Chapter 6

Taylor finished his phone call and looked over at Phyllis and Amanda again.
“I’m really proud of you Taylor, that took a lot of courage.” Phyllis smiled and got up. Amanda stood also and was silent.
“Well, I think it’s time that Amanda and I get on home…”
“Can’t you stick around just a little while longer…” Taylor pleaded. He desperately didn’t want to be alone. When he was alone was when he would think about stuff. Things he didn’t want to think about.
“Uh…I…” Phyllis stuttered.
“Just a little while…” He pleaded once more.
“I don’t see why not.” Amanda smiled and put her hand on Phyllis’ shoulder reassuringly.
“All right.”
“Actually, you guys could show me around Poughkeepsie…if you wouldn’t mind?” Taylor smiled and tilted his head.
“Do you think it will be all right with your parents?” Phyllis asked.
“Yeah, I‘ll leave a note.” Taylor smiled. With that, Taylor got up and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and left a note.

Taylor grabbed his brown suede jacket and waited while Phyllis got on hers and Amanda fished out her car keys.
“So, where to first?” Taylor smiled.
“Uh…I’m not sure…” Phyllis stammered.
“Why don’t we pick up Holly and go from there.” Amanda smiled.
“Holly…whose Holly?” Taylor asked.
“She’s a friend of ours.” Amanda answered.
“Uh…I don’t know about that Man…I mean…” Phyllis said nervously.
“Oh come on Phyl, she’ll figure something out that’ll be fun to do.” Amanda grinned. Phyllis rolled her eyes and nodded. They left and climbed into Amanda’s car, Taylor sitting in the back.
They rode for awhile until finally they arrived at a house.
“Ill get her.” Phyllis said, Taylor watched as she ran up to the door and knocked. It was already dark out and you could hardly tell if anyone was home or not. After about three minutes, a girl came out with Phyllis. She had dirty blonde hair to her shoulders blue eyes. She was taller than Phyllis and was smiling and laughing with her as she neared the car. Taylor moved over in the back and waited. Phyllis opened the door and smiled at Taylor in the back.
“Hello?” Taylor said as Holly came into view.
“Uh…Hey.” Holly smiled. Phyllis climbed in the back next to Taylor and grinned at him. Holly sat in the passengers’ seat next to Amanda and turned to look at Taylor.
“So Taylor…I heard that you wanted to see our great city.” Holly laughed.
“Uh…I guess.” Taylor smiled.

They drove back into Poughkeepsie and Amanda parked outside a club.
“Do you think you’re up to this?” Phyllis whispered in a concerned voice.
“Yeah…I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” Taylor grinned. Amanda and Holly were the first out of the car. Taylor climbed out afterwards and waited only to see Phyllis take off her ‘staff’ shirt to reveal a black tank top with red sparkly lettering with the phrase ‘bad girl’ in gothic font.
“Nice shirt.” Taylor smiled and lended his hand to her.
“Thanks. “ Phyllis said, taking his hand as she got out of the car.
They filed into the club, one by one. Taylor looked around only to see that the dance floor was so crowded with people that they seemed to make one large, moving entity. Taylor smiled to himself, listening to the loud beat of the music. They walked to a near by table and sat down. A waitress came over, pad in hand, ready to take their orders.
“I’ll have a coke.” Amanda said.
“Same.” Holly answered.
“Nothing for me.” Phyllis answered and looked down at her hands. The waitress stopped and looked at Taylor.
“And you?”
“Nothing, thank you.” Taylor smiled.
With a nod, the waitress went to get Amanda and Holly’s drinks.

A little while later, a tall, dark hared guy walked over to their table, looking Holly over, and Amanda smiled as he tried not to let himself get ‘fixated’ on her breasts. Holly smiled at him stupidly as he cleared his throat to speak.
“Wanna dance?” He asked.
“Sure, why the hell not?” She replied.
As soon as she left the table, Amanda moved next to Taylor and whispered something to him. Phyllis gave her a look and she just smiled and winked at Taylor.
Another fine looking guy came over, and looked straight at Phyllis, his blue eyes catching hers.
“Care to dance?” He asked politely, not once breaking the lock he had on her.
“Uh…no thanks, we’re waiting for our meals.” Phyllis lied.
“All right, but keep a slot open for me, okay?” He smiled and winked at her before walking away and Amanda burst out laughing. Phyllis just glared at her.
“I don’t feel like dancing!” She said, looking down at the napkin she had crumpled up in her lap.
“Sure you do.” Said Taylor as he stood up.
“Come on!”
“No, I don’t dance.”
“Please? For me?” He tried again.
“Oh come on Phyl…” Amanda started.
“…this might be your only chance to dance with a famous pop star…” She leaned in and began to whisper to her.
“…let alone the hunk of man you’ve been in love with since God was a baby…”
“SHUT UP!” Phyllis yelled, blushing like crazy. Taylor grabbed her hand and tried to drag her onto the floor, much to her extreme dislike. Amanda got up and helped Taylor drag her out.
“Stop!” Phyllis said angrily. Taylor put his hands on her waist and Phyllis turned her head, watching Amanda walk away. When she turned back to look at him, he had a wide grin plastered on his face.
“C’mon Taylor, this isn’t fair…” Phyllis began to plead.
“Tough.” Taylor smiled and began moving him and her to the music.
“I’m very self conscious…” Phyllis said, starting to turn flush.
“Don’t be.” Taylor said reassuringly.
“But…you don’t understand…” Phyllis stuttered, looking all around.
“Phyllis, just go with it. Have some fun…” Taylor smiled and with that, he spun her out and brought her back, grabbing a hold of her hips.
“Why didn’t you do this to Amanda or…or Holly?” She whispered.
“Because I felt like dancing with you, now be quiet and relax.” He said and began to laugh.
“Just wait until we get back to the table…” Phyllis whispered quietly and began to grit her teeth.
“Who says we’re gong back to the table.” Taylor grinned mischievously and winked at her.
“You’re evil.” Phyllis laughed.
“I know.” Taylor smiled.

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