Chapter 1

Taylor walked out of the bathroom and looked around cautiously. He sighed and walked out to the living room where everyone was gathered to exchange gifts. Taylor stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Ike come up to him and wrap his arm around his shoulder.
“Hey bro. Where’ve you been?” Ike smiled.
“Oh…uh…I…” Taylor stammered.
“Taylor, come here, it’s time to open some gifts.” His mother called and motioned for him to go to the couch. Taylor nodded and sat down next to his mother. He watched his whole family, talking and conversing with each other. He hoped that it wouldn’t last long, he was starting to feel dizzy from lack of food.
“Taylor, this is from your cousins.” Mrs. Hanson said, plopping a flat box onto his lap.
“Uh…thanks.” Taylor stuttered. He opened the wrapping paper carefully and looked, only to see a box of chocolates were sitting there, staring him in the face.
“Th…Thank you.” He smiled.

Taylor watched as the rest of his family exchanged gifts. He sat silently, hoping that he would be able to leave soon. His mother got up and went into the kitchen. Almost immediately, Zoe walked over to him, her smile wide and innocent.
“Hey.” He smiled and picked her up, sitting her on his lap.
“Hm?” He said, looking down at his little sister.
“Are you feeling better now?” She asked, looking up into his eyes.
“What?” He said, scrunching his brow.
“I heard you in the bathroom…” She said with a look of concern on her small face.
“You…you did?” He said, wide eyed and in fear.
“Yeah, are you feeling better?” She asked again.
“Uh…yeah Zoe, yeah.” Taylor answered. She slid off his lap and ran after Mackie, leaving Taylor to wonder if anyone else had heard him. He didn’t even give it anymore thought. He got up and headed to his room where he promptly shut the door, locking it behind himself. He lay down on his bed and closed his eyes, thinking about how he just couldn’t take it anymore. No matter what he did or how hard he tried, he couldn’t lose any weight. For him, it seemed he was gaining more. He could feel the tears brimming under his eyelids. He attempted to hold his breath, hoping the feeling would go away and he wouldn’t have to go through the embarrassment of crying.

“Tay?” Taylor immediately looked up as he heard a knocking coming at the door. He wiped his face with his hand and sat up.
“Ye…yes?” He stammered.
“Are you all right? Can I come in?” Ike’s voice broke through.
“Yeah…yeah…hold on.” Taylor said as he got up from his bed and unlocked the door. Ike stood there, looking at him intensely.
“Are you okay? You disappeared. Everyone was wondering where you went?” He said and walked into the room.
“Yeah…yeah…fine…fine.” Taylor said, running his hands through his hair.
“Why are you in here then?” Ike asked.
“Oh…just a little peace and quiet, that’s all.” Taylor said and sat back down on his bed.
“Are you sure everything is all right…”
“Ike, I said everything is fine!” Taylor said harshly and looked up angrily.
“Man, I just asked…wait…wh…why are your eyes all blood shot? Have…have you been crying?” Ike asked and sat down next to him.
“No…no…” Taylor stammered and inched his way away from Ike.
“You look like you’ve been crying. Why are you upset?”
“DAMN IT IKE I’M NOT UPSET!” Taylor yelled, clenching his hands into fists. Ike moved back and looked at him suspiciously.
“Tay, what the hell is your problem, I’m just concerned!” Ike said angrily.
“I want to be left alone if you don’t mind!” Taylor huffed.
“Fine, Tay, sit here and have your little pity party.” Ike yelled and got up, slamming the door behind him. Taylor flopped down on the bed and closed his eyes.
"What’s wrong with me?"

It had been two days since the party and Taylor still just wanted to be left alone. Everything seemed to bother him even just playing music with his brothers annoyed him.
Taylor got up in the morning to see everyone else was already out of the room. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was already 2 in the afternoon. He never slept that late, ever. He stopped suddenly when he could hear music coming from the studio downstairs. He threw off his covers and grabbed a pair of jeans. As soon as he had buttoned them, he noticed that they were no longer fitting right. They sagged, making it hard for him to keep them on. He shook his head and headed downstairs to see both Ike and Zac sitting together, Ike with his guitar in hand.
“Hey Tay, sleep a little late don’t you think?” Zac smiled.
“Shut up!” Taylor said, gritting his teeth. Zac scrunched his brow but ignored Taylor.
“So, do you want to play anything…” Ike began to say.
“I want you guys to be quiet, I have a killer headache.” Taylor said, looking at them both angrily.
“Dude, what is your problem, take a pill or something.” Ike said back.
“No, what’s your problem Ike! I was trying to sleep and all I could hear were you two down here making all kinds of noise…”
“Yeah, that’s called music Tay, remember that!” Ike yelled.
“I don’t need this from either of you.” Taylor said, glaring particularly at Ike.
“Whatever man.” Ike said, turning his attention back down to his guitar. Zac looked at both of them with a scared look. Taylor and Ike had had arguments before but Taylor had never been that harsh for no reason before. Taylor turned on his heel and headed back up the stairs angrily.

“Jeez, what’s his problem?” Zac whispered.
“Who the hell knows!” Ike said angrily.

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