in the bed, screaming.
"Taylor! Calm down! Taylor!" Zac yelled as he put his hands on his shoulders, attempting to stop him.
"STOP! LEAVE ME ALONE! AGHHH!" Taylor screamed on top of his lungs as he looked at Zac wildly.
"Oh my god!" Zac said and grabbed the call button, immediately calling fore help. Within seconds, about four nurses ran in, attempting to control Taylor. He was screaming and flailing around. Finally, they managed to strap him down and give him a sedative. After a few seconds of screaming, he fell asleep deeply. Zac looked around and saw the rest of his family rush in the room.
"What happened?" Walker asked, putting his hands on Zac's shoulders.
"He…He was going crazy. He kept yelling at me to leave him alone…I…I think he was hallucinating or…or something." Zac stuttered. He looked up into his father's eyes and suddenly burst into tears.
"It's all right Zac, everything will be fine." Walker said as he embraced his son, not even sure if what he said was true. He looked over at Taylor's body as he slept, still rigid and un-relaxed.

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