Times Running Out

Chapter 6 - "It's smooth sailing."

"Boys? The police should be here in a minute.." Sheila's comment ended in a tiny whisper and a gasp, then, "FRAAAAAAAAANK! They're gone!" She screamed, passing out cold.
Frank came bounding in the room and saw the evidence of what had gone down only moments before. Oozy mud covered foot steps were layered thickly along the trampled entry way floor. Empty syringes were carelessly strewn across the floor. One was even crushed from somebody's foot....or somebody's body. Frank shuddered. He opened the front door and saw more signs of struggle. The earth around the stoop was churned up severely in several spots and one of the boys' newly recovered fish necklaces lay on the ground mixed with the wet dirt. Frank shut his eyes and slammed the door as hard as he could. He turned back to Sheila and picked up her head and lay it in his lap, not bothering to call the police, they were on their way anyway. Then he knew the Hanson family needed to find out about this.
Frank leaned over and pecked Sheila on the forehead, "I'll be right back honey."
He ran to the family room, snatching up the phone along the way and looked out the window. Who knew how long they were gone? Sheila was just comforting Clint a few minutes before. He dialed the number into the phone without even looking, his gaze fixed on the bordering woods to their home, hoping for a sign of his sons.
"Hello?" A dead depressed voice answered the phone.
"Walker?" Frank sank to the floor, a sobbing mound of flesh.
"Frank!? Frank, what's the matter?" Walker yelled into the receiver.
"They got em all....Scott, Clint, Bob, Dave...all of my babies!" He wailed into the phone. He then heard something he'd never thought he'd hear; Walker cursed.
"Oh my God, all of em? They could have....DIANA, GO CHECK ON THE BOYS!" Walker screamed, already taking the initiative. He sprinted up the stairs, Frank along for the ride, when the Hanson dad burst through the open door and saw an open window greet him. Breathing heavily he peeked outside and felt his stomach heave. The boys hackie lay on the ground among flattened grass and agitated soil around the base of the window. Syringes lay on the ground, just like the Moffatt house, and Walker suffered the same fate Sheila did as he collapsed to the floor. Just then Diana raced into the room and observed her fallen husband and swooped down upon the phone and was about the hang up when she heard Frank's voice pleading for somebody to pick up.
"Hello? Who is this?" Diana rushed out.
"It's Frank, what happened to Walker?" A frantic Frank called out desperately.
"He's on the floor, he passed out! What happened?"
"Didn't you hear him? He yelled about...shit, Diana where're Ike and Zac?" Frank gasped out.
"They're…oh no...no… no… no… no… no, please God no!" She wailed.
"Diana, don't get worked up! Just call the police. I gotta go, they're at my door. I'll send one your way, but call still alright?"
"Yes...thanks Frank." She hung the phone up listlessly.
She fell across Zac's trundle bed and lamented over the loss of two more sons.
"Why're you doing this to them, Lord? Why!?" She screamed.


Star mouthed the small chain that was wrapped around the back of her head. It pushed the gag so far into her mouth that it hurt to swallow. She looked above her head and gave her chains a yank to see if they'd give.
"Knock it off back there." Jamie growled, much less tolerant of the girl’s behavior now then the last time he'd encountered her.
The chains ran on a pulley system that Mac had installed a couple weeks previous. It only allowed the object chained to move to the front of the van or to the back with ease. Since she was chained at the back and the waist, she was able to reach out to the boys to help them eat and drink and reach to the side. But not far enough to reach the door on the side. It wouldn't have help if she could anyway, the handle was removed.
"Hmmphhh!" She answered.
Dave groaned as the tranquilizer wore off at last and he started moaning in pain. He thrashed his head around a bit, trying to dislodge his blindfold. "What's the matter with him?" Star thought to herself. Her eyes popped open a bit in realization and she moved up front quickly, making begging gestures through the wire mesh at Jon.
"What?" He asked.
She pointed to her mouth and gestured to have the chain and gag removed. She listened to him whispering to Jamie and Mac and finally Jamie reached his hands around through a small window like opening and motioned for her to turn around. She did. She felt the chain fall away and the gag a second later. Before anyone could blink an eye she slid her chained figure along the length of the van, skipping over unmoving bodies, to get to poor Dave. She knew just what was bothering him.
"Dave, this is gonna hurt like a bitch. Just suck it up ok?" She said to him. He nodded.
She shook her head and untied the back of the his blindfold, making sure to keep even pressure on the part that lay over his eyebrow. Her mind flashed back to the day when Dave approached Frank with big puppy eyes and pleaded for an eyebrow ring. It'd taken him a couple days of begging and whining until Frank finally gave him. Shortly there after, Bob and Clint had asked for the same favor of piercing; only those two wanted their ears done.
"Ok, just don't let em know this hurts. Please?" She whispered again, watching him nod fearfully.
She dropped the blindfold away quickly and watched as Dave's face contorted from relief to immediate pain as his eyebrow ring, which was seeping blood, sank back into position. His eye grew red and his cheeks rosy as the tears washed down his face. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked towards the cooler...the cooler filled with ice chips. Star took the hint immediately and fished on out, holding it against the painful piercing and watched Dave's face relax a little and his eyes close. The blood became dilute and turned pink as it seeped down his forehead and onto Zac's leg.
Star then felt a foot connect lightly with her leg and turned around, seeing Bob turned in her direction.
"Yeah?" She asked after she approached his side. He shook his head around wildly in reply.
"Point taken." She laughed lightly. She put her hands behind his head and removed his blindfold and gag without asking permission of her captors. He licked his lips.
"Dang it, I'm thirsty." He whispered hoarsely, looking around the back of the van to take in who was where and who's body was whose. He twisted his head around to see the back of Taylor's body, his hands chained behind him. Those hands were only inches from Bob's eyes.
After she'd given him enough to drink, he turned back to Taylor and then back to Star and said, "I wanna talk to Tay, can ya take his gag and blindfold off?" She nodded her response.
Taylor's head jerked up when he heard this and his body started shaking. Only his therapist knew how much he hated not being able to see, he'd rather bunjee jump…with no bunjee.
"Thanks!" He breathed. A moment later he blinked as the dim light from the cabin of the van leaked into the back.
He was grateful to Bob for getting the damn blinder off his eyes and felt his eyes water when he remembered his mother. That happened a lot lately; the thoughts of his mother.
"What's wrong? Tay?" Bob questioned.
"My...m-my mom!" He choked out through his tears.
Bob smiled softly and let him know, "She's ok! Your mom got hit in the lung, but she's alive, it's ok."
Taylor's crying shut off as quickly as if it were turned off like a showerhead. Bob forced a small grin across his lips for Taylor's sake and Taylor did the same back. Him and Bob had created an unbreakable bond during the few weeks they had before Mac had shown up and ruined the peace that was slowly filling in the distressed families. If you weren't able to locate one boy but you knew where the other was, you were likely to find him there.
"How do you know?" He questioned.
Bob sucked up some saliva to help quench his sudden thirst and said, "The paramedics took Star to the hospital because of that, " He jerked his head towards the bruise that covered Star's skill, "and we stopped by and saw your mom." He nodded once before Star poured more water down his eager throat.
"How'd they get Ike and Zac?"
"Dunno, all I saw was them being dumped in here."
Taylor frowned frustratingly, "What about you?"
Bob's eyes watered when he answered, "I should have known something was up. I mean I woke up and saw my window wide open. I ignored it. I went to the bathroom and came back and changed. I still didn't notice anything. Then, oh yeah.a tad too late, I heard something behind me and there was Jamie. I had to climb outta my window down the tree, ya know the big oak? Yeah and I stayed at the bottom while Jamie, the dip shit, landed flat on his ass. And here I am." His tears dried up a bit with being able to ridicule his abductors.
Taylor shook his head and closed his eyes shut tightly. This wasn't supposed to happen to him! Why was he being punished for being famous? He was doing something he loved for the fans he loved when these jack offs came in and messed up the perfect harmony he'd achieved with his brothers and the band. He sucked in a breath. His love for music was going to cost somebody their life, he knew it.
"We're not gonna survive this time...are we?" Star whispered.
"Who knows?" Taylor and Bob answered together.


"Ok, the cabin's riiiiiight....here. The big lake shaped like a bear with a big arse." Mac pointed out on a map.
"Why're we goin to Alaska?" Will wanted to know.
"No one'll think to look there. We got the chopper and the cabin ole Jay built last year 'fore he died. It's got enough rooms for us to each have one and even one to dump all the brats in. Unheated of course." Jamie smiled sinisterly.
"That's kinda harsh isn't it? I mean it's winter up there right now, right?" Jon broke in.
"Hey, they got you and me put in jail. Who cares if it's harsh?" Will growled out.
"True." Jon rubbed at the stubble along his chin.
"Anyway, we get the chopper and get up on the tundra. No one'll find us there cause we aren't gonna leave tracks, that's why we use the helicopter and the plane." Mac concluded.
"We aren't staying up there long are we?"
"No sir, this ain't lastin nowhere near as long as last time. They should still have all the money they did last time, am I right? Am I right?" Jamie put his hands out for high fives. He received them.
"Ok, I still don't think we should be so harsh. We're at least gonna toss a couple blankets back in the room with em when we get there." Jon delivered his compromise. Mac nodded his agreement causing Jon to smile at his small victory.
Mac and Jamie turned back to the task at hand and motioned to the map, "Alrighty then. We got the cargo plane that takes us...here. Then we get the chopper and fly from Anchorage up to this fueling station and we can make it out in the middle of nowhere, no pun intended to the Hanson brats, and just enough juice to get to another fueling station...here." Both men explained.
Mac grinned, "It's that simple. We got the supplies up there a couple weeks ago. We tested how much fuel it took to get to where and everything. No mess ups this time. The room where we got the kids at is reinforced all around; we got steel doorframe, strap down beds for at night ,no windows again, steel door, and the same bathroom facilities." He smirked.
"From here on out, it's smooth sailing." Jamie grinned.

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