Times Running Out

Chapter 8 - Hell on Earth

"Star? Come 'ere." Mac motioned towards the front of the van.
The girl sighed and heaved herself up from her position on the floor and slipped passed the sleeping and trembling bodies of her friends/brothers and made her way to the front of the vehicle.
"Yes?" She stated in a flat tone.
"You're not gonna be takin care of them once we reach our destination." He replied.
"And you're telling me this because?" She snapped disrespectfully.
"Shut the hell up, get back there before I pull this van over and feed ya to the wolves." Mac spat back at her, his voice filled with much more venom.
Star shuddered and slunk back into the shadows.
"Do they really have wolves out here? Oh my god, what about bears?" Her mind assaulted her with these thoughts.
"Mmmm." A body nearby groaned.
Star shook her head and stood up, paced up to where Scott lay and peeled of his damp blindfold and his gag.
"Where…where are we?" He moaned.
"Shhh, we're somewhere in Alaska." She reached for a bottle of water while saying this and Scott startled her when he said:
"WHAT?? WHY?" And she dropped the ice cold beverage onto Scott's toned stomach; cap off and upside down.
"Shit!" She cursed, swooping up the bottle quickly before the immobile Scott could be frozen any further by the cascading water.
"I'm so sorry Scott!" She bent near his ear to whisper, hoping against hope she wouldn't get in trouble by the jackass squad in the front. She didn't.
"Look, I'm really sorry. But just go to sleep now, we got a ways to go." She stated, watching Scott nod.
She did each young man the favor of removing their blindfold and gag so they could move around more freely. She then plopped herself down onto the small amount of space left on the floor and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


"Look! 'Anchorage, ten miles!' We're almost there!" Jamie squealed like a toddler.
"Shut the f- up, sweet Jesus." Will growled.
Jamie ignored his rudeness and went on, "From what I heard, Anchorage is the biggest city in Alaska but it's only the size of a normally populated city down in the states. There's only like, 300,000 people living there."
He babbled on mindlessly, "It's one of the biggest places for tourists to go see. Oh! Ya know, there's no polar bears down there either! Did you know that? They live ABOVE the arctic circle. I didn't know that. And the drivers hit and kill over 500 moose a winter, usually more! That's so-." Jamie's remark was cut off by a slap in the back of the head from an agitated Jon.
"Shut up or I'll shut it up for ya." He snarled.
"Sorry man, I just thought you guys'd wanna-."
"Shut... Up."

!fifteen minutes later!

"Ok! Look for the signs that'll lead us to the airport's landing field." Will directed.
"What's it called?" Jamie asked.
"Duh moron, 'Anchorage International Airport.' It was only written all over the sign we just passed." Mac said.

!back of the van!

"Oh god....where're they taking us now?" Zac whispered into the tense environment.
"Who knows.." Clint whispered, his desperate fear masked only out of morbid curiosity.
"We're in Alaska guys." Scott informed them, locking eyes with Star.
"Duh, they only said Alaska a half million times up there Scott." Bob rolled his eyes in his big brother's direction.
Scott noticeably ignored him.
"Be nice to your brother!" Star scolded him, much like Diana would to Zac teasing Mackie.
"Geze, this is really beyond crazy you guys. You know how much all this would cost?" Isaac threw his comment in.
Ever the smart aleck, Zac chirped out, "A lot?"
"Ha ha ha, shut up. Yes, actually, a lot." Isaac ended lamely.
"Oooof!" Eight voices cried out, the van having struck a pot hole; which were common in Alaska due to the extremely frequent earthquakes in the area. The pot hole must have triggered this thought from Jamie.

!front of the van!

"Did you guys see the size of that pot hole!?" Mac gaped. Even though they were driving on side roads, the pot holes were never this big back home.
"Know what caused it?" Will asked.
Jamie sealed his lips for a minute, then spoke up, "Yep. Earthquakes out the butt here they say. Didja hear about the Earthquake of '64? It registered a nine point one on the Richter Scale! Everybody felt it all over the world. The quake was so big that it washed tsunamis all over the coasts of Japan and even a bit on Russia. That one town we stopped by, Valdez, had to relocate inland more then fifteen miles after it hit and that didn't cover up what the dang quake caused. Oh! And on some of the pictures they got out there, streets in the middle of Anchorage were cut in half, right down the middle because of one of the major faults there. The drop was twenty feet in some places! And most of the people didn't die from the quake, the died from drowning and-."
"Would you just shut the fuck up you little shit!? You coulda just said, 'earthquakes.' And if we wanted to know more we woulda asked!" Jon yelled, grabbing the front of Jamie's shirt and slamming his fist against his chest.
"Sorry. One last thing though, "He smiled evilly, "Those big quakes are annual too. Every twenty to forty years. Guess how many years we got left." Jamie taunted.
"Lemme guess." Mac began sarcastically.
"No, I get to say it! It's been thirty six years. We're in a danger zone right now fellas." He crossed his arms and sat back into his seat, a smile a mile wide stretched across his face. He noticed the pale looks from his three comrades.


"Is he serious??" Dave squeaked. He hated earthquakes.
Isaac nodded and said, "Yeah. Member that Tay? Mom was teaching us about tectonic plates and she made us do a report on that."
"Oh yeah! Jamie's right, they're over due on a major quake up here." Taylor pierced his lips and frowned.
"Thanks Tay, we really needed to hear that!" Bob snapped.
"Dude, shut up. Was I even talking to you? No! I didn't think so." Taylor snapped back.
"Don't talk to my little brother like that!" Scott shouted at him.
"Hey, don't raise your voice around us!" Zac yelled back.
"Who the hell do you think you are?" Clint screamed at Zac.

The tension was unnerving everybody. Star clenched her hands to her ears as the back of the van erupted into furious yelling and screaming, insults flying around the cab as easily as a bird on an air draft. She couldn't take this, why weren't the men doing anything? Then she knew. They were trying to drive them apart...and it was working. She sat, leaning against the side of the van, rocking backwards and forth, hoping the yelling would stop. It didn't. Finally, she grew tired of it.
"GROW UP!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.
"Shut up back there, we're here! Star, gag em, blind fold em. Pronto!" Mac directed.
Star gladly, and not so gently, put the gags back in the boys' mouths' and blindfolded all but Dave. His eyebrow ring was bugging him still. Star could hear the conversation of their captors nearby.

"K, we got ten minutes to get everything loaded up before security checks this perimeter. Our guys shot the cameras out last night and they aren't back up yet. So lets do this!" Jamie clapped his hands together.
"Will, get the oldest. Jon, grab the twins. Jamie, grab the youngest. I got the leftovers." Mac waited a moment as the appropriate victims were yanked out the open door of the van before the man handled Taylor and Star to the Bell 205 helicopter he'd managed to get a hold of. The teens were thrown to the floor and fastened down for the long ride to the next refueling station and the kidnappers hunkered down up front, where the air was warmer.
"How do ya like it back there guys? Get used to it! This is heaven compared to what you got ahead of ya!" Mac informed them. He peeked out the window and watched an accomplice start the van up and drive off. He grinned. No evidence to trace em here at all. No mistakes this time. Perfect.


Isaac shivered violently and pressed himself against one of the band members he was jus fighting with; now he was fighting for warmth. He felt the shivering of the body in front of him lesson and he pressed in closer, drawing warmth from them while giving some of his own. Zac was laying across his legs, he thought it was Zac anyway the body was heavy enough to be him, and he couldn't get in closer. He sighed.
"This," he thought, "is hell. Hell on earth." He concluded.

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