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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Monica!


Your music reaches your many fans.
Across the bounderies of many lands.
Your voice is heard all around.
It is such a wonderful, joyess sound.
It makes us happy when we are blue.
This joy we feel we send to you.
You make us strong, when we are weak.
Your voice was there when we couldn't speak.
In concerts fans scream your name.
Your gift of music brought you fame.
Our hearts took pictures that we will save.
For all the good times that you gave.
Happy Birthday our voices ring.
Hoping you hear us while we sing.
Hope your day is a happy one.
Filled with gladness and a lot of fun!

by Monica Geist

This poem was written by Lily!


Tense hand
there I want to press my mouth
my lips
feel the taut things within
underneath the frozen skin
that's only strong enough to keep
tendons in.
Pale fingers
in the wash of opal light
over strings
making quite exquisite things
with soul and voice and vibe
maybe the only things now

by Lily

This poem was written by Rebecca Johnson!

MY ESCAPE (Written about Zac)

My life is going downhill.
But you're my escape.
As soon as I hear your voice, all my problems melt away.
I'm taken to a place where friends stay by your side and you love me.
I pretend those words were meant for me and I don't have to reach out for you when my nights are dark and stormy. In this place, fantasies become realities and it's me and you forever.
But then I'm awakened.
It's back to the place where your soft brown eyes look only at the camera and not at me.
I'm back to reality.

by by Rebecca Johnson - The h*o*p

This poem was written by Rebecca Johnson!

YOU'RE EVERYWHERE (Written about Zac)

I'm thinking of you and I cannot sleep. I want you so bad I feel I will weep.
Your face is in my dreams. Your face is everywhere. Too bad you don't know. Too bad you don't care.
I write these poems but they don't seem to matter. Every time I face the facts, I become sadder.
You're amazing, awesome, wonderful, the best. You fill up my mind and I can't seem to rest.
But there are millions of other girls out there. Why would I be the one you find rare?

by Rebecca Johnson - The h*o*p

This poem was written by Amy Lynn Sipple!

OPPOSING VIEWS- (Written about Hanson Haters)

What is different?
What is same?
What is weird?
What is strange?
What is normal?
What is sane?
Does anyone have the right to say?

Why do you tease me?
Why do you lie?
Why do you hurt everyone inside?
Is that your job
To be so mean,
And say such awful, hurtful things?
When I like something,
You say it's uncool.
When I like what you like,
I'm still not cool.
Do I have to be like you?

You say you're normal-
I beg of you,
To look inside,
And analyze
The things you do,
And the things you say.
For I'm not like you;
You're not like me-
And I pray to God no one will ever be.

Because I am myself,
And you are you;
That's how it is-
And that's how it goes;
For normal means nothing,
In this 'ab'normal world.

So why do you think
You're better than me;
Always a step ahead of me?
The one who always knows what's right,
The one who always wins the fight?

I say were all a little bit crazy,
A little insane,
A little 'ab'normal,
A little strange,
A little weird,
A little the same;
But does anyone have the right to say?

But I forgive you,
And pray you will
Leave our views behind,
And pray for me too.

For I do not hate you-
I will not lie,
I will not make you feel angry inside,
All I ask,
Is for you to think-
And see some of the things,
As I see them fit.

I do not ask that you be like me-
Just try to think about what it would be,
To see my likes,
To treasure my views,
To keep your insults
Held tight inside of you.

So what is different?
What is same?
What is weird?
What is strange?
What is normal?
What is sane?
Does anyone have the right to say?

by Amy Lynn Sipple - Hanson Dream World
Amy's domain is: Itz Untold.com

This poem was written by Marie!


When he looks into your eyes
It's the perfect kiss
on the perfect night
with the perfect person.
When your name leaves his lips
It's like heaven beconing to you
with a snow-fall of cursive dreams.

When dimples form from the site of your face
It's like like a lipstick smudged sunset
on a polished beach.

And when he sings to you
It's like an angel's cupped your heart
between its hands...

by Marie

This poem was written by Kara!


Three Blond Brothers,
Cute as can be,
Singing their songs for you and me.
From the happy tune of MMMBop,
To the sadder tune of I Will Come To You,
The medley of their beautiful voices,
Always Shines through.
They play their own intruments,
Even write their own songs,
And their beautiful voices,
They will stay forever strong.
They travel the world,
To do concerts for fans,
And always try hard,
To stay on plan.
I will always be,
A Hanson fan,
No matter where they go,
I will be their right hand.

by Kara - Think Hanson! Itz Friday!

This poem was written by Lucy McAdams!


Hanson is the best band
Come on let's give them a hand
Zac is hyper
He used to wear a diaper
Tay loves to draw
He doesn't need a bra
Ike plays guitar
He wishes he had a red camaro car
You can snap to mmmbop
Makes you never wanna stop
I'll be thinking of you
If you'll think of me too
We say weird so much
It's not dutch
You act so speechless
Save our trees don't go treeless
Where's the love?
It's up above
Yearbooks are on sale
Before they go stale
Look at you
Look at me too
Lucy is so sweet
It's like a special treat
I will come to you goes to the heart
Don't tear me apart
A minute without you i can't live
Even though you'e my sib
Madeline makes you go 'round
It's such a beautiful sound
With you in your dreams makes me wanna cry
My eyes will never be dry
And end it with a big sigh..

by Lucy McAdams

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