Times Running Out

Chapter 7 - The long journey

Star sat back on the floor and thought, ”Why aren’t we going to get out of this alive?"
The boys seem so sullen and positive they’re going to die…that if they keep thinking it…it will happen.
Taylor said to Bob, ”You said before my moms ok?"
Bob nodded and replied, ”Yes the doctor had said your mom got shot in the left lung, but as soon as the bullet was removed the bullet hole closed two seconds later, like an angel had healed it but… I don’t think it could be who I think it is…could it?"
"Who?" Taylor asked getting way to exited for his own good.
Bob replied, ”Tay? You're not going to believe me but…I think Celion healed your mom."
Taylor looked at Bob and said, ”I believe in angels healing people but…Celion died and her spirit is free. It’s not like she’s going to save us from this place…or will she?"
Star replied, ”My sister promised me she would help you or myself out if anytime we needed it…and your mom Tay needed help. If there wasn’t some miracle, then your mom would be dead Taylor. Getting shot in the lung you die fast. No question about that."
Taylor nodded and asked, ”Star do think will make it out alive this time?"
Star sat down beside Taylor and replied, ”If heaven's really with us Tay we'll get out. You’ll see. We'll get out."


Mac stopped the van they were where the chopper was going to be delivered. The chopper sure enough was there.
Mac got out and said, ”Jon, Will, Jamie! Make sure when you get Star to the chopper. Make sure her arms are tied fast behind her. Remember when I said they had restraining beds where we're going?" The other three nodded Mac continued…"well at night we just strap them down and if they have to go or something like that then Star tends to them. I installed a chain to the room right by the door and the chain is long enough to walk around the hole room and half the hall way. But escape is not possible for them…at least I hope not."
The four kidnappers opened the back of the door and replied, ”Ok guys time to take a-little ride."
Taylor immediately began to shake as tears of fear and pain welled up in his eyes but quickly resisted them. Jamie unhooked Star’s hands but in a matter of seconds they were tied behind her back just as Jamie ordered.
Star asked, ”Why are you doing this Jamie? Why?"
Jamie saw a box with blindfolds and gags. He reached his hand in and took a gag out and tightened it around her mouth. Tears ran down her face as she turned to Jamie. Jamie reached and got a blindfold putting it securely yet very gently over her eyes.
Taylor watched as Star was being gagged and blindfolded.
"I really hate the darkness and I hate not being able to talk. It’s horrible…in fact I can’t ever imagine anybody liking it." Taylor thought then got angry with Jamie at tying Star up.
Bob gave him a 'shut up what are ya trying to do get us killed look'. Taylor ignored Bob’s expresstion and continued yelling. Mac grabbed the duck tape and stuck a piece on his mouth. Taylor shut up as he tried to get the duck tape off. No such luck with it.
Mac picked Taylor up and moved him to the chopper and set him inside the compartment. Jamie would look after the eight kids while they traveled, seeing as though Star wouldn’t cooperate with them if she was left just chained. So they decided to have her tied like the rest. Jamie would feed and give them water as they traveled to Alaska after that Star would do it.
Star and Taylor sat inside the compartment as the four kidnappers brought the other six in. Mac sat Zac down as Will brought Isaac and Scott in. Jon brought Dave and Clint in as Jamie brought Bob in. Taylor gave a muffled cry when he was approached by Jamie with two syringes for Star and him.
"MMMPPPHHH!" Was his response. Jamie leaned down beside Taylor and got the sedative ready for injection.
Taylor looked at him with sad light blue eyes. Taylor’s eyes sparkled like diamonds in water when he looked at Jamie. Jamie put the needle down and grabbed the blindfold out of the box and but it tightly around his eyes with that he picked the sedative back up and gently injected it into his arm.
"MMM!" Was Taylor’s response as he fell into a deep sleep.


Mac sat in the seat of the plane while Jamie was in the compartment watching over the boys and Star.
Mac started up the chopper and said, ”It’s going to be easy to watch those brats. I mean we have reinforced doors and no windows. It will be entirely impossible for them to escape this time and when we're ready to kill them then…well we’ll bring them back to Tulsa on that very same ledge we were going to do."
Jon and Will looked at Mac and nodded.
Will said, ”Why do you need them tied up at night?"
Mac replied, ”Well let me see…so we don’t have them trying to plan anything up or attack us when we check on them stupid! That’s why.. ya dumb ass!"
Jon laughed and replied, ”Yeah I even knew that." Will nodded and sank back in his chair. Meanwhile Mac flew from the ground getting higher and higher up.
Will mumbled, ”Wow... I love the view."
Mac smiled and said, ”Yeah and it will get nicer because were going to Alaska. It will be night when we get to the house, but we have a five hour flight ahead of us. When we get to the house we'll put them in the room." The three nodded and continued to drive in silence.

5 hours later:

"We're here!" Mac shouted joyfully beautiful Alaska!


All the boys including Star woke up looking around wondering where they were. Taylor and Star already knew but the others did not.
Mac landed on a clear way right outside the skirts of a forest where he knew to be Woodlen Hills forest but up this way it was all disserted. Mac landed, got out of the chopper, and opened the door to the compartment where Jamie and the others were.
"How was your flight Jamie?"
Jamie muttered, ”Shut the fuck up and leave me the hell alone."
Soon everyone was settled in the van they had taken with them. Star was attached to the pulley again. It was getting late in Alaska and she wondered where they were taking them. Soon she would find out.

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