by Monica Geist

Designed by
Lauren Holm

<-- I am a MOE Netpick! -->

I was Hanson's MOE 5 netpick! If you want to read about it look below.


Here is how it looked in the MOE 5 magazine below! Thanks to Becka from the Hanson Hotel for scanning the pic for me!

Thanks Hanson from the bottom of my little heart!

This is how it looked in the MOE 5 magazine!

I want to THANK everyone who emailed me and signed my guestbook with their congrats and all who still come to my site! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I hope everyone someday has Hanson choose their site as a NETPICK, because there are so many excellent Hanson sites that I have seen and gone to now and in the past! I know each one of us puts a lot of time and effort into their pages! Well let me thank ALL again from the bottom of my heart! I have made so many new friends!

Love, Monica Geist

*Please Note: I have no connections with Hanson, or Hanson's Label. All art on this page is for enjoyment purposes only! No Art can be sold in Hanson's name! The art is mine! You may not copy it without my permission!! Please ask first!! Okay? Thanks!!