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So you want to win my Fan Fiction Award? Just follow the instructions below.


Have you written a story about Hanson and would like to try to win my MASTERPIECE OF HANSON AWARD FOR HANSON FICTION? Just email me your name, Story name and URL of the story! Then I will go and check it out! I am not looking for perfection in your stories, just a GREAT story line and subject matter. I want to see the time and effort you put into the story and it doesn't matter if the story is not finished! So Good luck!

Here is a sample of what the award looks like below


Winners of this award listed below! I will try to read every story sent to me!

STORY IS: Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed
By Nick

STORY IS: The Hanson Nightmare
By Shelly

STORY IS: The Touch
By Justine

STORY IS: Thank You Forever
By Dawsyn-Grace

STORY IS: When The Night Is Dark And Stormy
By Avery Johns

STORY IS: Hysteria, Bloody Hysteria
By Stacy

STORY IS: In The Absence Of Faith
By Fishie

STORY IS: Untitled
Note: This story is not up yet on the web. When it is posted I will let you know!
By Emily

STORY IS: A Change Of Grace
By Sheryl

STORY IS: Kiss of Eternity
By Willow

STORY IS: Holding On To Nothing
By Allie

STORY IS: Shimmer
By Sarah

STORY IS: A Little Taste of Love
By Katie

STORY IS: Puppy Tayles
By Besty

STORY IS: You Are My Hope
Note: This story contains mature content, and may not be suitable for all readers. If you are offended by such material, please do not proceed. You have been warned!
By Jenny

STORY IS: Left Alone
This story does not include any sexual situtations, but does have mature content.
By Colleen

STORY IS: Close Yours Eyes - But Don't Sleep
By Lauryn Beaufort

STORY IS: In The Eyes Of A Stranger
By Marie Zamora

STORY IS: Untitled
By Ally

STORY IS: Forgotten Destiny
By Harmony

STORY IS: Small World
By Cindy

STORY IS: Wishing Heart
By Gypsy

STORY IS: Rain Is A Matter Of Attitude
By Amber

STORY IS: Two Worlds
By Britney

STORY IS: The Secret No One Knows
By Martina

STORY IS: When You're Near Me
By Jenny Dolan

STORY IS: The Light To Guide You
By Ashley

STORY IS: Kiss From An Angel
By Allie

STORY IS: Guardian Angel
Click on FanFic to see her list of stories.
By Jen

STORY IS: Escape From Mason Manor
By Jenn

STORY IS: The Dream II
Click on the Hanson Stories link to see her list of stories at the bottom of the page.
By Becki

STORY IS: Unsung Heroes
By Amber Wheeler

STORY IS: From Hell To Heaven
By Elle

STORY IS: The Turok Trilogy
Click on the My Stories link to see her list of stories.
By Becky and Morgan

STORY IS: Possession
A story that is written by many.
By Lee and Madie and all the writers

STORY IS: Total Chaos
By Stephanie and Lucia

Note: Story was known as - Never Let Go
By Lauren and Ana

STORY IS: Operation Tulsa Thunder
By Adam

STORY IS: The Picture
By Cyndee

STORY IS: The Fallen Angel Saga
Story By Shelly
Illustrations by Beth

STORY IS: So, There Was This Boy
By Stephanie

STORY IS: The Quite One
By Krystal

By Ashley

STORY IS: Catapult
By Ella

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