Chapter 15

The ride stopped and Taylor and Holly came off with that 'wind swept' look. Phyllis laughed and ruffled Taylor's hair as he put his arm around her waist and kissed her gently on the top of the head.
"Have a good time?" She asked.
"I think I have to wait a little so my brain stops moving in my skull before I can give you an answer to that." Taylor grinned. Phyllis stopped and glanced over at Holly and Amanda. Amanda was whispering to Holly and pointing at Taylor and her.
"Manda!" Phyllis said angrily.
"Sorry, I can't keep this al to myself!" Amanda laughed. Phyllis just shook her head ad kept on moving.

"Hey, let's go play a game Phyl. I'll try and win you something." Taylor grinned.
"Pick one." Phyllis smiled.
"Hey Taylor, I bet that Holly and I can get one of those frogs on the lily pad over there before you." Amanda smiled.
"You're on." And with that, the three of them ran over to the game table, leaving Phyllis to stand there in the dust. She slowly walked over and stood by Taylor and waited as the carnie all took their money and supplied them with their rubber frogs.
"Pick something out…" Taylor began to say.
"You are so confident that you're going to beat the girls aren't you?" Phyllis laughed.
"Yes I am." Taylor grinned. Taylor glanced over at Holly and Amanda who were across from them and nodded.
"Ready…go." All three of them immediately 'loaded their weapons' and began firing rubber frogs everywhere. After about two tries, Holy got one on a lily pad and after Amanda's third try, she succeeded too. Taylor on the other hand could get one even close.
"DAMN IT!" He yelled angrily. The girls snickered to themselves and collected their prize from the carnie, one huge teddy bear. Taylor kept persisting but came up short and eventually gave up.
"Sorry Phyl, I couldn't win you anything." He muttered, a little embarrassed that two girls beat him.
"It's all right."
"Hey Taylor…" Holly said, interrupting him. Taylor turned around to look at her.
"Here, for effort." She laughed and handed him the teddy bear.
"Thanks anyway." Taylor said angrily and handed it back.
"Oh but we insist Taylor." Amanda grinned. Taylor took the teddy bear angrily. The girls walked ahead of him and Phyllis, snickering.
"That was nice they gave you that."
"I guess." Taylor grumbled.

They kept walking and Taylor glanced over to his right when he saw a game where you shoot at targets with an air gun.
"I swear, I'm going to win you something if it takes me all day long." Taylor said and began to drag Phyllis over by the hand.
"Taylor…come on, it's not that important…" Phyllis began to say.
"Yes it is."
They got up to the booth and Taylor handed the carnie his cash.
"Would you like to shoot miss." The carnie smiled.
"Sure." Phyllis said and shrugged her shoulders. Taylor smiled at her as they began to shoot. Holly and Amanda made their way over and watched intently as Taylor and Phyllis played the game. Taylor was getting extremely frustrated while it seemed Phyllis wasn't even trying. Suddenly, the guns stopped and the carnie brought the targets forward.
"We have a winner." The carnie smiled and handed Phyllis not only her target but also a stuffed tiger.
"Here ya go." The carnie smiled.
"Thanks." Phyllis said. Taylor rolled his eyes.
"Sorry Tay." Phyllis said in a small voice.
"I should have known better." Taylor smiled.
"This is the third time that you lost to a girl isn't it?" Holly laughed.
"Holly!" Phyllis said angrily.
"What game do we want to play now?" Amanda smiled.
"TEST YOUR STRENGTH!" A carnie yelled conveniently. Taylor looked at Phyllis and smiled.
"Here we go again." She muttered and rolled her eyes. The group of them walked over and handed the carnie their money.
"Go ahead Taylor, prove how manly you really are." Holly laughed. Taylor just gave her a look and took the mallet from the carnie. He rose it high above his head and closed his eyes.
Taylor opened his eyes only to see that it didn't hit the bell on the top.
"Damn!" He said angrily.
"Okay Taylor, give it up." Amanda said and grabbed the mallet from him.
Taylor growled as Amanda handed off to Holly and collected her prize.
Holly smiled and collected her prize and handed the mallet to Phyllis.
"I'm telling you Taylor this one, I will totally miss. I don't have a lot of arm strength." Phyllis said, smiling innocently. Taylor sighed and watched her. She rose the mallet high above her head and arched her back.
*BANG!* Taylor turned his head…

"Oh my god…" Phyllis said, smiling awkwardly as the carnie handed her a stuffed panda bear.
"Good luck next time son." The carnie laughed as Taylor and the girls walked away.

"Listen, Tay, I don't care if you win me anything all right." Phyllis said and put her hand gently on his shoulder.
"I know you don't." He smiled.
"I know what you can do for me…" Phyllis smiled at him.
"Get me some fried dough with powdered sugar." She grinned.
"Sure. Do you girls want anything while I'm up?" Taylor asked and ran his fingers through his hair.
"I want the same as Phyl." Amanda said and dug around her pocket for some cash.
"On me." Taylor said.
"What about you Holly?"
"Nothing, thanks.'
"You don't want anything?" Both Phyllis and Amanda said shocked.
"No, I'm fine." Holly smiled. Taylor shrugged his shoulders and went up on line.
Just as Taylor was about to finish picking up the food, his cell phone rang.
"Damn it…" Taylor muttered. He put the food down on a table near him and pulled out his phone.
"Taylor…" Ike's voice came through.
"Yeah, what?"
"Where the hell are you?"
"At the Dutchess County Fair, why?"
"We need you to…to…" Suddenly Taylor's phone was getting fuzzy.
"Ike! Ike!" Taylor yelled. The line went dead. Taylor turned it off and put it in his pocket again. As he turned to look over at the girls, Taylor noticed a young guy, with long dirty blonde hair talking to Holly. He made his way over, food in hand and glanced at Phyllis.
"Oh…Taylor…this is Josh, Holly's brother." Phyllis said taking the food from him. Taylor shook Josh's hand and nodded.
"Well, Hol, I'm heading home, you want a ride?" Josh asked.
"Uh…yeah…I guess." Holly mumbled.
"Sorry to cut it short guys." Holly said to Phyllis and Amanda.
"That's all right. We'll see you later, all right?" Phyllis said.
"All right. Nice seeing you again Taylor." Holly said as she waved goodbye.
"It's too bad she had to leave." Taylor said.
"Yeah." Phyllis said. The three of them sat down at a table and began to eat.

*Ring, Ring *
Taylor pulled out his cell phone again and switched it on.
"Taylor." Ike's voice said again.
"I was hoping you were going to call again…"
"You have to come back to the hotel…our flight leaves in a couple hours, you need to pack."
"I thought our flight wasn't until seven?" Taylor wondered.
"They had to reschedule it. I'll see you when you get back, sorry about cutting you date short with Phyllis." Ike said.
"It's all right Ike. Bye." Taylor turned off the phone and looked up at Phyllis.
"You have to go." Phyllis said before Taylor could even open his mouth.
"Yeah…I'm really sorry…"
"I know." Phyllis said and sighed. Phyllis stood up and looked at him.
"I'll call you…I promise." Taylor said, smiling awkwardly.
"All right." Phyllis said and hugged him.
"Let me give you my cell number." Taylor said as he picked up a napkin and grabbed a pen from his pocket, scribbling it down. He handed it to her. He then put his hand on her face and kissed her deeply.
"I'll talk to you." Taylor said and pulled away.
"All right."
"I'm sorry I can't give you a ride home. I really wish I could." Taylor said with his hand still on her face.
"Don't worry about it." Phyllis smiled. She reached up and kissed him briefly on the lips.
"Bye." Taylor walked off, feeling his heart sink. He knew the next time he was going to see her would be in a very long time.

Phyllis sat down at the table across from Amanda.
"You all right?" Amanda asked in a concerned voice. Phyllis didn't answer, she just looked down at her hands.
"Phyl?" Amanda asked and stood up. Phyllis looked up, with a tear gliding down her cheek.
"I'm…I'm all right." She said and wiped her eye.
"Why don't I take you home." Amanda said and walked towards her friend. Phyllis nodded. Amanda put her hand on Phyllis' shoulder as they headed towards the parking lot. Phyllis got in the car and sat back, sighing to herself as Amanda started the car.
"What?" Phyllis sighed.
"I can tell he cares about you." Amanda said and looked over at her friend. Phyllis just looked at her and blinked.
"I'll stop talking." Amanda said and began pulling out of the parking spot.
"Can we listen to some music?" Phyllis asked. Amanda suddenly stopped the car.
"What are you doing?" Phyllis asked.
"Damn it, we're going shopping!" Amanda smiled.
"Manda, just take me home." Phyllis sighed. Amanda just shook her head in defeat.

As they were driving along, Amanda stopped at a stop sign as a four-way intersection. Just as Amanda was going to make the turn…
"AMANDA!" Phyllis screamed as a large four by four, black truck came barreling through from Phyllis' side.

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