Times Running Out

Chapter 5 - Wrong place at the wrong time

Mac stood outside the house of the Moffatt’s house but was hiding in the bushes so the security would not know he or his accomplices where there.
Mac carefully looked through the window to see the three remaining Moffatts crying on each other’s shoulders while they prayed.
Mac thought, ”Don’t worry. You three will be ours soon enough. Now…how do I get you little brats outside? That’s the main question to the riddle. Well we managed to get Isaac and Zac out. Why not Clint, Scott, and Dave? Well for one thing stupid... they don’t have a ball outside the window. Maybe I can have a divertion created that will allow them to all come out running. No one at a time!" He scolded himself for even thinking it.
Jamie who was behind the other branch said, ”Hey Mac so how we gonna do this?" Mac turned to Jamie and smiled.
"Care to climb the tree again?" Mac asked half joking half with seriousness.
Jamie smiled and replied, ”No thanks ya jackass. Why don’t you climb the fucking tree if you want the fucking brats? I’m tired of falling out of the tree and hurting my rump."
Mac laughed a little and said, "Ok Jamie. Point taken." Mac grabbed the needles from his pocket, looked at them to make sure it was a sedative and put the three back in his pocket. Mac rung the door bell and hide behind the bush again.
"What in the fuck are you doing Mac?" Jamie asked in a whisper.
Mac smiled and replied, ”Watch and learn Jamie…watch and learn."
Scott answered the door and said, ”Hello? Anybody here?"
Scott looked around and thought, ”This is freaky. Maybe I outa check it out."
Scott turned to his brothers and said, ”I’ll be back."
They nodded as he shut the door. Just as soon as he shut the door Mac jumped up out of the bushes and slowly came up behind Scott who was now on the lawn. Mac, Jamie, Will, and Jon ran at him knocking him down as Jamie put the needle not so gently in his arm as Will covered the boy’s mouth with his hand to make sure he didn’t cry out.
Mac said once the boy was out, ”Carry him back to the Van. Tie him up, gag him so he can’t make no noise, and put Star in those body chains because she will be the one feeding, and giving them water as we travel to Alaska. That is by plane and we all know how that would work. I mean once we get there we will be going deep into the woods, so there would be no chance of escape for these guys."
Jamie nodded and went to help the others tie Scott up. He told the men not to chain Star unless he was there to watch. Mac waited till the other men came back and rang the doorbell again. This time Clint and Dave went to the door but all they saw were Mac and the rest. Clint tried closing the door but Mac had it blocked with his foot and rammed inside leaving two very confused teens on the ground. The other three quickly restrained the two and sedated them. The four kidnappers drug them out of the house and to the van just as security came around the corner.

Star was awake now but felt tears drip down her throat as she remembered that they had gotten Taylor, his brothers, Bob, and her.
"What will they try to do this time? Tourcher us?" If Star only knew the other half.
Mac got near to the van with his other captives with the two zoned out teens and set them down on the ground. Mac got the rope, tape and gag strips. Mac pulled Clint’s arms tightly behind his back, ducked taped, and tied them together. When he was finished with that he took the gag strip and put it tightly around the boy’s mouth so he wouldn’t yell or make any noise. He did the exact same thing to Dave.
After he tied them up he tossed them beside Scott and said, ”Okay now you guys can untie Star and chain her up like the boys were before you know. Waist chain, feet, and hand chain all of it. Oh and guys? Leave the gag in. I figure since she played mute for so long we’ll see to it that she at least stays like that for like four hours. And just so she doesn’t take it off, put this chain around her mouth tightly and padlock it in the back."
Star felt fear rise up in her throat as he said those dreadful words.

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