Chapter 2

For about two months, Taylor had been actively throwing up and avoiding food. His mood swings were becoming more and more of a normal thing. He didn’t like being like that but he just didn’t want to be around anyone. He had to start acting “normal” soon since they were beginning their tour. He had gone through some television and radio interviews all right but photo shoots were another story.

Taylor walked into the dressing room before the photo shoot so their stylist could find him something to wear. Ike and Zac were sitting in chairs across the room from him, watching intently.
“Okay, I’m thinking a pair of black leather pants, maybe a denim button down shirt or maybe just a white t-shirt…” The stylist said, looking at Taylor’s body.
“Just pick something.” He whispered angrily. He was given a pair of black leather pants and a brown suede shirt that laced up the front.
“Here you go, try this.” Taylor walked into the bathroom area and closed the door. He placed the clothes on the towel rack and began to get undresses. Lately, he had begun turning his back to the mirror so he wouldn’t have to see himself. He got undressed and pulled on the shirt and pants. He turned and looked in the mirror just to gasp at himself. Never before did he have a problem with the size of leather pants. They were always a little snug or just right. They were barely staying on his hips.
“TAYLOR!” The stylist called.
“Yeah, hold on.” He said back. He quickly grabbed the belt he had on with his jeans and put it on, hoping it would keep the pants up. He walked out to see a strange reaction coming from everyone in the room.
“Oh my…” The stylist said as they walked over to Taylor and began to lift his pants from the waist.
“Maybe there not the right size.”
“Who knows.” Taylor answered.
“Turn around.” Taylor did as the stylist said and turned around.
“They’re way too big. Let me try something smaller.”
Once again, Taylor was given a pair of black leather pants only a size smaller. He trudged to the bathroom again and tried them on. These ones finally fit right but the suede shirt was still a little big.
“Oh, that’s much better. The shirt will be fine, I might be able to pin it or something.”
“Don’t bother.” Taylor said. He left the room, not even waiting for Ike and Zac to get ready.

After a short while, Ike and Zac came out.
“Hey Tay.” Zac said, putting his hand on Taylor’s shoulder. Taylor shrugged it off.
“What’s your problem!” Zac said between clenched teeth.
“You two took forever in there!” Taylor answered back angrily.
“That wasn’t our fault.” Zac said.
“Let’s just get this over with.”

“Okay, stand over there, in front of the backdrop and well…act…act like Hanson.” The photographer smiled.
“Act like Hanson, this guy must be new.” Ike whispered and smiled.
“Shut up Ike.” Taylor said angrily. Ike narrowed his eyes at Taylor harshly. Taylor put on the best fake smile and put his arm around Zac.
“I can’t believe you Tay…” Zac whispered.
“Don’t you want this done and over with?” Taylor whispered back, still looking straight at the camera.
“Yeah…but…I mean…you’ve been real…”
“Smile Zac.” Taylor said, changing his expression and tightening his grip on Zac’s shoulder.

After about a couple of minutes, the photographer gave the camera to one of his assistants to reload.
“You guys are doing great…uh…I think we should do some individual shots. Let’s start with Taylor.” The photographer said and grabbed Taylor by the arm, bringing him to sit down on a chair.
“Okay, uh…sit down in the chair…uh…sort of…like…” The photographer put his hand on his chin and looked at Taylor cautiously.
“Well, I think you’ll figure it out.” The photographer smiled. Taylor rolled his eyes as soon as the photographer walked away from him. He sat down in the chair so that the back was in front of him. He rested his head on his hands and took a deep breath.
“Okay…that’s great…smile…or whatever.” The photographer smiled and put the camera up to his eye. Taylor put on his fake smile again and began changing positions, posing in different ways. He moved slightly and the photographer abruptly stopped.
“Uh…Taylor…could you change your position…your stomach is sort of sticking out.” Taylor’s eyes went wide.
“Wha…what?” Taylor stammered.
"Oh God!" Taylor thought to himself and quickly changed his position.

“Is he all right?” Zac whispered to Ike as he watched Taylor suddenly look sad.
“Who the hell knows.” Ike said angrily.
“No…Ike…look at him…there’s something wrong.” Zac said, pointing.
“I don’t really care right about now.” Ike said, sighing.

Taylor slumped down in the chair, looking down at the floor.
“Uh…I’m not feeling very well. Could we cut this short.” Taylor said suddenly, looking up.
“Oh…uh…all right. Uh…Isaac, could you come over here, I want some shots of you.” The photographer said, waving for Ike. Taylor got up from the chair and practically ran to the dressing room where he stripped and put on his jeans and ran into the bathroom.

He stared at himself in the mirror for a long time. He lowered his gaze to his stomach and sighed. He glanced over at the toilet and blinked hard, trying to prevent the tears that were forming in his eyes. He lowered himself to a kneeling position and looked down. Then he threw up.

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