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Who is Ike Hanson? He is the oldest of the three Hanson brothers. He has a talent beyond his years, writing songs starting at the tender age of 9. He shows his talent in every performance he gives. His vocals are always excellent even though Taylor sings mostly lead on all songs. But he is there always keeping everything on track with his fine vocals, blending harmony perfectly. He was born on November 17th, 1980.


Full Name: Clark Isaac Hanson
Astrology sign: Scorpio
Favorite color: green
Instruments played: Vocals, guitar, piano
Favorite food: lasagna, steak, spaghetti
Worst habit: Biting his fingernails
Personality: Intelligent, goofy, sensitive, leader
Hobbies: soccer, rollerblading
Fav ice cream: Vanilla
Fav candy bar: Heath Bar
Fav Subject: Science

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