Chapter 5

Taylor finished the show surprisingly well. He ran off stage after his brothers and grabbed a towel from an awaiting hand. When he looked up, he locked eyes with Phyllis. She smiled at him and nodded.
“You sounded really good.” She grinned.
“You liked it.” He smiled.
“Definitely.” She answered.
“Oh, by the way, the food is waiting for you in the other room.” She whispered as she leaned in by his ear.
“Uh…thanks.” He said, hesitating.
“Now go.” She said, putting her hand on his shoulder. Taylor did as he was told and walked into the other room that was awaiting him. No one was in there, just him. He closed the door behind himself and looked all around at the plates and platters of food that he was just dying to eat. He looked at it and looked at it but couldn’t bring himself to eat any of it.
“It won’t be that big of a deal if I skip it…” He said to himself.

“Try again.” Taylor turned around to see not only Phyllis but also Amanda standing there with their arms folded.
“I…uh…” Taylor stammered.
“Do we have to go and speak with your parents?” Amanda said, raising an eyebrow seriously.
“I…uh…no.” He said and sighed. He turned back to the food and grabbed a piece of bread. He lifted it and smiled at them.
“Go ahead.” Phyllis said in a reassuring tone. Taylor finally took a bite and smiled at them.
“Good, now don’t throw it up.” Amanda said and walked out of the room. Phyllis watched as she left.
“Listen…I don’t need to be chaperoned…”
“Apparently you do Taylor.” Phyllis said seriously as she turned back to look at him.
“I don’t appreciate…” Taylor began to say.
“Taylor, I said this before, it’s none of my business but if you don’t try and beat this, you will die.” Phyllis said seriously.
“I just mean that…I…” Taylor stammered.
“I understand what you’re going through. It’s embarrassing. You don’t want to admit that you have a problem but you do.” Phyllis said.
“I…I…I just feel so out of control.” Taylor said, throwing the piece of bread almost violently back onto the table.
“That’s why you need to speak to someone about it. It’s not going to go away on it’s own.” Phyllis said and walked up to him, putting her hand on his shoulder.
“I know. I…I just can’t have my parents worrying about it and all…I can’t cancel the tour or anything…I don’t know what to do.” He said with a sad voice.
“You have to make a decision.” Phyllis said, looking in his face.
“You know, I don’t know you or anything but…”
“Thank you.” Taylor said and smiled.
“Could you do me a favor?” He asked, looking her straight in the eye.
“Uh…yeah…sure.” Phyllis said nervously.
“Could you stop over my hotel room after everyone clears out? I need to make a phone call...and I need your help.” He smiled.
”What kind of phone call?” Phyllis asked puzzled.
“A phone call to the doctor’s.” He said.

After a quick meet and greet session, the guys left the Civic Center and went next door to their hotel. Ike and Zac decided to go to a restaurant down town with a couple of people, leaving Taylor alone in the room. He sat on his bed and picked up the phone, calling out to the Civic Center.
“Uh…hi, may I speak with Phyllis?” He said. Taylor waited for awhile and then was finally connected with her.
“Hello?” She said.
“Phyllis, this is Taylor. Do you think you can stop over now or is it too…”
“I’ll be right over. What room is yours?” She asked.
“No…no…I’ll meet you in the lobby, they’ll never let you up here.” He said.
“All right, see you in about five minutes?” She asked.
“Bring Amanda along.”
“All right.” Taylor hung up the phone and got up from his seat on the bed. He paced the room for a little while and decided to head on down to the lobby to wait for her. He certainly hoped that no one would bother him while he was down there. He didn’t have to wait long before both Phyllis and Amanda had arrived.
”Hi.” Phyllis smiled and walked over to him.
“So, lets go make that phone call.” She smiled and put her hand on his shoulder. Amanda didn’t say a word, she just followed.

They got into Taylor’s room and stood there.
“Sit.” He said, pointing towards the bed.
“Uh…Phyl…what’s going on?” Amanda whispered while Taylor sat down.
“We’re going to help Taylor.” Phyllis said.
“What do you mean?” Amanda asked. Phyllis looked over at Taylor and smiled.
“Taylor, where is the phone book?” Phyllis asked.
“Over there.” Taylor said, pointing to the television stand. Phyllis got up and grabbed the phone book, opening it and flipping through the pages for a doctor.
“Here we go.” Phyllis said, handing Taylor the book and pointing to a page. Taylor nodded and put the book in his lap. He picked up the phone and brought it over, picking it up. He glanced over at the girls and smiled hesitantly.
“Go ahead.” Phyllis smiled. Taylor dialed the number and put the phone up to his ear, waiting as the phone began to ring.
“Uh…yes…hello…this is Taylor Hanson, I need to speak with the doctor…”

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