Times Running Out

Chapter 32 - Untitled

{Later that Evening}

Dave sat staring at the huddled mass that was Star and Tony and shook his head. He still had misgivings for ever accepting them as a couple but he looked to the ceiling and thought, "What can I do about it now?" and resettled on his rear, looking around the sleeping mass of teens. Dave knew Taylor and Scott weren’t exactly buddy-buddy with Tony and he wondered if they ever would be. He snorted, not likely. Zac could have cared less it seemed. Tony could have left Star that very moment or they could stay together for the rest of their lives and Zac was indifferent. Bob and Clint both felt the same way about it all; Who cares? Isaac felt exactly like Dave but he wouldn’t voice his opinion on the subject. Everybody was acting sweet for one person and one person alone. That person was Star.
He sighed loudly after heaving in a massive lung full of air. Glancing around the room, he decided he wanted to sleep next to Zac because it was furthest away from Tony. He stood up and winced when his knee popped painfully, alerting Bob to his presence.
Somewhat groggily Bob asked, "Wussa matter Dave?"
Dave decided laying near his twin brothers was better then laying by Zac so he sunk to his butt and replied, "I dunno man. This is all so screwed up ya know?"
Bob gave his brother a ‘duh’ look and answered, "We figured that out awhile ago, where’ve you been?"
"No…I mean Star and Tony…she just got her ass kicked and he got pistol whipped and they’re all peachy over there. We shouldn’t have to deal with shit like this, we’re only sixteen for Christ’s sake!" He threw his hands in the air in frustration while talking in low tones.
Bob only nodded, waking up quickly because of the frigid air the room supplied.
Dave continued, "And what about Zac? The kid’s screwed up for life. He’s never gonna be the same guy again ya know? Don’t get me wrong, he’ll recover and all….but he’s not gonna be the same Zac again." His hands fidgeted in his lap before he went on, "When do you think we’ll get outta here? I lost count of how many days we’ve been in this place. I swear I’ve lost ten pounds or something cause they don’t feed us enough."
Bob gave his lop sided grin before saying, "You could stand to lose ten pounds Davey. Me though….everyone called me anorexic before, heh, what are they gonna think of me and Clint now?"
Dave bristled good naturedly, "Fuck you too Bob."
"No thanks, I try to keep it outta the family." He replied, putting his hands up as if to fend off his brother.
"Aww come on. You know you want me and my hot little ass."
"Little…right!" Bob started laughing.
"Come now poopy pants, don’t you think I’m a cutie patootie?" Dave batted his eyelashes.
"Stop staring at me, Dave, I know you think I’m hot but stop." Bob stated in all seriousness, causing a slight giggle to escape Dave’s lips.
Bob now sat up and decided he wanted to continue talking with his brother. So much fear had been around lately that talking didn’t seem right anymore.
Dave gave a fake flirtatious smile, "But Bobby, that little fur ball you got growing under your lip is such a turn on!"
Bob frowned, "Hey you leave my fur ball outta this!" He took a swing at Dave and connected lightly with the side of his brother’s head.
"Hey man, that felt good! What a rush!" Dave spat out before smacking Bob back.
Dave settled in on his haunches, resting his head on his upraised knees, "If they kill us…do you think we’ll go to heaven or hell? We’ve done some crap-happy stuff in our day Bobby."
Bob shook his head vigorously, "They won’t kill us…they need us to get the money."
"What’s gonna stop them from claiming that we’re alive? Saying that we’re tied up in the back of the van?" Dave countered.
"Don’t say that Davey….just try to keep your hopes up." Bob stated, rubbing Dave’s shoulder before laying on his back. He gave a seductive smile and patted the bedding beside him invitingly. Dave smiled sadly after shaking his head and lay down, sleep claiming his tired mind at last.


"When are we gonna move em outta here?" Jamie asked, putting an ice pack on the knuckles of his right hand. They were bruised from punching Star so many times.
"Two days oughtta be good. I wanna get these fuckin brats outta my hair as soon as possible." Mac pounded the table.
Will nodded, never one to talk much and looked at Jamie to ask another question.
"How are we gonna do this?"
"Well…this isn’t 100% proof yet, but there’s an old warehouse outside Tulsa where we can ditch em after we get the cash and...."
"Cash? It’s gonna be in cash!?" Jamie yelped in happy surprise.
"YES. How else would we get it? We try to cash a check we get nailed dip shit. Do you mind if I keep talking or are you not done?" Mac asked, much annoyed at the youth’s over exuberance.
"I’m done." Came the meek reply Mac was searching for.
"Anyway….we get the cash and we’re gonna be gone. We’re leaving the kids in there so starve, overheat, whatever. If we’re nailed, I doubt we can be nailed with death charges. Cause ya see, we left em tied up…nature killed em, not us." Mac’s sick mind decided.
Will was looking doubtful, "If you say so boss."
"I do." Mac lifted his head in defiance of the law.
"What about Bill? How’s he gonna get his share outta all this?" Jamie again.
"He doesn’t." Mac said.
"Huh? Why not?" Jamie’s simple mind didn’t grasp the concept.
"So our share is even bigger then if we DID include him." Mac wanted to smack the kid around so he’d get the picture.
"Oh." Was all the young man said.
Suddenly, the sounds of a helicopter buzzed over the small cabin.
"Shit…there shouldn’t be anything this far out on the tundra." Will stated.
Mac did his own brand of verbal assaults, only he directed them all at Jamie to go check the window to see what was going on. The chopper landed right outside Bill’s cabin.
"We’re fucked." Mac stated, panic slowly seeping into his veins.


Bill heard the approach of a helicopter too, only he was prepared for it. He’d spent the past day destroying whatever evidence of struggles that had been there or anything that would point fingers at him that he had had anyone else living with him. Tony’s room was left as it was because he had a story for that one.
The throbbing sound of the air machine grew louder and would then quiet as it made a pass over some other part of the general area before circling around to his cabin. He was glad the other men had covered the landing pad over at their place a mile away when he heard the chopper land nearby. A soft knocking on his door alerted him of police presence and he went over and answered it.
"Hello officer, may I help you?" Bill asked in a sickeningly sweet voice.
"We received a call from some young men saying there was uh…a possible problem in this area. Mind if we come inside and have a look around sir?" A short police man asked.
"Not at all, come in come in!" He gestured wildly, as if he wanted them to discover the awful secret he was hiding.
Small talk was exchanged for a short while during which two other officers poked and prodded the home for any clues they may find. One officer’s suspicion was peaked when he ran across Tony’s room. Bill’s answer was well rehearsed and believable.
"Tony went to see his mother down in the states. He left a couple days ago and he’s gonna stay down there for quite awhile." He gave his voice a ting of regret and sadness to further the lie.
The officer who found the room gave him a sympathetic look and then his slow methodical search turned half hearted and quick so he could get out of the nice man’s house.
One final question was asked of Bill before they left, "Have you seen anything suspicious around here in the past week or so?"
"No sir I haven’t. Suspicious like what?" He feigned concern.
"A large group of teens. Seven boys and a girl?"
"No sir can’t say that I have. I heard of something like that though. I was out trading down south ‘bout a hundred miles that way," He pointed, "And I heard some guys talkin about some big bucks they were gonna make off some kids they had. Is that any help?"
"Yes sir! What did these men look like?"
Bill spent the next twenty minutes giving descriptions on Mac, and another fifteen to twenty on Jamie and Will. He knew they’d be looking pretty far away so he felt safe doing this.
"Thank you so much for your help sir."
"You’re quite welcome Officer. I hope you find those nasty individuals soon. People these days are so sick as to steal kids like that!" Bill put on a scowl to match the ones the officers were wearing.
"Thank you again for your time, we’ll be in touch." The officer indicated the card he’d given Bill.
Bill heard the doors to the flying machine close and he smiled at his skills at avoiding the inevitable for the moment. He sighed and plopped onto the couch to catch up on some reading.

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